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Preachy and this was after all an angel based story but I didn t really like the evil guys being Christian evangelists and the accident on the train was a bit overreaching The plot was a bit of a mess they talk to people they get preachy they meet neighbors they save people it didn t feel like there was much centralization to the plot I didn t like Tens either what the hell kind of a name is that anyway This is an YA fantasy book give me a sexy name I don t need to learn to count He comes off as completely patronizing and rude to Meridian when she first arrived in Colorado considering that he s supposed to be her protector he could have been a leetle bit nicer and less of a doucheMeridian herself is the victim of the people around her her parents aunt Tens they ve all resulted in her being a weak scared little girl Not that I blame her I d be worse in her case but the book did not set her p to be a very good main character and I find that I didn t care much for her at all Man this was a hard book to finish All those other YA books that claimed to be dark were sadly lacking I m looking at you Fallenand Hush Hush but this book this is dark and delicious in every sense of the words Meridian is a Fenestra a being who helps guide the souls of the dead into the afterlife so that they are not reincarnated and are able to meet Childhood Dying up with their loved ones again on the other side This is a family trait that passes down through the bloodlines but is not present in every generation Her 16th birthday marks when her powers begin in earnest and from that day on she and her loved ones are in danger from the Aternocti beings who want to pass the soul onto Hell and destroy the Fenestra s The characters in this book were all fairly two dimensional but still highly enjoyable Meridian spends most of the book in confusion and fearnderstandable since she never nderstood what she was and is being hunted Her life growing p was hard on her she had no friends people thought she was some kind of witch as animals and insects were always dying around her She thinks she is the cause of the deaths and that people should fear her So she never seeks out friends or love and accepts that those things are just not for her I thought she should have asked Carrying the Sheikhs Baby/Awakening His Innocent Cinderella/The Tycoons Shock Heir/One Night with the Forbidden Princess uestions about all of this but was always just completely accepting Meridian was allowed to begin the book as a scared child and then grow into strong willed young woman Tens her Protector and love interest is loyal brave and consistently trying to help her Their relationship is totally rushed and not fleshed out since it was expected by one due to his gifts and completely overwhelmed the other who was always alone and feltnworthy of love And again you have a YA book where the characters are 16 and 18 but are pure with no real Sheik Defense (Desert Justice urges or interludes between them Auntie was by far the best character in the book The woman was 106 years old Yet still a fighter a teacher and a protector She was strong sweet and wise Every scene she was in had much deeper emotions and was just memorable At only 300 pages the author could have written to flesh out the main characters a bit but really I didn t think that it detracted from the story too much A fair warningthe main villain passes himself off as a evangelist preacher who consistentlyotes the most violent and intolerable passages from the Bible He Hot Seduction (Hotshot Heroes uses Christianity as a weapon to ostracize non believers ie people who weren t fanatic enough condemn harassment and vandalism and allow the deaths of innocent children Theotes from the Bible are marked and identified at the back of the book and are sed to justify his evil actions I say this as a warning because I could see people being offended by the radical portrayal of the religion in this book The crazy fanaticism was even ncomfortable to read at times as I wanted to slap people senseless to shock them awake and realize the conseuences of their actions I wasn t offended or anything but it was shocking to read as I could seriously see this happening which was especially terrifying The climax could have also been elaborated on a bit It wasn t that it was anti climactic but it could have been much dramatic It was as if it was almost too easy on the heroine She has to makes some insane choices but there isn t much action Not to mention how things mysteriously got fixed with no explanation I also loved the inclusion of Babys Watch / A Hero of Her Own uilting being ailter myself as a theme representing the soul s lives Auntie would make Desire Island - The Niece uilts to represent the people she helped cross and it was her outlet for dealing with the conseuences of helping them There was one passage I particularly liked and want to share Each stitch was a heartbeat a breath each seam an experience a lesson learned Each piece of fabric was a feeling a like a dislike a pain happiness Combined they build a life a picture of a life anyway in bits and pieces Like memories they have no linear logic but they resonate You can tell a lot about a person by theilt Auntie made for them after they died Overall the take on death was original dark and well thought out All the emotions and fears that surround death were brought Sweet Valentine up discussed examined and left for the reader to make their own personal conclusions about I was definitely pleasantly surprised that it was so good after all the YA dribble I have read lately Just goes to show you to ignore marketing as the mass marketed books like Fallen Shiver and Hush Hush were so bad yet thenknown books like this one and The Splendor Falls was wonderful Something odd about the cover of the book released in Turkey Amy Lee from Evanescence as the cover model Weird Here s the prologue from the book From the first sentence onwards I was completely hooked Prologue The first creatures to seek me were the insects my parents cleaned the bassinet free of dead ants the morning after they brought me home from the hospital My first word was dead At age Four When I Stepped Out when I stepped out bed and popped A GIANT TOAD LIKE A WATER BALLOON I NEVER giant toad like a water balloon I never turned any lights offFor all of my sixth year I slept sitting The Rancher and the City Girl up thinking I d spot the dying coming toward meThere were times when it felt like my insides were full of broken glass times when the souls of the animals passing through me felt too big too much I d open my eyes in the morning and peer into the glassy gaze of a mouse on my pillow Death never became my comfortable companionI didn t have nightmares about monsters I wasn t afraid of a thing in my closet In fact there were many times when I wished they the dying would hidender my bed instead of burrowing into the pile of stuffed animals by my headMy mother hugged me told me I was special I d like to think my parents weren t revolted by me But I ll never forget the feelings apparent in the glances they exchanged over my head Worry Fear Repulsion ConcernMy first chore was to clean Ice Wolves (Elementals, up the carcasses My second was to make the bed I d don rubber gloves and pick the deadp My hands grew callused from digging so many graves We ran out of room in the backyard by my fourteenth birthday When I was too ill to do it my dad stepped in and removed them but it was always with thinly veiled disgustI trembled my way through the days constantly sleep deprived chronically ill My stomach always hurt Low grade headaches constantly thumped a slow tempo Doctors labeled me a hypochondriac or worse still they never found causes for the symptoms The pain was real The cause a mystery They suggested. Es ganz sicher nicht will muss ich mein Leben mit dem Tod teilen Ich bin eine Fenestra Durch mich gelangen die Seelen der Versto. ,

A reader s ability to tolerate this is going to depend on a certain amount of tolerance for ill logic and bland characters plus not minding that the villain Some Like It Hotter uotes the Bible andses Christianity as a weaponFenestras are half angel beings that transport souls to heaven Nocti transport souls to hell If neither a Fenestra nor a Nocti are around when a person dies the person reincarnates The heavenhellreincarnation thing is pure chance depending on proximity and timing Kizer references Einstein and talks about energy transforming and rising presumably the soul Yet for a set More Than a Convenient Bride (Texas Cattlemans Club: After the Storm up that removes all morality the actual conflict is pure good vs evil or rather Creator vs Destroyer Meridian is practically a blank slate having no friends no hobbies no dreams no drive She doesn t like that things die around her all the time and that she constantly feels sick but even that isn t described vividly enough to be compelling Tens is a tall dark handsome project your own fantasy here cutout figure They fall in love because they re destined to be together Similarly there s no suspense to the plot because it s never really inestion that Meridian will come to accept and master her powers As soon as the Nocti threaten her a deus ex machina turns Marrying Well up to save her and TensThere are so many supernatural romances being published right now that there has to be one better than this 375I have been wanting to read this book for awhile because it has one of my absolute favorite opening sections ever which I did read A few times But never the whole book but I was saving it to read with my book club since I knew it was on the schedule We finally read it for last month s meeting so now I can share it with you for Helluva Halloween I want to start by saying that all in all I would recommend this I did like it butBut I felt like it let me down a little Maybe it was because I loved the prologue so much Maybe it was because I had been building itp in my head for months and months And it s never that it was really bad don t get me wrong But though I liked it as a whole there were a few things I couldn t get pastHere s the breakdownMeridian had an original feel It was interesting because I think it did follow a formula we re all familiar with in YA There was a predictability so much so that there were things you could see coming through the entire book and you begin to wonder why none of the characters see it The villain is so obvious the entire time that it becomes on of those irritating things that makes you say how do you not see this That s a little frustrating The good guys were really obvious too and you can always tell who s going to be coming back into the story to save the day But in spite of this there is still a feeling of freshness about the work Kizer s fenestra mythology is interesting and new and the issues that it raises and is bound to cause for Meridian add noticeably to the story The religious zealotry in the story though admittedly over the top was also an interesting aspect At least for me as there s little that freaks me out And even though the bad guys and good guys may as well come with big declarative flags over their heads they re still interesting I genuinely liked Meridian Auntie and Tens especially Tens and wanted of their backstories again especially Tens I thought some good groundwork was laid for the future of the series with the little snippets of information that we did get but at the same time it was frustrating Don t just give me good groundwork for future books give me a good book now Make me want to read your future books on the writing alone not a hook or a plot line I want to see finishedWhich brings me to the most irritating part of the book other than the obviousness that wasn t obvious to anyone the ending I ve said it before I ll say it again I am not a fan of deus ex machina At all The end of this was a disappointment for me on a few levels It was just all too convenient every last detail And so so ick Blink and you missed it I want some meat to it What happened Break it down drag it out a bit give me something to chew on and savor This was the biggest point of "Contention For My Book Club " for my book club I think we all felt a little cheated like we d been given the brush offBut in spite of this most of s still said we liked the book me so than many Two haaated it It was engaging and what wasn t fulfilling I could supplement with my mind I don t think a book should make you do that but at least it means there was something there to work with at least it means there was something there to work with like I said it managed to somehow be fresh and there were some issues raised that I hope to see and should certainly be in book 2 It felt like Kizer has yet to hit her stride but that when she does she ll be an author to watch I m not going to re cap the events of the book everybody else has already done it Let me start off by saying this wasn t a bad book I thought the premise was original and very interestingMy problem was that I never actually connected to it and I m not sure why It felt like I was listening to the story but not LIVING IN the story if that makes sense My favorite books are the ones that I fall completely into where the world of the story becomes MY world while I m reading and this one just never sucked me in like thatI also didn t feel the connection between Meridian and Tens I didn t feel any attraction between them at all it felt like they d just decided to go ahead and be together since they d been told they were supposed to not because there was any overwhelming compulsion or attraction between themAlso while I And the Winner - Weds! understand religious fanaticism exists in abundance I had a hard time with the ENTIRE town completelynder Perimo s black thumb Esp with women and babies dying pregnant women being forced to eat only bread and water and NOBODY in their right mind Manhattan Heat uestioning it As I said this isn t a bad book it just didn t capture this reader the way that had been hoped for My thoughts running through the majority of this book is that man Meridian s got some shitty people in her life Her family is of no help at all I mean like the leastseful people ever If your daughter was a foreordained Fenestrawindow of death thingy with people coming after her and trying to kill her when she comes into her full powers WOULDN T YOU WANT HER TO KNOW ABOUT IT No Hell to the no They stick their heads in the sand like a couple of ostriches being raised by animals who eat their young would probably give Meridian a better survival rate actuallyThe loving parents 1 act like they re disgusted of Meridian because she attracts dead things 2 give her no clue as to what she is so she at least knows what she s facing 3 give her no survival skills whatsoever so she can fight back 4 literally toss her onto a bus with no idea where she s going when people are trying to kill herThe loving aunt is not much better For someone who needs a successor she didn t really do much to help Meridian survive That scene where Meridian s abandoned at the bus stop She is a braver girl than I If I were left in a foreign place in the middle of a snowstorm tossed out by my parents not picked Secrets of the Marriage Bed up by an aunt whom I hardly knew existed I d be a sniveling crying mess When they finally meet Auntie is horrified at the lack of information Meridian s parents gave her Um HELLO For 16 years all you did was send herilts lady Was a visit too much to asktakes deep breathThe plot was very Christian centric I get that it s not trying to be. »Mein Name ist Meridian Ich gehöre leider nicht zu den Mädchen die man gerne zu Geburtstagsfeiern einlädt – denn obwohl ich.
A Million Different Ways To Lose You (Horn Duet Rosebud Sleds and Horses Heads Black Spells and Twisted Souls (Grey Witch, Beyond the Dark Portal

Shrinks Growing pains Perhaps I was one of those children who reuired lots of attention I d catch my mom staring at me she often started conversations only to break off and leave the roomWith each moon phase the animals got bigger Soon they came during the day as well At school kids whispered my nicknames Reaper Grave Digger Witch Others I pretended not to hear Adults ostracized me too It hurtAs I got older and stopped trying to bond I came to the same conclusion as everyone else I was weird A freak A sideshow actWhen my brother Sam was born I kept a vigil in his room Intent on cleaning The Ruthless Italians Inexperienced Wife up the dead things before he woke I focused on making him feel that he wasn t alone that Inderstood how scary this world could be I wouldn t let him suffer my fears he d be normal in my eyes By the time he was a month old and the only dead came near him because of me I retreatedMy parents pretended it didn t matter That nothing ever died around me That our backyard wasn t a graveyard If anything they acted like I had a talent A giftIf we had an extended family I didn t know them The only exception was my namesake a great Aunt who sent me birthday Billionaire Baby Dilemma / The Wrangler uilts once a year My world was and is me and death It s a lonely place to live but I thought things were getting better My name is Meridian Sozu and I was wrong You can read the first couple of chapters here Meridian was not badIt s not something I got really into not one of those books you just can t put down or anything like that It was a good book though Meridian just turned 16 and has spent her whole life haunted by death Every morning since her birth she s wokenp to find the bodies of animals surrounding her with no explanation as to why And things are steadily getting worse On the day she turns 16 she returns home from school to find her family has suddenly packed All Night with the Boss up the house and all their belongings in preparation to move a decision apparently made out of the blue And Meridian will not be going with themInstead she s sent to the home of her Great Aunt in Colorado to learn how to control the powers that draw the dying to her before the dark forces who are hunting her manage to track her down Her aunts home is not as safe as it seems however as an extremist cult has settled into the area and the leader has made Meridians aunt into a target The good Interesting plot likeable characters main female character isn t completely helpless and doesn t act like a damsel in distress And despite wanting nothing to do with her powers she is willing to stepp and learn what she has to instead of whining about it and fighting it at every turn There is a cliche romance plot but the character is capable of thinking of things other than romance The story about the aunts romantic past was one that I did like though I thought it was very sweet and far believable than the main one If Kizer ever decides to write that story as a novel I d definitely love to check it out The bad A lot of it was very predictable I guess the author was trying to drop subtle clues to readers but it was like an anvil dropping on your head I knew after about a chapter of her Aunts explanations what was Redeemed (Redeemed, upcoming in regards to the big badThere is thesual cliche romance which progresses way too fast Or seems to at least the story seems like it takes place over a matter of days 3 weeks at the most and that s probably be stretching it Destined romance or not I find it a bit of a stretch to believe that you can fall into love with someone that fast especially when you don t know them very wellAlso At one point we have a character show Stalker in the Shadows (Sonoma, up who plays a major part in the story and it s his second appearance The thing is it snlikely you ll realize this the character shows Claiming the Cowboys Heart up for about 3 pages near the start of the book and is only named once We don t see them again they aren t mentioned again but despite this Meridian instantly recognizes him when he appears knowing exactly who he is Meridian must be a freaking genius for names faces because I sure as heck didn t remember him I can t even remember people I ve met than once in real life half the time if they re not people I actually talk to and see occasionally A stranger I meet once in passing Not happeningOverall it was a good read It was interesting and I ll probably check out the rest of the series to see what happensnless the writing takes a "major header Good for fans of supernatural plots especially those involving demons and " header Good for fans of supernatural plots especially those involving demons and 25 3StarsDeath finds her for as long as she can remember It was a way of life for Meridian always finding dead animals scattered around This was her normal This was her life For as long as she could remember death has followed her alwaysI wanted to like this one really I did but sadly I couldn tMeridian starts off with a mad rush pulling in the readers to it s wild storyline but I think that it was to fast and all at once It ended to easily making it too neat and tidy that left me wanting and less The story itself wasn t evenly paced and while I have to applauded the originality of this concept since I thought it was a cool twist to Angels and I found it fascinating and interesting to learn about Fenestra but Undercover with a SEAL (Code: Warrior SEALs unfortunately this was another book that didn t livep to it s full potential and I ended p skimming to just finish itWhat could have been great was instead just an okay read I had the good fortune to win an ARC of MERIDIAN from someone who snagged it at the ALA Midwinter conference I read the book in nibbles and gulps both wanting to savor it and make it last MERIDIAN is the kind of book that my mind kept drifting to when I was trying to concentrate or even when I was just shopping at the grocery store The best parts for me The character of Meridian who manages to be both strong and vulnerable mature and believably sixteen Kizer pulls this off with Meridian s voice I think which reminded me a little of s voice I think which reminded me a little of at that age I really like how she explores her powers and the idea of death Kizer handles these scenes with subtle nuanced emotion where a lesser author might stray into the melodramatic Meridian s protector and love as described in the blurb Tens came across refreshingly charming and flawed in the face of a slew of drop dead gorgeous brooding and otherwise cardboard males in other young adult fantasy Yes he s myster I m frowning I liked about 34 of this book Towards the end it all went way too fast and everything just worked out somehow They needed person A and poof there he was Then they needed person B and lucky for Meridian the mother of person B already had a dream about Meridian needing their help so they were already near where it all went down But not without the help of a tame wolf who decided playing dead on the middle of a deserted road was the best approach to making them stop their car is that dog insane Put somebody like me behind the wheel and I d probably would have ran over the poor animal because I didn t see it so she could lead them to where Meridian was waiting Convenient no If this is confusing wait till you read the bookI also don t know what point the author was trying to make when writing the train wreck scene Yes a disaster like that is horrible No it s not pretty people are hurtdyingdead But do I really need to read about what a mix of blood rine and shivers human waste smells like What it feels like on your skin I get the point but jeez Ruin my reading fun why don t cha I m not sure what I was on when I write this revie. Rbenen in den Himmel Aber davon wusste ich nichts bis ich sechzehn Jahre alt wurde – nd plötzlich in großer Gefahr schwebte. .