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He English countrysideEllen finding herself pregnant i beautifully written really brings home the "Difference In Values Of " in values of and families over half a century agoi know we cannot turn the clock back but i think we should make of an effort bev This was a lovely saga set during and after world war two At times it felt a bit slow but it soon moved on to another phase where I was once again turning pages rather uickly It s the story of Hilda and her daughter Ellen other characters are also very well defined and make you interested to find out about them This book COVERS MANY ISSUES

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OF WHICH issues many of which still relevant today Such an enjoyable book couldn t put it down Set in the 2nd World War we follow Ellen s life from a young irl through to her 20 s from evacuation boys and life s ups and downs Looking forward to reading of Kitty Neale s novel. Ars agoDistraughtEager to believe that Sarah is still with her Ellen becomes obsessed with finding proof of an afterlife only to be disappointed She reaches rock bottomDeterminedBut then one day when she least expects it Ellen is iven a sign But will it provide her with the answers she so desperately needs. Lost AngelDove into the plot ot To It Lamer And find it and and did not consider it a well accomplished narrative i don t normally read books from the war time era but the blurb sold this one to me it was an interesting story following the characters from childhood to adulthood there were some tragic moments that i wasn t expectingi enjoy books that are not predictable understanding sensitive and tearful story set during the second world war Loved itI really enjoyed this story Following Ellens journey through to adult life and all the things that were thrown at her I felt there could of been another few chapters to finish of her story Maybe there will be a seuel A warm and heartfelt story about Hilda Stone and her daughter Elenn who have "To Endure The Bombings From 1940 Onwards " endure the bombings from 1940 onwards lose of loved ones and eventually there home making them flee to Stonished when the prediction becomes a reality and against all odds Douglas Stone returns homeDevastatedYears later Ellen is happily married when her baby daughter Sarah is tragically killed Blaming herself for the accident Ellen feels unable to o on until she remembers the woman's prediction all those ye. Could not put it down So sorry when I finished it Amazing Omg what a brilliant
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I didn want to put it down Rosie Goodwin Writes a few books based on another subject and I actually picked up on of hers thinking be the same but set back in the day and I really enjoyed it and I saw it said similar authors Kitty Neale so I picked 1 of hers up to try and can t stop reading them This is set in 1940 with HildaDoug and there daughter Helen and follows there lives through hard times and the blitz they move away to Somerset to start a new life Helen married to a man she start a new life Helen married to a man she but doesn t love has a bit of a rough time and becomes really intrigued with finding out if there s life after death Go ahead and read it you won t be a let o put it down A rand entrance set in the British capital during the blitz caught me to read it Nevertheless as Hope never dies The dramatic new novel from the Sunday Times bestselling author of NOBODY’S GIRLDesperateWithout any possessions or even a home Hilda Stone and her 14 year old daughter Ellen are *desperate for a miracle Approached by a strange woman foretelling that Hilda's lost husband is alive they are *for a miracle Approached by a strange woman foretelling that Hilda's lost husband is alive they are

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