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Ged on and on it was entirely too long was about nothing really and wasn t well written I only finished it because I hate stopping books once I ve started For a book that should be a light read Model Student does a good job being informative and serious Even if you aren t into modelingfashion tales you still might enjoy this book Unlike the Cinderella theme the title implies Model Is Far From A Fairytale Obviously Semi Autobiographical By is far from a fairytale Obviously semi autobiographical by time novelist Robin Hazelwood Model is about the dark side "of the profession than about all the glamour starry eyed teens would hope " the profession than about all the glamour starry eyed teens would hope Emily Woods is one of those starry eyed teens from the Midwest when the story begins Raised by hippy parents who are proud their only daughter got into Columbia they see her part time job as something that will help her pay for college but not be her full time profession Like any co ed faced with a world of temptation Woods soon finds co ed faced with a world of temptation Woods soon finds exposed and submitting to drugs eating disorders and sexual exploitation along with living what appears to be a double life juggling demands between being a student and being a model What I liked about this book was that it didn t sugarcoat the seduction of modeling Woods is sucked up by the profession with promises of becoming the next Cindy Crawford along with making pretty good paychecks yet she is never uite at the right place at the right time Like a heroin addict chasing a high she follows professional advice even though such advice takes her further from her life as a studentand most of the time her goals for being a model Unlike most chick lit in this case chic lit there is not a central romance although a few chapters are devoted to a romantic adventure Woods is primarily struggling with an inner conflict which does make a compelling read The weaknesses of Model include an ending which was clich ish and secondary characters that were as well drawn out as an average indergartener s depiction of their house I would recommend Model for anyone interested in the fashion biz it is far better than most of the offerings out there which use Vogue magazine as plot device And for the starry eyed teens who may still aspire to the world of modeling Model Student is definitely a cautionary tale There s not much to say about this book in between four letter words and lines of coke there s a story here about a nice midwestern girl who becomes a model in the late 80s the time of the supermodel She goes down all the wrong but predictable paths and completely sells out but in the end she uits the business and gets a real life finishing her degree at Columbia The sad thing is the book is written by a woman who was a model in the 80s and 90s and who graduated from Yale Something tells me this is ever so slightly autobiographical How depressing although I ll admit the author s picture on the back flap is drop dead gorgeous From the reviews it appears that the novel though fictional is very realistic If that s how life is for the tall and lovely of the world they can have it. Ly’s thisclose to getting a leg up on her dreamsBefore long the seamier side of the fashion industry cocaine and cads collagen and implants fad diets and eating disorders becomes close up and personal All of a sudden Emily realizes how far she’s strayed from her dream of having it all With sliding grades that threaten her future at Columbia and spotty bookings that put her career as a model in uestion Emily is finally forced to make a choice between style and substance Dazzling dramatic and as real as it gets Model Student shines a spotlight behind the scenes and reminds us why you can’t judge a book by its cover girl From the Hardcover editi.

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Model Student A Tale of Co eds and Cover GirlsIt was an interesting look at the model industry It read like a memoir though it wasn t or ostensibly wasn t I feel like I learned a lot about both the upsides and downsides of modeling More book stash And it was stash for a reason Yet another one in an unfortunately long line of roman clef novels that focus on clef part and forget altogether the roman In other words a thinly disguised memoir that decides its heroine is so fascinating there s Wow This book has a lot of good reviews Unfortunately I did not feel the same this one just wasn t for meWhen I bought this book I thought it would be great to see how the other half live a day in the life of a model Instead I found myself Immersed In The Author Writing About Her in the author writing about her days in a tone that reeked of I m better than everyone because I go to COLUMBIA and yet somehow that wouldn t help her book jobs Huh You don t say Then if she didn t book a job ohhhh let the whining and the blaming begin A few insights into the world of modeling drugs modelizers etc no plot and a whiny main character who can t make up her mind and wants everything handed to her on a silver platter and cries when it s not I mean she goes to COLUMBIA after all Book her now makes this a story that I struggled to finish and cheered when I did I thought I would have enjoyed this but it instead recalled what could be so bland about the 80s supermodels and the girls who wanna be them The novel wasn t totally cliched though and was probably based on the author s own working days as a model and college student And the reader will recoil from some of the sleaziness of the industry the mindless want and consumption of expensive designer clothes and naked ambition Wish I had read The Devil Wears Prada instead I this conversation has geopolitical overtones that I didn t anticipate and I d like to express this by insulting Iceland though truthfully and perhaps because I am American I Smijurija u mjerama know nothing about the country Emily 201 In this day and age it seems far better to go the acting or singing route to become famous than to be a model you basically get all the perks covers access to fashion access to famous people with the added bonus that you are likely able to afford the clothes you model and won t be forced to share a room with bulimic cokeheads America s Next Top Model did a good job of any preconceived notions I had about the modeling world being all glitz and glamour but I read this book in the hopes of understanding why anyone would pursue this as a career and I still don t get it Emily used a lot of the money to pay for college makes sense But then she has second thoughts about collegeI guess you can always go back to school and you won t be young and beautiful forever but I still wish the author had spent time focusing on the non material reasons Emily wanted to be a model because she claimed shenew nothing about fashion so it couldn t be material based Bear in mind going into this novel that it s sent in the 80s and 90s and thus everyone might not have Speer known. It’s the late 1980s hair is big Lycra is rampant and supermodels rule the earth Every girl in America dreams of becoming the next Cindy Claudia or Naomi and seventeen year old Emily Woods is no different She looks different though striking enough to start a career Despite the protestations of her hippie parents she plunges into the glamorous but grueling world of professional modeling But Emily is than just a small town beauty with stars in her eyes She’s been accepted to Columbia University and she’s not about to let couture andlieg lights get in the way of an Ivy League educationThus begins Emily’s double life cramming for a final at an. What Barney s was outside of major US cities or nown how to reach out to people to dig up researchpersonal information on people in the business I say this because I totally forgot and didn t understand why Emily didn t just google things I did love Emily s snark as portrayed in the selected uote The author realistically explores the feelings of superiority that likely occur when one is in a high profile profession and Emily is uick to forget about the little peoplegrow annoyed by them This bummed me out because her college friends seemed a lot interesting than she did and her poor hometown Wisconsin friend got dropped super fast even though she was friends with her when Emily was a nobody But she gets no credit for that only mockery because she doesn t support Emily s coke habit Emily s a jerk but this was made easier to stomach because I appreciated her literary references it s too bad that her love of Tom Jonescads became all too real in her own life Ultimately I didn t mind that Emily wasn t a nice person I minded that I cared very little about her journey or her decision of modeling vs college It especially irked me that she didn t want to go abroad I also wish the epilogue had been better explained It does include makeup and photography tips though if you re into that sort of thing a nice bonus I suppose This book was a throwaway from my little sister who couldn t finish it I actually loved it I couldn t put it down There are several reasons for that First of all it s written by a former model and it gives a great insider s look at the fashion and modeling industries I LOVED reading about that I mean she even included beauty tricks that the models and designers use it s in the narrative not a separate section The beautiful is complemented by the ugly cocaine and double timing modeling agents It s just greatAnother reason I couldn t put it down was because of the glorious double entendre that the title suggests Will the main character can t remember her name be a model A Student Or Can She student or can she off both Hint You won t find out til the end so eep readingAnyone interested in the fashion industry or modeling should totally pick this up and give it a chance The main character is named Emily is from Wisconsin and moves to New York City to go to college and pursue a modeling career I was hoping for some real steamy decadent cat fighting coke snorting maid slapping action but this is a pretty tame tale of the seedy world of modeling Sure there is Some Drug Use An Affair With A Married Photographer And drug use an affair with a married photographer and reuisite dieting drama but in this world of cracked out celebs and over the top bad girls it s just not enough The reading is fast but not very rewarding and the characters are boring The author is obviously using her own life as the basis for the story but it is not nearly as revealing entertaining or compelling as it could be Valley of the Dolls still reigns supreme as the ultimate look at the nefarious world of celebrity glamour and money I hated this book The book drag. Exotic swimsuit shoot in the Caribbean; fighting the freshman fifteen to avoid the wrath of her agent; owning a closet full of Versace but nothing to wear to a frat party; sitting in a women’s studies class while ads featuring girls she nows are picked apart; juggling the attention of both college guys and the sought after fashion photographer of the moment But as Emily pursues her chic fantasy of Vogue covers and prestigious cosmetic campaigns her priorities start to shift In the ultra competitive uest for supermodel fame and fortune strutting off the runway to study Shakespeare might mean letting another pretty face snag her stilettos and Emi. ,