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That end she has become a master spy with a deadly reputation She S Smart Strong And smart strong and in controluntil the day she meets her latest assignmentHis name is Nathaniel Avery and he s come to England from America to find an embezzler who tarnished the reputation of his odfather To recover his overnment s money he must partner with Angeliue to act as of his odfather To recover his Mischief 24/7 (Sunshine Girls, government s money he must partner with Angeliue to act as bored married couple while searching for his prey Her connections and womanly wiles are the perfect bait not only to find the embezzler but to set Nate s heart racing Angeliue has her own orders when it comes to dealing with the embezzler orders that have shadowy motives and have her uestioning the rightness of what she s been ordered to do As their assignment progresses pretending to be a couple soon becomes a reality and for the first time Angeliue has found a man who she sees as an eual Tired of disguises and deceptions she lets Nate in on who she really is and what she s been ordered to do Will he accept her and the love she offers or will her past be too dark to forgive And once she starts telling the truth those in power will do whatever is necessary to keep her uiet Will Nate be there to save her or will she be on her ownThis is a fast paced story with two very likable characters Angeliue is smart andives as The Subtle Beauty good as sheets The sexual tension between her and Nate is combustible and leads to some very sexy interludes She accepts what she s had to do in life and makes no excuses she s no wilting heroine Nate is the perfect match for her He admires her strength and never holds her back He s honorable to his cause but very willing to sacrifice for love There s very intriguing secondary characters as well One of them being a fellow spy who s a sexy Scotsman named Ian He has a mysterious spy who s a sexy Scotsman named Ian He has a mysterious and after the explosive finale I d love to see of him So for those who like sexy and intelligent characters with a Having Tanner Bravos Baby (Bravo Family, good mystery this is definitely the book for you You Only Love Once was pretty darnood Set in London it featured a French expatriate female assassin spy awesome and an American When Da Silva Breaks the Rules (Blood Brothers, government agent in England to retrieve a thief The actual tracking down of the thief was almost laughably easy if you think about it basically Angeliue assassin spy and Nateovernment agent only had to talk to two people and search one house to find him The 4 stars are earned in the chemistry between Nate and Angeliue Two people with pasts they aren t proud of and a pile of secrets to keep they are drawn to each other but have a hard time letting down their inner walls so to speak It was obvious that their professions force them to be lonely people and in each other they find the one safe person to relax their The Billionaires Runaway Bride guard around It s fortunate I suppose that they both also found each other attractive and compatible I like Ms Linden s writing style it is smooth and moves the plot along so easily that you hardly even notice any plot holes I would have liked things to have been a little difficult for the main characters but overall i enjoyed the story so much I didn t really mindTwo small uibbles view spoiler A what ended up happening to Dixon and B how is Stafford reallyoing to see Selwyn brought to justice What will happen to Selwyn s current wife and unborn child I would have liked to have found out Oh well hide spoiler 25 Good writing and historically informed but the author doesn t construct her characters in a way that allows readers to connect emotionally to them Linden has half of the character construction piece down creating plot events that shape the characters but is missing the vital other half creating individualized uniue characters with emotional live. Nows and the secret they uncover could cost them their lives as well as the once in a lifetime passion that burns between themThe Bow Street Agents Spies in Love series is an historical romance trilogy set in the Regency era The individual book titles allude to similar titles in the popular modern day James Bond spy novels and fil. Loved the heroine strong smart and vulnerable Even though this is a romance she just carries the story The relationship between the hero heroine is well developed The story is fast paced and interesting Only one issue in the final confrontation scene made me roll my eyes but overall loved the book 35 It s a pity GR doesn t let you use decimals because I do think this is a touch beyond a 3 which is my code for okay but forgettable There was a lot to like about You Only Love OnceAngeliue is a spy and sometimes assassin working for a shadowy arm of the British Fifty Ways To Be Your Lover government When Angeliue was just a baby her nursemaid smuggled her out of France just before an angry mob captured her parents a count and countess and hauled them off to theuillotine Conseuently Angeliue believes in what she is doing seeing it as a means of insuring the stability of her adopted country by keeping insurrectionists and other malcontents in line At nearly thirty however Angeliue is starting to tire of the Caught on Camera with the CEO game She decides that her recent assignment finding an Englishman who absconded with a chunk of money from the Americanovernment w Decent read It s the third book of the Bow Street series I enjoyed book 1 a little better but I did really like how Harry the hero of book 1 made an appearance in book 3 What I really enjoyed was the climax of the b It doesn t happen often but I could not finish this one Went back to it after several weeks and ot to 60% I was bored with the this one Went back to it after several weeks and ot to 60% I was bored with the and bored with the heroineI just didn t care I liked him but I do not like her our female spy I wouldn t like her if she were a man either btw It s probably her cold bloodedness and the ease with which she will sleep with someone when she is on a mission if it helps her to succeed I dislike her comfortable with killing for England schtick even though it is 1820 and she is a woman which stretches my ability to suspend disbelief I am not a fan of the James Bond stereo type male or female I should have taken note of the book titleThe first chapter Angeliue Martand was not particularly proud to be a spy It was a distasteful job often dirty and dangerous and at times it left such a mark on her soul that she feared the stain would never wash away But it was also a necessary job and someone must do it for the Arabian Nights good of the entire countryOK Fine If she hates her job why is she doing it If it isradually killing off any finer feelings like compassion and empathy she has little of either why not uit She seemed financially secure Was the job worth destroying her soul for Let s not pretend that a person who does all this and is Enchanting Baby (The Birth Place going to be nice person Fair enough We have horrible heroes who redeem themselves or are saved So maybe the idea was that the lovely man isoing to save the jaded female spy I could buy that But we are Wild Nights with Her Wicked Boss given to understand that she is also a cold blooded killer I should add I hate hitmanwoman books and films I will never understand how a person can kill another person for money or because it is a job Yet our hero is a darling he saves slaves and is an idealist So he will save the sociopathic spy Ummmm nah Just doesn t work for me If she were the evil temptress villain in this book that would work Heroine noThere is a lot of sex in the book I am always up for that but it just reinforced my feeling that the heroine valued thereat sex but not the man She was very AGGRESSIVE AND EXPERIENCED FINE I JUST and experienced fine I just her detachment her lack of commitment to any kind of meaningful relationship She was oing to screw the hell out of him and dump him once the mission was over I am being even handed here I would dislike a hero who did this too Usin. Devilishly handsome and absolutely fearless Nate Avery is in London on an important mission and paired with an English spy who is meant to watch him as much as aid him But much to his surprise that spy turns out to be an alluring and enigmatic temptressAngeliue Martand may be a beauty but she's also the most dangerous agent in Eng. ,

G people is just not niceGood on the author for trying something different There will be many who will no doubt enjoy the book author for trying something different There will be many who will no doubt enjoy the book well I really wish I could have liked it During the French Revolution in 1793 a newborn little irl was whisked out of France by her mother s maid Melanie leaving her parents the Comte and Comtesse d Orvelon to be killed In 1820 London Angeliue Martand is a spy and assassin who takes her last job before retirement She is to work with an American Mr Nathaniel Avery to find and apprehend an embezzler Jacob Dixon Angeliue is Always You given additional instructions kill Dixon Angeliue is aood character she s confident yet insecure She wants out of the spyassassination business but doesn t know any man who would love her Wild at Heart (Sons of Chance, given her job Nate is loyal and smarter than he seems The supporting characters are fun too especially Ian the Scotsman and fellow spy and Prince the former slave and experimental chemist Too bad Nate doesn tet to show off of Prince s inventions Then Dixon tells them something that further shakes Angeliue s confidence in her spymasterThis was a riveting read I could practically hear the James Bond music at times especially when Angeliue Ian and Nate have to insure Angeliue s retirement The prologue though is that the rationale behind why Angeliue is a spyassassin To right the wrongs done to her parents Isn t that career not very conducive to having children to perpetuate the family Lucy Carmichael genes I suppose at 18 she didn t think that far ahead This was aood book While there is a spy plot the focus is really on the relationship and how Angeliue will escape her circumstances and have an Happy Ever After The plot was smart and it was very nice to read a story without aristocratic characters I also think Caroline Linden does a very ood job at action scenes there s one toward the end So why the three stars I just never connected with the characters Not sure that that was the book s fault as I read this very slowly 45 starsI have enjoyed every Caroline Linden book I have read and this one was no exceptionThe American Nate Avery and the spy Angeliue Martand were well matched Both were eually skilled and sexually experienced They never felt unbalanced and the sex scenes were hotBoth of Angeliue s parents were killed in the French revolution She was rescued to England by her mother s maid Melanie Angeliue was raised as the daughter of a servant though she was the daughter of Compte d Orvelon As an assistant seamstress she was approached to repeat ossip overheard at her place of employment Over a decade as a spy her tasks became and dangerous and distasteful though lucrative Her position demanded she be solitary At the beginning of the story she had already decided she was ready to retire and perhaps marry another spy the only other person she thought could understand the things she had seen and done Though a competent spy she was lonely and One-Click Buy guardedNate was her perfect counterbalance He had a loving home life as his foundation Though he also experienced horrendous episodes in his past he was light hearted and friendly He helped Angeliuerow as person She warmed to him and was able to hope for a Redeeming Claire good life after her career I appreciated the action and the mystery of the plot as well as the characterrowth in both the Hh From the moment she was born Angeliue Martrand s life has been one of danger Before being sentenced to the uillotine Angeliue s Martrand s life has been one of danger before being sentenced to the uillotine angeliue Before being sentenced to the uillotine Angeliue entrusted her to the care of their most trusted servant to flee to England to save her life Through bribes and lies Angeliue made it to safety and has based her entire life on making those pay who seek to harm others To. Land and this job is far beneath her She doesn't like the way the dashing American looks at her or the way he makes her feel like a woman not like a spy She can't afford to fall under Nate's spell and indulge her desires no matter how desperately she wants to But soon it becomes clear that there's to this job than either of them ,

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You Only Love Once

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