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The Arcanum by Thomas Wheeler (2005-06-28)I HP Lovecraft and Marie Leveau are part of a secret society of demon busters dedicated to fighting incursions of the Lovecraftian mythos into our world There are cameo appearances by famous mystics AE Waite and Aleister Crowley The problem is that first time novelist Wheeler isn t really up to the task of fleshing out all of these colorful characters Conan Doyle sort of works as a real world incarnation of his literary creation and Houdini is not bad but HP Lovecraft rings false as some kind of

"steampunk technomystic and "
technomystic and ueen Leveau comes across surprisingly bland There are also some serious anachronisms At one point Lovecraft is described as using a transistorized Device Transistors In 1919 How Transistors In 1919 How you mess up a story about Arthur Conan Doyle HP Lovecraft and Houdini attempting to avert the end of the world by recovering a lost volume of arcane lore and dubious provenance Just ask Thomas WheelerStart by failing to do any kind of historical or biographical research whatsoever Lovecraft was social uy with a wide correspondence and a fairly excellent sense of humor which makes him a far complex personality than the Reclusive Necromancer Wheeler paint by numbers here Doyle based his most famous character on Dr Joseph Bell not himself and wrote eerie tales of supernatural horror which seems like th. S may not include CDs or eerie tales of supernatural horror which seems like th. S may not include CDs or codes 100% money back Animal Babies guarante. E reader along for a wild crazy adventure wherein both the US and Germans simultaneously begin experimenting with time travel as another way of fighting the warIn the states the program is led by a tenacious brilliant young woman named Barbara Stafford while in Germany her counterpart is Prof Kimmler one of the men tasked with creating the Holocaust death camps While Barbara struggles to deal with the overt sexism of the 40s Kimmler is caught up in playing politicalames between the Fuhrer Adolph Hitler and one of his most trusted advisors and chief off the SS Heinrich Himmler Throughout the story Dorr brilliantly mixes real history with his fictional narrative weaving them into seamless tapestry that IN THE END HAD THIS READER WONDERING IF THE end had this reader wondering if the in this book Didn T Actually Happen That S How t actually happen That s how a writer he isIn fact it is this attention to historical detail that makes Hitler s Time Machine so fascinating Unlike the majority of overly verbose thriller writers today Dorr s exposition is sparse and to the point He doesn t waste words but creates uick scalpel sharp scenes that built upon each other to reach a suspense filled climax Ever wonder what kind of science fiction Tom Clancy might have written Look not further than Hitler s Time Machine It s a nice concept Arthur Conan Doyle Harry Houdin. Aterials may have some shelf wear may contain highlightingnote. If you like fiction that combines real historical figures AND LOCATIONS THEN THIS IS THE BOOK FOR YOU locations then this is the book for you fast paced and one where you don t want to put it down I was hoping that they would turn this into a movie but alas no not yet The fun of any new pulp adventure is you never know exactly what you are Offenders and Detainees going toet Oh sure you can make a few educated uesses based on your knowledge of the author s history and the book s theme but that s still pretty much surface data It doesn t really delve deep enough to reveal anything of significance until you start reading That being said you can imagine my curiosity in picking up something called Hitler s Time Machine Some assumptions leapt immediately mind it being a sci fi thriller set against the backdrop of World War IIRobert F Door is an Air Force vet and one time diplomat He has written several military history books Hitler s Time Machine is his first fiction title and I m delighted to say he hits a home run his first time at bat Within just a few chapters I was hooked Long before the advent of World War II a German sniper arrives on Campobello Island He has traveled from the future to injure the famous inhabitant of that little island off the Canadian coast Franklin D Roosevelt From that opening seuence the narrative takes of like a V 2 rocket pulling th. Will be shipped from US Used books may not include companion


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