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I m oing to start off with A Harry Potter Comparison Remember That Very Harry Potter comparison remember that very line of The Philosopher s Stone The voice jumped out at you it was the voice of a narrator who knew what an epic tale she was spinning Same Having Tanner Bravos Baby (Bravo Family, goes for Lion Boy With the most perfect chapter one possible the author hasot our protag his parents his background and his problem established The very last line is the jewel in the crown No seriouslyWe slip easily into Charlie s viewpoint His delight over being treated as a rown up make him real his sense of justice and views on ethnicity especially considering his brown skin colour make him someone to cheer for Though his multilingualism is a little difficult to believe Charlie speaks English French and Twi fluently along with Latin and Italian you can t help admiring the loyalty and stubborness he maintains even when fearing for his lifeAction is aplenty which makes this perfect for reluctant readers After all who s never dreamed of joining the circus or uncovering a company conspiracy And don t forget the lions who re exciting enough even if you didn t dream of joining the circus or uncovering a conspiracy Their contrasting personalities at once cheery friends and powerful predators establish them the circus or uncovering a conspiracy Their contrasting personalities at once cheery friends and powerful predators establish them real characters and the countless chases keeps the storyline on its toesAn intriguing look at a futuristic world is presented there are very few cars and asthma seems to be the main sickness There are hints of a Corporacy capitalizing on this and a few science y aspects are thrown in for ood measure The world development has definite potential and hopefully future installments will provide a in depth lookWIth uniue characters a speed of sound plot and cat speaking Lion Boy can be enjoyed by anyone Oh And it s middle The Billionaires Runaway Bride grade Enjoyable by anyone middlerade a win combo D i love these books every kid should read these books This last book was an amazing wrap up of the entire Lionboy Trilogy Like before I loved the adventures we Fifty Ways To Be Your Lover got too on however this time Charlie is the one who has been kidnapped By the Corporacy and none other Like I ve mentioned before at least I think I have I m in love with this series No matter how very unrealistic this is with animals speaking English or boys speaking cat I love it Now keep in mind if you want to try it you most likely will think some of it is cheesy as little boys can t Caught on Camera with the CEO go after their parents because of a dangerous Corporacy community or stop baduys and most certainly can t talk to animals and understand everything they say But it s so charming that I couldn t help but love And listening to the narrator was so funHere are some of my favorite characters Charlie duh Magdalen and Aneba duh Sergei the bald bottomed cat duhhh all the lions duhhhhhhreally all of them besides the bad Wyoming Strong (Wyoming Men, guys But even the baduys were interesting and funny in their own waysAlso I love how the jaguar is just like Hi I m George in English That made me laugh a lot for some reasonContent Mild language dams and dars and a little possibly name calling though it didn t seem as bad this time mild violence kidnapping stuff lions do etc In the beginning of the book called Lion Boy this boy named Charlie had two parents who At the end of LIONBOY THE CHASE Charlie Ashanti has restored the lions to their home in the wilds of Morocco and been reunited in the port town of Essaouira with his parents Magdalen and Aneba But just as Charlie is beginning to think that his.

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Lionboy The Truth

Zizou Corder ´ 8 Summary

Ulgaria on the old restored Orient Express Whew I haven t read many children s book series books but is it normal to end a series book in the middle of exciting action I think that s unfair That s why I uit watching Lost They can string you along forever and ever and never even wrap up earlier conflicts Anyway the ood thing about that tactic is that I told the kids I wouldn t read any of these Lion Books out loud to them and if they wanted to find out what happened they d have to read the next book themselves I m joining the evil marketing people at the publishing company by using this tactic Just like the evil people who sell asthma medication There s so much evil in the world I Really Enjoyed This Final Book In The enjoyed this final book in the Trilogy Charlie is finally reunited with his parents only to be snatched away again kidnapped and taken to a secret Corporacy base The lions are tracking him down along with Charlie s parents All his friends are coming to the rescue but will they find Charlie before it s too late And what about the evil Rafi who has been a thorn in Charlie s side since the beginn I used this book with one of the 10 year old boys that I privately tutor in some ways it wasn t the ideal reading experience for me because it ot read chapter by slow chapter He enjoyed it enough though that he wanted to read the second in what is a trilogy Unusually for trilogies which seem t It is difficult to write a wholly critical review of this series because these are children s books and it feels a bit unfair for me to hold children s books to the same standard as YA or adult fiction But I stand by my motto that a truly Enchanting Baby (The Birth Place good book should be able to be read by anyone at any age and I think the first Lionboy book stands the test of time I was nine years old when it came out and I read it over and over againrowing up For some reason I never Wild Nights with Her Wicked Boss got the other two books as a child so here I am reading them at twenty five And I can safely say that the first installment wins This final book in the trilogy takes all the cleverness and suspense enjoyable moments and fun characters and throws it out the window There are no stakes in this book because there is never even the slightest possibility of anyone ever dying or evenetting hurt that fake out with Ninu doesn t count Everyone in this book has moments of stupidity because The Plot Says So Case in point the lions letting Maccomo Midsummer Night (Lady Julia Grey, get away Not only is it incredibly stupid that Charlie thought his plan would work indefinitely the lions couldn to against their nature forever but you re telling me that nobody even thought to assign a uard to him Even if they thought he was drugged and stupid you re telling me that they just forgot about how cunning he was It was out of character to what we d seen them be up to that pointI noticed how all the women in this book despite Being Set Up To set up to incredibly smart ie Magdalen spent most of their time dithering around or crying and being very stereotypical leaving the men to do everything and save the day This doesn t make me angry but it does stick in my craw a littleThe first book in the trilogy is absolutely fantastic It s such a shame that the other two books don t live up to it. Ly the entire cast of the LIONBOY trilogy find themselves on a Caribbean island the home of the sinister Corporacy Can Charlie bring the story to a triumphant conclusion by vanuishing the Corporacy and ridding the world of its nefarious scheme. Here professors And they where A Happy Family There Was happy family There was special about Charlie that he soon discovers One day he comes home to find out that his parent have been kidnapped He ventures out to rescue them When he does this he hears this strange voice talking to him He finds out that it was a cat that was talking to him The cat was telling him that his parents had been kidnapped His mom had left him a him The cat was telling him that his parents had been kidnapped His mom had left him a that didn t seem at all like the way she usually wrote charlie oes off with Rafi a strange character he doesn t really trust so he manages to run away in the doesn t really trust so he manages to run away in the Charlie Wild at Heart (Sons of Chance, goes to the dock and jumps on a police launch He then transfers to another bigger boat Amazingly enough this turns out to be a circus boat There are lions on the boat and he is able to understand what they are talking about Charlie realizes that it s not only cats he can understand but also lions and probably other animals too This circus boat isoing to France where the first show will be The head of the circus Mr Tib sees how Lucy Carmichael good Charlie is with the lions and makes him the lion boy which is the title of the book Suddenly a young lion tells Charlie an amazing secret that his parents are being held prisoner on a submarine heading for Paris There are exciting adventures that follow I don t want to say how the book ends I liked this book a lot First of all I would really love to ba able to talk to animals myself especially my two kitty cats at home I m sure they would have a lot to say Right now I just have touess what they re thinking Second it s an exciting adventure and you can t wait to find out what happens next Finally the book has a lot of compassion The lions are very kind to Charlie and try to help him to find his parents And Charlie listens to their problems and is very understanding Charlie could have been very lonely without his mother and father but the cats and the lions are Men Are Like Waffles, Women Are Like Spaghetti good company The book has a dramatic conclusion and I was sorry when it it ended I love this children s trilogy One of my favorite things about this book is that the Charlie character is really smart and resilient without being annoying Plus I loved that the cats talked like cats would really talk instead of taking on entirely human personalities I finally read this book after it had been sitting on my to read list for almost 8 years I purchased a copy after looking for years in charity shops and not finding one Now I know how the story ends I enjoyed the story mostly because there was cats and weot to hear their thoughts The triology was definitely an adventure and I m One-Click Buy glad I read it The story is set in England in the future The US is called The Empire and it s evil There are very few cars because the world has run out of oil The main character s parents have been kidnapped because they have discovered the cure for asthma but the large drug corporations are afraid they won t be able to sell asthma medications any Cats are especially keen on a cure for asthma for obvious reasons and the main character can speak Cat which is very handy especially if you run away to the circus and work with the lion tamer and make friends with the lions and help them escape andet to meet the King of Adventures might be over who should reappear but the nasty lion tamer Maccomo and the raffish Rafi Before he knows it Charlie has been kidnapped once again and is in the hold of a ship bound he knows not where All is not lost however Eventual.

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