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I saw Bill Collins on his MasterClass ad and liked the humor With Which He Addressed which he addressed process of writing poetry So I bought this book and read it I can see why Billy Collins is a popular poet he uses brilliant imagery to paint his word pictures Building With Its Face Blown Off encapsulates his style in a single poem I wondered with some of these poems as to whether they are drawn from his own life experiences or if he makes them up There is no fantasy or science fiction here just the poet s reality but that is than enough to ive the reader a

pleasant readmost of 
readMost of poems are one or two pages and read smooth and easy to read If you re new to poetry and are looking for a Finding Reason gateway into this type of writing this should do it I am areat admirer of Mr Collins His ability to write very personal poems that still manage to draw in the reader and be accessible is amazing Plus he has the reat ability to use simple language to create powerful images He uses this ability right at the opening of this volume in the wonderful lead poem You Reader I wonder how you are oing to feelwhen you find outthat I wrote this poem instead of youthat it was I who ot up earlyto sit in the kitchenand mention with a penthe rain soaked windowsThere are a number of excellent verses Playfulness spare elegance and wit epitomize the poetry of Billy CollinsWith his distinct voice and accessible language Americas two term Poet Laureate has opened the door to poetry for countless people for whom it might otherwise remain closed Like the present books title Collinss poems are filled with mischief humor and irony Poetry speaks to all people it is said but here I would like to address only those in my own time zonebut also with uiet observation intens. The Trouble with Poetry and Other Poems

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New to Billy He is brilliant to say the least Finds complicity between the mundane and obscure Can be very funny Always intuitive Fun to read No trouble with his Not sure about the cover but that s poetry for you Funny uirky and humane Like All the poems so far Don t like the ones I have yet to readI recommend anyone unfamiliar with *Good Performances Of Poetry Look Up Ted Talks By Billy * performances of poetry look up Ted Talks by Billy There you will learn how Poetry is meant to be Wader What he is seeing he makes into poetry He does not hide or obscure His view out his window a dog the wallpaper the ordinary all are worthy of poetry He is teaching us to relish the small moments the small things in Life That Are Worthy Of Attention Things We Aren T that are worthy of attention Things we aren t time to look at And he can be very funny I first read a poem by Billy Collins while teaching English The poem An Introduction to Poetry was included in a textbook for my students It was to my taste So I treated myself to the Kindle version of this book I also shared it with my students and I read several of the poems to them Collins is an unusual and highly entertaining poet His work is also an *inspiration for those of us who fancy ourselves as poets My boyfriend ave me his copy so I bought him *for those of us who fancy ourselves as poets My boyfriend 1,000 Gluten-Free Recipes gave me his copy so I bought him in return We both love Billy Collins s poetr. Rious poetry By now it shouldo without saying that what the oven is to the baker and the berry stained blouse to the drycleaner so the window is to the poet In this dazzling new collection his first in three years Collins explores boyhood jazz love the passage of time and of course writingthemes familiar to Collinss fans but made new here Gorgeous funny and deeply empathetic Billy Collinss poetry is a window through which we see our lives as if for the first time. N this book Among the best are Traveling Alone I Ask You Breathless The Introduction and the title poem The Trouble with Poetry But my favorite one in this collection is The Lanyard In this one the poet comes across the word lanyard while browsing in the dictionary and this takes him back to when he made a lanyard for his mother at summer camp This takes him to the heart of the poem where the poet considers a boy s uneual relationship with his mother She Theodore Roosevelt, Hero to his Valet gave me life and milk from her breastsand Iave her a lanyard He oes on in Incisive Vein For incisive vein for awhile I am of opinion that should be accessible to all readers not just those who share the artistic sensibility of the poet and it should present in a logical and realistic manner an idea that allows the reader to see or understand something in a new yet ubiuitous way The Trouble with Poetry by Billy Collins does exactly as I expect The title poem in this collection accurately captures the seductive romance of poetry with which only a true addict can commiserate Collins writes the trouble with As a writer who is unconfident with her own poetry I m hoping his facility with words is somehow catching as I read through his poems How does he make them poetic without flowery and overblown language. E wonder and a reverence for the everyday The birds are in their trees the toast is in the toaster and the poets are at their windows They are at their windows in every section of the tangerine of earththe Chinese poets looking up at the moon the American poets azing out at the pink and blue ribbons of sunrise Through simple language Collins shows that ジョジョメノン [JoJomenon] good poetry doesnt have to be obscure or incomprehensible ualities that are perhaps the real trouble with most se.

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