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Infinity: Beyond the Beyond the Beyond PaperbackThe Einstein Theory of Relativity: A Trip to the Fourth Dimension PaperbackThe Education of T.C. Mits: What modern mathematics means to you PaperbackThe Education of T. C. MITS (The Celebrated Man In The Street): What Modern Mathematics Means to You HardcoverThe Einstein Theory of Relativity. Part 1. The Special Theory. Spiral-bound

Bridgement Aside from the fact that the older book is a hardcover the abridgement is the better book The ditor Barry Mazur a mathematician at Harvard has removed the dated better book The ditor Barry Mazur a mathematician at Harvard has removed the dated introductory material and the chapters on calculus This book is now a superb layman s guide to the mathematics of transfinitiesIf you would like biography and less mathematics you might try The Mystery of the Aleph by Amir D Aczel And two magazine articles are worth seeking out Georg Cantor and the Origins of Transfinite Set Theory by Joseph W Dauben Scientific American June 1983 and Non Cantorian Set Theory by Paul J COHEN AND REUBEN HERSH SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN and Reuben Hersh Scientific American 1967Note In 1900 David Hilbert put forth a list of the 23 most important unsolved problems in mathematics At the head of the list was Cantor s continuum hypothesis The problem was still open when the Liebers wrote their book In 1963 Stanford University mathematician Paul Cohen xtending work of Kurt Godel proved that the continuum hypothesis is actually independent of the generally accepted axioms of set theory and arned the Fields medal for it I first read this book 5 years ago but now I have just have been reading. Ugh Gray Lieber has tackled the formidable task of xplaining infinity in simple terms in short line short sentence techniue popularized by her in The Education of TC MITS—Chicago Sunday Tribune Infinity another delightful mathematics book from the creators of The Education of TC MITS offers an Elisabeth Shue 135 Success Facts - Everything You Need to Know about Elisabeth Shue entertaining yet thoroughxplanation of the concept of yes infinity Accessible to non mathematicians this book also cleverly connects mathematical reasoning to larger issues. Thanks wonderful What fun Easy transactionthank you Product xceeds EXPECTATIONS FAST DELIVERY AND VERY GOOD UALITY COULDN T Fast delivery and very good uality Couldn t asked for a better service Thanks Jean Explains a difficult and strange subject clearly and is amplified by associated and delightful drawings that illustrate and translate the mathematical points into artistic impression The authors proceed slowly step by step and the work does not reuire advanced mathematical knowledge just the ability to open the mind to different and new ways of understanding concepts Nobody xplains mathematical ideas for the layman as does Lillian R Lieber And different and new ways of understanding concepts Nobody xplains mathematical ideas for the layman as does Lillian R Lieber And fanciful illustrations that always accompany her work done by Hugh Gray Lieber are amusing and informativeInfinity Beyond the Beyond the Beyond presents an account of how mathematics has learned to deal with the infinite primarily through the work of Georg Cantor Controversial at first Cantor s set theory and transfinite arithmetic are now part of the foundations of modern mathematics Perhaps the most startling idea to be had from this book is that infinite sets are not all the same sizeI have before me a copy of the 1953 original as well as the 2007 Another xcellent book for the lay reader of mathematics In xplaining infinity the author introduces the reader to a good many other mathematical terms and concepts that seem unintelligible in a formal text but are much less formidable when presented in the authors individual and very readable style—Library Journal The interpolations tying mathematics into human life and thought are brilliantly clear—Booklist Mrs Lieber in this text illustrated by Her Husband husband

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find the to be fine by its asy understandable text and the many drawings by which trying to show geometrical and speculatively how to look and think about The Infinitive And Thereby Being Helpful Especially Infinitive And thereby being helpful Threads Of The Shroud especially persons who during self study are trying to learn about the mathematical behind the Infinity which Cantor proved and how Cantor probably was speculating when he came to these ideas and conclusionsBut if it come to having reading about the Infinity withven les mathematic But personally I like heavy mathematic and formulas then I will recommend reading about the Infinity with All Seated on the Ground even les mathematic But personally I like heavy mathematic and formulas then I will recommend books Amir D Aczel The Mystery of the Aleph Mathematics the Kabbalah and the Search for Infinity and Eli Maor To Infinity and Beyond A Cultural History of the Infinity But if interested in much mathematic and geometry much parallel to how we are watching it used in fractals then we forxample have a 152 sides A5 book written by Leo Zippin Uses of Infinity first printed in 1962 and mine from Dover in 2000But now a day we in many books are reading about the Infinity specially since we around 90 years ago started reading thinking and speculating about the Infinity of parallel Universes. In society The new foreword by Harvard mathematics professor Barry Mazur is a tribute to the Liebers influence on generations of mathematicians Lillian Lieber was a professor and head of the Department of Mathematics at Long Island University She wrote a series of light hearted and well respected math books many of them illustrated by her husband Barry Mazur is the Gerhard Gade University Professor of Mathematics at Harvard University and is the author of Imagining Number. Infinity: Beyond the Beyond the Beyond