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Gol LY it took me long enough to read this Because every chapter is an essay of its own there were some I loved some that were ok and some that didn t capture me at all I will say that having never been to Paris or even France some of what Downie talks about were hard to follow One might appreciate this book even if they were familiar with the city But I do hope to go someday and I will definitely revisit this book when that day comes It ll come It has to come I read this book in April of 2011 it is the pdated and re released version from 2011 that I had and which I reviewed on my blog here here is the intro to that post PARIS Paris Journey into the City of Light is a collection of 31 essays about La Ville Lumi re in which historical and personal narratives enlighten readers about Paris s present Author David Downie has distilled decades of study and experience and blended it with his The Indian Tycoons Marriage Deal uniue adventures as a 25 year resident of Paris resulting in chapters that are not only rich but accessible reading because of Downie s down to earth personality infusing the text Downie writes in the chapter entitled The Janus City in this old Europe of which Paris is still the cultural capital to look forward we Reviewed yesterday on my blog Part Time ParisianWhat a combination David Downie is part fl neur part hard nosed reporter part scholar and all writer Combine that with his eye for the common man and you get Paris Paris the indispensable guidebook for the curious visitor less interested in the overworked tourist sites than in the small nooks and crannies it s difficult to findnless someone like him has already blazed the trailOne of the best pieces of news I ve heard recently is that his classic Paris Paris will be published as an audiobook The physical book has been through two versions 2005 much Holding Tight (Five in a Bed Book 3) updated and expanded in 2011 as part of Broadway Books prestigious Armchair Traveler series It s also available in both Kindle and Nookversions available respectively from and Barnes Noble This review is based on the Kindle version There s a sparkling foreword by Diane Johnson author of the Le Divorce seriesMuch of the pleasure of this book comes from its illustrations handsome black and whites expertly made by Alison Harris Mrs Downie a lifelong Parisienne of American parents and a photographer of considerable reknown The Downies live in the Marais and one of the most charming essays Life s a Caf illustrates life there in a nutshell Madame Ren e and her husband Jos start every day but Sunday at 6 am by dragging the bangedp tables and chairs out of their cafe and setting them The Mistress of Pemberley: An Erotic Pride Prejudice Sequel (Secrets of Pemberley Book 1) up on the cobbled terrassender our bedroom window and then reverse the process between 11 pm and 2 am It s a slice of city life you won t find in Omaha and it should pretty much put to rest the idea that all the French work 35 hours a week What would Paris be without its caf s Downie asks If nothing else caf s animate the city that s to say they keep it awake with noise and mostly legal stimulus They ve been around for centuries Or measured another way the Downies have lived above Madame Ren e and Jose for 18250 chair and table draggings And then there s Downie s habit of long walks the fl neurpart of his personna How about this from the first essay on the Seine illustrated with a charming pictures of a couple of fishermen trying their luck in the river from a cobbled One Eye Closed (The Pack, uai Not long ago after a failed research mission to the National Library on Paris s extreme eastern edge I glanced down the river from the Pont de Tolbiac and realized that despite my wanderings I d never actually followed the Seine downstream across the city to theays of the 15th arrondissement How long a walk could it be So set out he did And the answer is that it s a very long walk indeed especially with ncomfortable shoes but it passes one interesting site after another and prompts reminiscences of plentiful vignettes from Paris history not all of them pleasant or honorable history nonetheless I ve #Seen The Barges On The #the barges on the but I had no idea they twenty five million tons of freight a year But as you learn in a later chapter titled The Boat People of the Seine their way of life is an imperiled one threatened by the march of progress just like a lot of the memories we of middle age and beyond see disappearingHe and Mrs Downie have turned an avocation into a business by offering guided walking toursParis is a walking city My wife Jan and I spend a couple of months there every year and fall immediately into the locals habit of walking everywhere they go and when that s too far or time is tight of taking public transportation the outstanding m tro system our our favorite the city bus Tracking one s transportation options sed to involve carrying around a map book but that problem has been solved by the excellent choice of apps on the market I discussed some of those in this post Paris Paris is divided into three sections Paris Places Paris People and Paris Phenomena Downie obviously spent time on their titles otherwise how would he have come Roughing it with Ryan up with Dear Dead Vincent van Gogh Among the places don t miss his essay on Luxembourg Gardens One other thing he hadn t done other than walk the length of the Seine was spend an entire day in Luxembourg Gardens I m going to try to do both this yearAmong the people Coco Chanel stands out but close behind is his warm look.  “Beautifully written and refreshingly original makess see Paris in a different light” San Francisco Chronicle Book Review Swapping his native San Francisco for the City of Light travel writer David Downie arrived in Paris in 1986 on a one way ticket his head full of romantic notions Curiosity and the legs of a cross country runner propelled him daily from an nheated seventh floor walk p garret near the Champs Elysées to the old Montmartre haunts of the doomed painter Modigliani the tombs of Père Lachaise cemetery the luxuriant al.

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At the life of the bouuinistes the intrepid book salesmen who make their living from the dark green boxes mounted on the walls overlooking the river It s a nice appreciation of a society whose members look after each other pass their locations down from father to son and wait for years for the chance to move to a better location Oh a bouuiniste is a seller of bouuins or books but it s complicated than that Read the chapter and learn that boxes are all painted the prescribed green wagon vert and the sellers are allowed to devote one of their four boxes to souvenirs and tchotchkes It s the only way they can make ends meet Pity I have decided to read this book because of my wife s enthusiastic review as follows I have lived in the South of France each summer for the past 7 years which also includes at least one month in Paris each year I read about 6 to 7 books each year about Paris my favorite city David Downie s book Paris Paris Journey into the City of Light is one of the best I have ever read What a fun book to read Downie takes some obscure things ie the poles on the sidewalks to keep cars from parking there and makes them interesting His book has opened my eyes to see as I walk around Paris Paris people places and things all made fun interesting and informative I will enjoy my walks around Paris even now that I have had the pleasure of reading David Downie s wonderful bookchokengtitiktitikchokeng maybe someday I ll convince her to join GR and post her own reviews Downie has lived in Paris for over three decades and this book is a series of vignettes about aspects of Parisian life that will appeal to lovers of the city visitors neophytes and anybody who would love to read what amounts to a travel blog of various neighborhoods people aspects and distinctly Parisian cultural aspects I loved most of it liked other aspects and breezed through a handful of the essays However if you already love Paris you ll enjoy this book At times particularly in the first section this book might be a seful guidebook for visitors At its best I feel like I am walking through Paris with an extra guide visualizing the city as I remember it and appreciating new aspects For Paris enthusiasts Prepped me to fall hard for Paris Wonderful off the beaten path wanderings beautifully described discoveries in an already well chronicled city His chapters illuminate fascinating overlooked details of history personality and architecture On completionWho is this book for I mention this problem below in a partial review Maybe you want a book offering a little bit for everyone I prefer a book that has a central focus A book for weekend tourists a book for expats and that for a reader seeking information on the city s history will be three very different books I don t know what you may be seeking from this book I wanted to know interesting details about the city s past Some but not #enough of the chapters did offer insights that satisfied me I wanted it to capture the #of the chapters did offer insights that satisfied me I wanted it to capture the of the place and how its denizens behave The only chapters that came close to doing this are the one on caf s and the one on the author s night perambulations You learn a bit about the booksellers along the Seine and the boat people and posh Parisian dog ownersbut these are not your typical Parisians I don t think this book captures the French Parisian mentality This is a book of essays Some essays are in fact very similar to other essays Information is repeated If you want a chapter on cemeteries have one and put all related information there The book should have been better organizedThen there is the tone There is lots of whining Rather than the author stating clearly that he dislikes a particular trend he insinuates it The author is opinionated you are getting his point of view He is one for nostalgia change is sually bad While he does list the improvements of particular modernizations you hear from his choice of words what his general sentiment is toward the change and it is most often negative The gist is that things were definitely better before He doesn t offer constructive solutions The author has a separate essay better before He doesn t offer constructive solutions The author has a separate essay Parisian dogs He is NOT a dog owner Only occasionally does he and his wife dog sit He writes about hair styling salons for dogs clothing stores for dogs dog cemeteries dog taxi services You hear his ridicule clearly OK jeweled collars and such are ridiculous but he simply has no idea what it is like to be a dog owner He has nothing good to say This is just one example of what I mean by opinionated writing You begin to wonder to what extent other topics are presented in a balanced fashionSome sentences were beyond my comprehension What is the author trying to say Maybe the problem lies with me but I "didn t always nderstand what the author was "t always nderstand what the author was to get across I didn t think his explanation for the term bobos was adeuate There I turned to Wiki for clarificationI hope you Geographies, Mobilities, and Rhythms over the Life-Course understand now why I gave this book only two stars If you choose to read the book don t listen to the audiobook narrated by Max Winter See belowI have listened to halfWow the book definitely does improve once it starts talking about the people of Paris What people The booksellers along the Seine the boat people Modigliani Coco Chanel and the French symbolist painter Gustave Moreau I didn t know at all about Moreau and there is a wonderful museum just devoted to his artwork. Leys of the Luxembourg Gardens and the aristocratic Île Saint Louis midstream in the SeineDownie woundp living in the chic Marais district married to the Paris born American photographer Alison Harris an eually incurable walker and chronicler Ten books and a arter century later he still spends several hours every day rambling through Paris and writing about the city he loves  An irreverent witty romp featuring thirty one short prose sketches of people places and daily life Paris Paris Journey into the City of Light ranges from the glamor. .
Paris ParisIf I complain I must also point out when a book improves It certainly hasI have listened to about 13 to 12 so farI am having serious trouble with this book The author throws around names politicians and authors but often they are mentioned over and over again Balzac Victor Hugo and Emile Zola are his favorite authors It is like look what I have read what I know where I have beenMUCH is derogatory So much whiningWho is this book for A weekend tourist An expat living in Paris Someone wanting the background story of Paris and its history Or is the focus Paris today and modern trends What is offered is a mix Parts are walks don a particular street and what the author saw at number 258 or 161 or 352 This means nothing if you don t have a photo or don t have the street in front of you These sections are for the weekend tourist perhaps BUT a recent chapter read was about Les Halles the old food market replaced by Forum des Halles a huge subterranean shopping mall You don t go to Paris to shop there Does a weekend tourist want to know about this gly cold sterile shopping mall filled with vacancies Maybe all you need to know is NOT to go there Sure you go there if you have to find something particular and then you get out Then pages are spent on the numerous failed attempts to make improvements A new center is planned Andwe are told how to spell shampoo and how it is pronounced I don t ite see why that was thrown in There are some bits of interesting history for example Roman history the origin of the city s name and about the ancient Cimeti re des Innocents replaced by the P re Lachaise Cimeti r But actually what I most liked was looking at images on Wiki of what you can see there Does the book have adeuate photos There are fantastic tombs to be seen Again the weekend tourist is told where they can see that or that person s tomb Maybe that is important for you Why do we have to be told how many trees and bushes are in this park or that park You don t get the feel of Paris AT ALL The next essay is about the people of Paris Will it cover only those of fame Will we meet the people you would bump shoulders with on a stroll in Paris or sitting next to you on a park benchMake p your mind Downie who is this book written for For a short trip to Paris I would recommend an Eye Witness Travel Guide Full of pictures great maps and helpful museum hotel restaurants and transport information I swear by them AND for God s sake if you have decided to offer a book on Paris in an audio version get a narrator that knows French My audiobook is narrated by Max Winter He cannot pronounce boules He cannot even decide how he will pronounce Medici he tries several pronunciationsI don t nderstand why there are so very many positive reviews for this book Could this guy have so many GR friends I will continue but my temper is running
Short The Next Essaychapter Better 
The next essaychapter better good You may think you know Paris but do you know the secret Paris the less well known places in Paris that are a part of the city s history David Downie together with his wife photographer Alison Harris takes you to these placesP re Lachaise cemeteryboats on the Seinea museum to ModiglianiButtes Chaumont ParkCoco Channelthe beginning of the pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostelalighting of the citycafe lifethirty one beautiful visits around Paris in time and space I decided to read this at a leisurely place while I am reading novels in preparation for my Europe trip in the spring which includes the City of Light I got this as it was highly reco d for s discerning readers and travelers who want to read about the places in Paris that are not as well known or nderstood places connected to history that many would bypass David Downie is the master of educated curiosity With him we discover Paris a seemingly public city that is in fact full of secrets great lives lives wasted on the bizarre forgotten artisans lost graves lost till now the papillons nocturnes and the poin onneur des Lilas I have walked some of the lost graves lost till now the papillons nocturnes and the poin onneur des Lilas I have walked some of the s streets with him and reading this book is just as tactile an experience Michael Ondaatje A irky personal independent view of the city its history and its people Residents will recognize a place they can vouch for and not the clich s so freuently conjured The Buzzards That Circle the Throne (The Peacock King, up to match the legends Visitors and newcomers are bound to find Paris Paris reliable company as they discover the city s beauties and pleasures and its problems too Mavis Gallant Downie is a saunterer wandering down the narrow ancient streets of the le de la Cit picnicking in storied graveyards like P re Lachaise observing a seduction at Jardin du Luxembourg with a birder s patience captures the sort of people and places missed by those jetting from starred bistros to hotels with showers Dan Rubin The Philadelphia Inuirer I loved this book My wife and I traveled to Paris a year ago before we had read this book and wish we had read it prior to our travel It gives you so much insight into the history of Paris and theniueness of the city itself It goes into the less traveled areas giving you insight and stirring p a desire to walk the city to discover the #UNDISCOVERED AREAS MOST AMERICANS MISS MY #areas most Americans miss My chapter A Lively City of the Dead goes into detail about the many famous people buried there and their nusual stories Whether you ve been before or are about to go I highly recommend the rea. Ous to the least known corners and characters of the world’s favorite city Photographs by Alison Harris “I loved his collection of essays and anyone who’s visited Paris in the past or plans to visit in the future will be eually charmed as well” David Lebovitz author of The Sweet Life in Paris “A irky personal independent view of the city its history and its people” Mavis Gallant  “Gives fresh poetic insight into the city a voyage into ‘the bends and recesses the jagged edges the secret interiors’ of Paris” Departure. .
Grave Peril (The Dresden Files, Voo Final A Short Time in Luxembourg Power Score

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