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Pretty much everything I didn t care for in book 1 wasn t a real problem here any It s a definite improvement in ust about every sector which is good because it makes me want to continue into the next book and god willing finish the series when the final book comes out in a few daysWhen I read books I usually HAVE A WORD DOCUMENT OPEN SO I CAN TAKE a word document open so I can take and usually a lot of bullet points means I have a lot of things to talk about and they re generally bad things Book 1 had at least a page of me spewing my immediate thoughts and feelings about things but throughout book 2 I didn t really feel a need to write much I took two total notes 1 Greg s character is given depth his stereotypical nature is deliberate and explained as a sort of coping mechanism I found that sort of clever actually wasn t expecting that for a side character so I ll make an amendment in my book 1 review2 The content editing wasn t totally sound I noted a few places where information was pointlessly reiterated like we re told in two separate places only a few pages apart what Courtney s Halloween costume isBesides this the characterization plot and content are all looking up Hazel isn t Out of the Shadows just stupidly horny all the time there s reason for a conflict because the boys haven tust been cruel to her and they ve helped her through some dangerous stuff so she has some tender feelings growing yet she isn t Im Not Millie! just going to forget everything they ve done and forgive them so we have turmoil and conflict notust Hazel umping on the yep we re in love and dating and I forgive you train that some bully romances like to take Honestly the romance aspect is pretty subdued and feels like growing feelings rather than insta love which I appreciate I like that complexity and I like that the plot is thickening there s several conflicts several antagonists several things we still don t know several ways this could all play out Book 2 has much of what I was hoping to get out of book 1The ending cliffhanger is also done better It s still really sudden and harsh but it works better in this case than it did in book 1 though it also is now making me feel like this series is very serial installment style which I resent I wouldn t pay the 4 price tag for this book or its predecessor Especially since again the last 7% isn t even part of the story but author s Notes Other Book Excerpts other book excerpts book promotion and author bioThis installment contains the usual swearing and mature content warning there s a sex scene and a scene of graphic intimacy so this is an upper teen sort of NA style series Ah what else There might be but this wasn t bad enough for me to write. They were my tormenters Now they’re all that stands between me and my nightmares Trey uinn and Ayaz the king the oker and the enigma Three guys who’ve flipped my life upside down set my heart on fire and shown me that nothing is as it seems Last uarter they broke me I thought that was the worst it could get at Miskatonic Prep I was wrong Twenty years ago a tragedy changed th. ,

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Initiated Kings of Miskatonic Prep #2Were the opposite of what you d Want Meaning They Weren T Exciting It meaning they weren t exciting It a bummer because now I m A River of Royal Blood (A River of Royal Blood, just not excited to see their relationships develop in that way In Initiated there s still bullying happeningust not from the love interests At one time she is beaten up and forced to DRINK HOUSEHOLD PRODUCT SORRY I DON T KNOW WHAT household product sorry I don t know what s called in english but basically something poisonous and other than drinking milk afterward and throwing up she seemed to be okay uite uickly in my opinion I would have expected her to not be okay especially not so soon after Hazel having power is mentioned but not really explained in this book so I hope we ll find out a bit in the next one Also I don t really get the dreams that she s having it s a bit confusing I know I seem negative but I still like this series enough to want to keep going I am very hooked Feels like the author is trying to pass off a YA as an NAnaahhhh I don t deal with that Not the best of seuels to be honest I felt like book one was okay but I decided to read on because I hoped I could see the characters develop into yet they still remained very 2D The biggest dissatisfaction comes from the relationships There seems to be no real chemistry between Hazel and her Kings also the sex scenes all one and half of it were rather disappointing I don t think I will continue with the series it s not really caught my interests that well I m kind of tired of the bully genre it s not doing it for me I ve still given it 3 stars because it s not bad I don t hate it but it s not enough Oh Well Maybe Next Time well maybe next time I feel like the first book was a lot better than this one Still liked it though Initiated was an okay seuel Definitely got defeated the second book syndrome if you ask me It had potential but then fell flat Especially during some scenes that I usually look forward to cough cough sexual scenesJust like the first book this one has bullying but a bit It s not Transnasal Endoscopic Skull Base and Brain Surgery just her love interests bullying her left and right nope haveoined in on the fun Ugh I hate bullying and it still makes zero sense to me that someone who is your love interest is into bullying you No idea what drives people into falling in love with that type of disastrous relationship but to each their ownOther than that I felt like some scenes were a bit out there I don t really want to go into detail but I felt like she should been hospitalized or something or idk be on the brink of death after ya know drinking poison Maybe it s ust meOverall Hazel was okay in this one Nothing really happened in this book that got me super invested into it I might go into the third book but I might not who knows. Lies Sacrifice Welcome to my nightmare Welcome to Miskatonic Prep HP Lovecraft meets Cruel Intentions in this dark paranormal reverse harem bully romance Warning Not for the faint of heart – this story of three broken bad boys and the girl who stood her ground contains dark themes crazed cultists books bound in human skin high school drama swoon worthy sex and potential trigger. A long rant nor was it good enough for me to really sing its praises It ust kept my interest and was something I got through pretty easily and uickly RATING 4 STARSI still liked the originality of this bully but maybe for me personally not as good as book 1 I still can t wrap my head around this crazinessI am not okay I am not okay with this ending Seriously not okay cause what is going on A cliffhanger that left me with a headache and I really want to punch something what I didn t expect for this book was secrets unraveling and then I m like who the hell should Hazel trust and not trust or what better yet what is happening to Trey uinn and Ayaz Although I did feel Hazel was a bit obnoxious and bratty I wished she listened to her friends Greg and Andre but this book is angst on another level of bullying crazy and I want Reads to much like YA for my tastes Hmmm There are some things in this book that bothered the shit out of me but at the same time I feel like I need to know how it ends The story itself is uniue in some ways as far as the supernatural aspect and it has a nice creepy gothic dark tone to it that is perfect for this time of year The ending also had me super intrigued I won t go into details for spoiler s sake but I don t really know how to rate this For now I guess I will go with middle of the road Young Adult RomanceThe first book in this series grabbed my attention and I devoured it in hours Was buzzing when this was released early however it ust wasn t as good as the first The plot thickened and I did read it all but this is a young adult romance NOT a supernatural new adult romance Lots of time was spent saving helping hanging with her friends I would of liked interaction with the lead characters I felt this book slightly lost its way A pretty important deadline occurs and yet people are singing doing pranks and then she s being removed of a sudden This feels and yet are singing doing pranks and then she s being removed all of a sudden This feels a very clumsy YA book with some added steam to make it adult Too many mixed storylines are occurring and it s put me off If the 3rd book is the final I may give it a try but if she intends to do I may leave it here For some reason at first I couldn t remember much except from the ending of the first book and I kept confusing the Surviving Year One book with this series but after a while it was fine I found this seuel interesting and I thought it was a uick read However I can t help but feel a bit disappointed by it One thing I didn t like were the sex scenes Okay there was like 15 scenes but still I rolled my eyes at the writing in those scenes which felt overdone I don t know how to explain it sorry and they. Is school forever Arrogance turned this place of learning into a house of horrors Greed awoke something from the deep And that something waits dead but dreaming beneath the gymnasium Waiting for its next target Waiting for me I want to trust the guys I want their friendship I want so much And right now I need their help But after what they did to me how can I let them in Secrets. ,

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