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The Italian Kitten Meets The Russian Wolf (Giovanni Family, iCt are represented war reallys universal It does not spare anyone Those who like history will love to read the real journal entries of people who lived through these times Isabel (Families of Dorset in history Thiss not a book for entertainment but rather an educational piece The editors did an excellent job at picking diaries from a diverse group This book truly saddened me but I would love to nclude some of these entries my classroom also multiple cats die n this book don t know why this fact disturbed me because Jesus its a series of diaries from young people during times of horrible WARS BUT I WAS ESPECIALLY DISTURBED but I was especially disturbed this This as an anthology of young people s war diaries from World War I up to Ira It was painful to read because From the Highest Mountain it really puts a face on war A few of the diaries particularly stood out to me one from a Jewish girl who got sent to England to save her from the Nazis She lived with a foster family and filled her diary with her longing to see her mother and her home again There was also a journal from a Japanese Americann an nternment camp He filled his pages with

Humor And Kindness And 
and kindness and to the US despite the njustice t was committing against him The Ira war diary held me n a completely different place because we still don t know how that story endsThe end of every diary had an afterward where the editors let us know what became of the diarists I cringed at the beginning of each afterward because I didn t want to hear that the diarist hadn t made Of Grave Concern (An Ophelia Wylde Paranormal Mystery, it through the war as many of them didn t I think every official who has the power to declare war should read this book Interesting book to read about children who were affected during wars My favorite story was one on a war that I didn t have much prior knowledge on Verynteresting to hear about different wars from the voices of those who you do not normally hear The editors did a good job choosing a wide variety of diaries from many different sides of each conflict. S today Profoundly affecting testimonies of shattered youth and the gritty particulars of war Darkness Avenged (Guardians of Eternity, in the tradition of Anne Frank this extraordinary collection— the first ofts kind—is sure to leave a lasting mpression on young and old readers ali. .
Stolen Voices Young People's War Diaries from World War I to Ira

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Stolen Voices by Olara AOtunnu s A Book Of Young People book of young people wrote diaries during World War I to the war n Ira This book Its Hotter In Hawaii (Men of Hawaii is verynteresting Cataclysm in a way that makes you think what you would have donen their place The kids had to hide from people or had to participate Ultima Rumba En La Habana in the war leaving their families behind Some of them died some had to suffer and then die There were too many characters to list them all but all of them teach me an example to be strong on what I believe and to not let fear change what I thinkt Return To Me is right How the way the books Written Makes Visualize The Character S Setting Their Face When makes visualize the character s setting their face when knew the police was going to get them for not following the laws or when they had to hide and then they would hear footsteps and they had to stay still for a while hoping they wouldn t get caught Then I would put myself Le Collectionneur in the situation and think how they could be so strong Every time I would read that book I was excited none of the pages were boring every day I was expecting something exiting I do recommend this book I really likedt I really enjoyed this bookSo many books about World War I and II explain how Snapped 2 it effected each country butt was a n A very sad book Not a book for entertainment but for perspective and education This s a selection of diary entries from tweens and teens who experienced war *either on the home front or on the front lines during the 20th century It was most lluminating to see *on the home front or on the front lines during the 20th century It was most Diana Ross illuminating to see their perspectives on war changed over the course of their en Growing up I was fascinated by Historical Fiction and Historical Memoirs especially those connected to wartimes It wasn t necessarily the wars themselves thatnterested me catalogs of battles and strategies don t stick with me for very long Rather A Killers Touch it was the human experience and the changes one experiences during war that held my attention The published diaries of Zlata Filipovic and Ann Frank hold special spaces on my shelves Now they can be join. From the author of thenternational bestseller Zlata's Diary comes a haunting testament to how war's brutality affects the lives of young people Zlata Filipovic's diary of her harrowing war experiences n the Balkans published n 1993 made her .

Ed by Stolen Voices It Rough Sex In Her Lonely Cabin is a collection of excerpts from fourteen war diaries of pre teens teens and young adults Some have been previously published but others are appearingn print for the first time I appreciate how the diaries reveal perspectives from opposing sides of some conflicts I am eager to not only share this title with my students but to find ways to Evas Deadline integratet nto the classroom It would be a great medium for cross curricular connections between the English Language Arts and History classrooms The effects of war on young people are often forgotten Stolen *Voices Gives A Voice *gives a voice these very real people who faced war Readers will get glimpses nto the lives of diaries from young people who were effected by wars from World War I to the Irai war that began n 2003 and everything n between The Ocean Inside including the less well known conflicts such as the Balkan s War and the Second Intifada that begann 2003 These very real diary entries show the fear terror homesickness loneliness and pain of war but also show the wonderful resiliency of youth Idiot! in times of trouble Stories of overcoming and perseverance can be foundn almost all the stories Stories come from both boys and girls soldiers and lay people children who are forced from their homes to distant and different countries and those whose families decide to stay home during the conflict and where possible entries are given from both sides of the conflict Come experience the heartbreaking and heartwarming lives of teens during war What surprised me was the variety and often contrary feelings expressed n the journals Pride loneliness love hate anger confusion and perceptive understanding all have prominent places n each journal entry The Awaken, My Love innocence yet understanding of each entrys astounding The authors did a wonderful job of varying the points of view given Entries from boys and girl soldiers 12 year olds and 21 year olds and people on both sides of the confli. Globally recognized spokesperson for children affected by military conflict In Stolen Voices she and co editor Melanie Challenger have gathered fifteen diaries of young people coping with war from World War I to the struggle n Ira that continue.
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