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Really stuck with me from my childhood I think it s time for a reread Easy to read novel of a New York girl who was sent by the orphan train to Nebraska Accurately but simple it portrays her feelings about being an *Orphan And The Different Types Of Treatment * and the ifferent types of treatment received Good starter book that could lead students to Nixon s Orphan Train uartet that is much The One Who Stays (Summer Island, detailed The book that I read was called Gratefully Yours By Jame Buchanan This book was mainly about A Girl named Hattie who s *familyied in a fire in New York So she got put *died in a fire in New York So she got put a orphanage with other kids But when a train takes Hattie and some of the orphans to an adopting place in Nebraska a kind man named Henry sees Hattie and takes her home with him Henry is a Farmer and Hattie is not used to the farming life so Henry helps her around with the house and taking care of the plants and animals there But Hattie will end up going through the toughest and happiest time in her lifeI enjoyed this book and how the story was very Shadow of the Wolf (Hearts Desire, detailed It shows the relationship with Humans and Animals along with how Tough a orphans life can be Even if they got adopted into the nicest home The story was also well written with how it shows the expressions with other people along with Hattie Overall I really enjoyed this bookI would recommend this book to other people who like happy and sad books mixed into one Its a small book for people who like to read short butetailed books this is the one for you Aside from the Harry Potter series this happens to be one of my favorite grade school books There s just something so fragile in Hattie She is both strong and weak at the same time and it is hard for her to love and accept after the losses she has had. Grieving for the eath of their children But Hattie knows she is unwanted Can the Jansens ever love another chi. Gratefully YoursSpeer died without crying Grateful whatoes it mean It means feeling or showing an appreciation of kindness thankful Little Hattie is far from grateful She has lost her home her *Family Her Clothes And *her clothes and her Ultralearning doll in a New York tenement fire in 1920 When she arrived at the home first thing she was told was to be grateful She learned to read and write while she was there She was even taught songs to sing about being grateful When asked to go Hattie had no idea what she would find on the Orphan TrainThis book follows Hattie after she gets off the train in Omaha Nebraska It shows the reader the emotional struggle she went through In the end she finds her own kind of grateful I would recommend this book at a 3rd level and I would recommend it to the children that need an inspirationuring a rough time Prepare to tear up a few times It s easy to understand her feelings and POV especially if you ve lost someone The ending wrapped everything up nicely but I like the book enough that I wish their was a seuel Wonderful story about love from so many angles The love of a husband and wife parent and child and between frinds I was also very interested in the historical setting of the orphan trains of the 1920 s gr 3 5 117 pg1923 Nebraska Ever since 9 year old Hattie became an orphan she s been told that she must be grateful for whatever she gets When she s given a chance to travel West on the orphan train Hattie When her family ies in a New York tenement fire in 1923 Hattie is sent on the Orphan Train to Nebraska to live.

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Grees to go Once there she s chosen to live with the Jansen family The Jansens Are Kind But Distant Like Hattie are kind but istant Like Hattie have also lost loved ones to illness Hattie observes the poor treatment of the other orphans especially Hank and Peter and wonders if anything can be one to help themI almost wish that this book and Hank s story had been one book I think each book is only half the story and the uick ending of Hank s story can be a little confusing *unless you ve first read Gratefully Yourscompanion to Hank s Story A *you ve first read Gratefully Yourscompanion to Hank s Story A on the read aloud list Historical fiction It might be a good one because if it s historical and thought provoking worth Three stars because it could have been so much better one However it is a fascinating historical subject I have never encountered the Orphan Train From the Author s Note Between 1854 and 1929 than 150000 orphaned and abandoned city children rode the Orphan Trains to new lives They were put on trains in New York and Boston and transported to rural communities in the Midwest and elsewhere where they were placed out in adoptive and foster homesThis A Curse of Kings definitely is a subject worth finding out about The story is achingly real in many parts such as the feelings one would have as an orphan or as a bereaved parent and yet is sadly predictable in others Not that oneoesn t want it to all end happily but perhaps the problem is that the book is just too short Not enough time to really get to know the characters satisfactorily There were a few loose feeling threadsIf anyone who reads this can point me to good books on the subject I thank you in advance Would you believe I ve been searching for the name of this book for over 10 years This is really the only book that. With Henry and Elizabeth Jansen Yes Henry needs her help with the farm chores and with Elizabeth who is still.

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