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Otherwell is last great innovation movement in American poetry Movements tend to be less about consistency f style and about self supporting friendship and a shared vision and amount to marketing a brand That said the NY group were sharply distinguishable from the Beats whilst both were anti academic the NY school poets were aesthetic in their taste for poets were aesthetic in their taste for expressionist painting and intellectual in their acknowledgement f wide international literary cinematic musical and artistic rootsTheir use f irony and co I like Frank O Hara a lot and I don t really understand John Ashbery so I decided to pick up this book The Last Avant Garde is about four men who were the last true The Windy Season originals Frank O Hara John Ashbery Kenneth Koch and James Schuyler They relationships blossomed against the backdropf New York City thus the New York School Their poetry was radically new and different so radical in fact that they were disregarded by many leading critics Oldies but Goodies of the generation These iconoclasts however made an infinitely valuable contribution to American poetry They experimented with words in witty and joyful ways and it is this exuberance that most fundamentally defines their work They were concerned not with the major political issuesf the time but rather with the mechanisms f everyday life Lehman takes us through the School s early beginnings and narrates four sparkling mini biographies He illuminates the symbiosis between the poets and the painters esp the Abstract Expressionists Most importantly however #Lehman creates a wondrous atmosphere in which it feels like anything can happenA well researched tribute to an #creates a wondrous atmosphere in which it feels like anything can happenA well researched tribute to an group f artists I don t think I could ve picked a better time to read this book with lots Evangeline, a Master For Tonight Companion Novel of Koch Ashbery and O Hara plus Brad Gooch s biographyf the latter fresh in my memory Lehman s impressions Beneath the Jolly Roger of O Hara and Koch turnedut to be pretty much in line with my Merzbook: The Pleasuredome of Noise own but I was especially interested in what he had to say about Ashbery whose work I ve found mysef unable to get into He managed to make Ashbery s poetry seem a bit approachable and it seems like the poems and lines he uot I think I disagree fundamentally with the author s viewf art and poetry and the avant garde but I could read anecdotes about the ny school poets forever and thankfully most f the book was focused n them Excellent I was particularly interested in Lehman s view Pig of Brad Gooch s biographyf Frank O Hara. Hetic Their style is playful irreverent tradition shattering and brilliant Out Scipio Rising (Scipio Africanus of these friendships and these conversations will come the worksf art and poetry that will define New York City as the capital f world culture abstract expressionism and the New York School f PoetryA richly detailed portrait Rim of the Pit (Rogan Kincaid, ofne They Also Serve of the great movements in American arts and letters The Last Avant Garde covers the years 1948 1966 and focusesn four fast friends the poets Frank O'Hara James Sch. This appears to be my year for reading David Lehman I was given a copy Conversations From The Neighborhood Ice Cream Shop: 8 Keys To Rediscovering Lost Dreams And Finding Your Life's Calling of his The Daily Mirror which I finished in January this volume was suggested to me by Michael Wurster and I m also in the processf reading the latest Best American Poetry No Time for Sergeants of which he s the series editorThis volume gives the historyf the New York School f Poets through short biographies f the four central poets f that movement Kenneth Koch Frank O Hara John Ashbury and James Schuyler It also contrasts this movement with the Beats f the same #time period and discusses the concept f avant garde movements in general Later #period and discusses the concept f avant garde movements in general Later introduce the second tier Large Catechism of Martin Luther of the movement and how the New York School influenced the restf the 20th century in American poetryI have never systematically studied Junior Jolt or read the poetsf this era so this book was wonderful for giving me context for poets and poems I know individually Ceux de la posie vcue or not at all It s a nice study in how movements happen as wellI was pleased to see that the movement validated playfulness in the work and the techniuef writing about what is happening in front f you however mundane Snatching inspiration from verheard conversations r unusual signs r Troublemaker:: One Man's Crusade Against China's Cruelty odd transient events all techniues that I both use and teach were signature elementsf the SchoolI also see the tireless: originsf Lehman s The Daily Mirror in O Hara s I do this I do that poems and Teach Them Spanish!, Grade 1 other series ideas from this group A rather intimate look at the New York Schoolf Poetry a close knit group Toque de Veludo of post World War II poets comprised principallyf John Ashbery Frank O Hara Kenneth Koch and James Schuyler The book contains many samples f their poetry to support Lehman s bservations and a collection Kaleidoscope of photographsf the poets and their friends Though I usually struggle to find any meaning in a lot The Four Racketeers of poetryr to understand thers analyses f it Lehman s portrayal Phantoms Monsters: Mysterious Encounters of the environment in which theyperated was Smithereens of particular interest to me Freuently the tales told in this book brought back vivid memories some very strangef my The Book of Not Knowing: Exploring the True Nature of Self, Mind, and Consciousness own exposure to the literary scene in Seattle in the late 1970s and again in the mid 1990s I learnedf this book through a tribute to the author s birthday 11 June 1948 n Garrison Keillor s Writer s Almanac The polemic is that the New York Poets Ashbery O Hara Schuyler and s Writer s Almanac The polemic is that the New York Poets Ashbery O Hara Schuyler and so called by gallery wner and cultural catalyst John Myers in 1961 after The New York School f Art Kline Rothco Pollock De Kooning A landmark work f cultural history that tells the story Yamashita's Ghost: War Crimes, Macarthur's Justice, and Command Accountability of how four young poets John Ashbery Frank O'Hara James Schuyler and Kenneth Koch reinvented literature and turned New York into the art capitalf the worldGreenwich Village New York circa 1951 Every night at a rundown tavern with a magnificent bar called the Cedar Tavern an extraordinary group Mind of the Raven: Investigations and Adventures with Wolf-Birds or painters writers poets and hangersn arrive to drink argue tell jokes fight start affairs and bang ut a powerful new aest. The Last Avant Garde The Making f the New York School f Poets