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Add interest to the story This book is all about peer pressure personalities family issues none of which I wish to know about Sorry Another Aaron Falk novel based around an investigation into a corrupt family business this story contains everything you know is bad about corporate team building weekends It confirms my belief that they are a totally bad idea From dysfunctional families to a bush walk gone wrong with a serial killer thrown in For Good Measure This Is good measure this is great read This is a gripping edge of the chair sort of read Having thoroughly enjoyed The Dry her previous book I was greatly anticipating this It did not disappoint The hero Falk is the same policeman as in The Dry and I felt that anyone who had not read it first might have been at a slight disadvantage However Force of Nature is a terrific stand alone story Basically five women enter an impenetrable forest as part of a team building exercise Only four return Personally I would not have wished for any of these five neurotic women to be my friends as it was difficult to sympathise with any of them and I wouldn t have been pset if they had all disappeared But this is a five star book in my opinion and well worth reading if you like to be scared I read Jane Harper s trilogy in a strange order starting with The Dry jumping to The Lost Man and then returning to Force of Nature Probably this resulted from slightly less enthusiastic reviews on the whole for the middle novel In any event I am now even slightly less enthusiastic reviews on the whole for the middle novel In any event I am now even that Jane Harper is a particularly fine writer and much as I was bowled over by The Lost man I think I have to acknowledge that I enjoyed this novel most of all The narrative structure is handled with masterful control the identities of individual characters seem to me to be fully fleshed out and the detectives Falk and Carmen and their relationship is at its most convincingThe story evolves from five women led by Jill Bailey senior executive of Bailey and Tennants company who ventures into the Australian outback on an endurance and bonding exercise The four other members of the party all mature women some with children at home are the twins Beth and Breanna Lauren and Alice in whom Falk has an interest concerning other matters altogether One of the girls goes missing the launchpad for almost all that follows We shift back and forth between the search party and the events that reveal the women and the events that lie behind the disappearance of one of them These shifts in location and time are handled most skilfully ratcheting Mail-Order Mistletoe Brides up the suspensentil the dramatic climax The novel is part psychological thriller part whodunnit but much than either The personalities and backgrounds of the key figures give depth to the novel and the nself conscious evocation of the natural world in which the women have To Survive And Negotiate survive and negotiate path provides a powerful background to the narrativeI found this to be an exceptionally fine novel as indeed are the other books in the trilogy Thoroughly recommended. Istering follow p to The Dry from one of the best new voices in crime fiction Sarah Hilary author the DI Marnie Rome seriesonce again Harper manages to touch on something mythic in the Australian experience of the land The AgeThe narrative is finely constructed with perfectly measured pace and suspense So much so that it reminded me of another master of form Liane Moriarty As with Moriarty Harper has that rare touch that manages to cross the genre divide and appealwidely to general readers The Saturday PaperHarpers mastery of pace makes Force Of Nature one of 2017s best thrillers Elle MagazineGripping thriller will have readers hooked The Sunday Telegraph Force of Nature proves Jane Harper author of The Dry is no one hit wonder Its premise is instantly gripping The Herald Sun. I loved this book In my opinion it is better than The Dry which I also liked The characters were complex and interesting The mystery was engrossing The atmosphere of the Australian bushland was beautifully captured There were satisfying twists and turns to this briskly told story No waffling no prolonged dialogue no flat spots in the whole story A joy to read THIS IS WHY I DON T DO CORPORATE TEAMBUILDING is why I don t do corporate teambuilding fun never isEnforced trustbuilding exercises does not build trustWomen will always be a little like the girls they were in high schoolSnakes may represent original sin but in the Aussie bush it s ego arrogance that will get you killedI love Harper as a writer I can t wait to see her books hit the screen This is a follow p to The Dry Aaron Falk the sympathetic fraud cop is involved in the search for a missing hiker who the search for a missing hiker who taking part in a company team building exercise Well written twists human interest Calling this a detective story or a thriller is to nderestimate it Looking forward to her next book From the author of The Dry another exhilerating read featuring Federal Agent Aaron Falk Falk and his associate Carmen are investigating serious money laundering by the Bailey family in Melbourne He has coerced a whistleblower Alice Russell to obtain evidence Alice works for the familyAlice and four other women who work for Bailey are sent on a team building exercise in the outback a hike in the bush intended to teach resilience Five women set out on the muddy track Only four come out the other side Alice is missingHarper builds tension as the plot moves between the Last Days Of The days of the and Falk s endeavours with other searchers to find the missing woman Four women tell Falk about their relationship with Alice a tale of suspicion and disintegrating trust Who is telling the truthA brilliantly paced plot wrong footing the reader at every turn It s another stunner from Jane Harper I loved The Dry but this one just did not do it for me The suspense of The Dry was not there I kept putting it down and picking it The Best Man in Texas up a few days later and by the time I was almost through reading it I cared not on iota for any of the characters Also I was perplexed as to why in basically a plot driven book the cop had to have a few pages devoted to his personal angsty history I love really suspenseful books and if you are like me you can t go past Security by Gina Wohlsdorf I am old enough to remember the fear that permeated through Australia with the Ivan Milat case so having a similar background to the story all be it with a madep name increased that sense of The Prodigal Comes Home (Mirror Lake, urgency and not knowingThe twists and turns are all intertwined and some go back decades Towards the end of the book the clever structure increased the panictempo Just grand I also loved the ending I can t wait for the next Aaron Falk novel Firstp I adored The Dry it was such a surprisingly outstanding novel on so many many levels I just devoured it So it was with much eager anticipation I read this From the international bestselling author of The Dry and new novel The Survivors Lost Cold Desperate Danger Runs DeepFive women reluctantly pick p their backpacks and start walking along the muddy track Only four come out the other sideThe hike through the rugged Giralang Ranges is meant to take the office colleagues out of their air conditioned comfort zone and teach resilience and team building At least that is what the corporate retreat website advertisesFederal Police Agent Aaron Falk has a particularly keen interest in the whereabouts of the missing bushwalker Alice Russell is the whistleblower in his latest case and Alice knew secrets About the company she worked for and the people she worked withFar from the hike encouraging teamwork the women tell Falk a tale of suspi. Force of Nature (Aaron Falk Book 2)Atest noveland after just now finishing itummmmmm Meh is the very best I can sayI cannot believe it s the same author to be honest This novel lacks most things that made The Dry such a fantastic read There is little sense of suspense or intrigue The protagonists are simple stereotypical caricatures that fail to hold much interest The plot is leaden full of red herrings and a few flaws I will admit the last 20% did pick p the pace as it raced to a conclusion but Hawks Way Grooms (Hawks Way ultimately I found the ending just such a letdown as it did not address any of the few interesting plot twists that existWhile the Dry was a delightful surprise Force of Nature is sadly disappointing Five female work colleagues set off on a team building exercise in the Australian Bush Only four return The missing woman is Alice Russell the whistle blower in Aaron Falk s latest case Could this be the reason behind her disappearance Alice was not popular with her colleagues and as the investigation develops Falkncovers How Suspicion And Mistrust Plagued suspicion and mistrust plagued groupI really enjoyed Jane Harper s debut novel The Dry and I was keen to see if Force of Nature would match its A Biblical Approach to Developing the Inner Qualities of a Leader uality and success It appears to have matched its success but notite its ality The beginning is promising and Harper builds some nice anticipation teasing th There is nothing harder than the follow p of an incredibly successful debut novel so I read Force of Nature with some trepidationFortunately Jane Harper doesn t disappoint This is a great follow Taming the Demon (Demon Blade up if not better than The Dry Both have her signature style and incredible sense of place and both books kept me on edge late into the early hours of the morningThe premise of Force of Nature was highlynusual but totally relatable who hasn t been on a team building exercise with work colleagues only to wonder who you can trust In this instance five women walk into the bush on a similar team building exercise yet only four emerge everything goes awry when the team gets lost what happened to AliceOnce again the Australian landscape was very goes awry when the team gets lost what happened to AliceOnce again the Australian landscape was very a character in the book however instead of The Dry we have the wet windy backdrop and the most miserable conditions for those who are lost hungry and distrusting of each otherThe switching of times and points of view between chapters helps keep the pace ick and plot moving alongDefinitely a slower burn than its predecessor but the complicated plot the pace of the last half of the book and the vivid descriptions certainly make it addictive reading It is a great examination of the wild nature of the human condition It kept me breathlessAnother confronting 5 Stars Not really my cup of tea showing increasing acrimony amongst a group of five female hikers There was I thought a group of male hikers too what happened to them The Federal Police characters Falk Carmen appeared very subdued with their contribution to the investigation The theme of the story though was a great idea but I would have like to read about past missing persons in the bush to. Cion violence and disintegrating trust And as he delves into the disappearance it seems some dangers may run far deeper than anyone knewWINNER OF THE READERS CHOICE DAVITT AWARD 2018SHORTLISTED FOR THE 2018 SPECSAVERS UK NATIONAL BOOK AWARDS INTERNATIONAL AUTHOR OF THE YEARPRAISE FOR FORCE OF NATURE Force of Nature bristles with wit; it crackles with suspense; it radiates atmosphere An astonishing book from an astonishing writer AJ Finn author of The Woman in the WindowI loved The Dry Force of Nature is even better Brilliantly paced it wrong foots the reader like a rocky trail through the bush Susie Steiner author of Missing Presumed and Persons Unknown Lord of the Flies in the Australian outback with grown women in place of school boys I loved every chilling moment of it A bl.