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Code Name Nanny SEAL and Code Name #5

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I eally enjoyed this book Summer is a kick ass FBI agent She is scared of getting too close to anyone due to her parents death which I never eally understood Then she meets hunky Navy Seal Gabe and sparks fly They are both scarred inside and outThe children she looks after add a lot to the story especially the youngest who was probably my favourite character The story of their mother and soon to be stepfather are also highlighted in the story two omances for the price of oneThere are many twists and turns in the plot lineI think I will enjoy the book when I Omnibus Films reread it now that I know the horrible things I anticipated did not occur I won t say what they are Too many undeveloped plotsWhat did I stumble upon The story was a mix match of plots that would have worked well if individually developed As a fan of light chick lit andomantic suspense I loved this book It had my favorite elements in it The suspense plot was good and blended well with the Graeco-Egyptian Magick romantic side of the story To be honest though I didn t care too much about theomantic elationship of the Character Summer I Ac. Summer I ac. Forget about counterterrorism organized crime and money laundering Female FBI agent Summer Mulcahey is about to enter the terrifying world of ballet classes science tutorials and CarpoolingAfter Wor. wor. Tually liked the secondary elationship Cara and Tate s story was better in terms of
#the omantic ideal #
romantic ideal made you want to oot for them at all cost and they Autumn Days with the Moodys (Moody Family re theeason why I sped through this book Story wise theirs was the intriguing FBI agent Summer Mulcahey has been temporarily transferred from the Philadelphia office to CA to help protect the Assistant San Francisco DA and her family She goes undercover as the two girl s nanny Cara O Connor is getting eady to handle an appeal of a eal scum bucket AND she s supposed to be marrying Tate Winslow CA S JUNIOR SENATOR TATE HAS s junior senator Tate has euested protection for Cara in the form of Gabe Morgan Navy SEAL on leave to heal from a training accident who s undercover as the gardenerSummer and Gabe strike major sparks as they attempt to protect Cara and the girls and discover who s threatening them This involves an undercover operation in Mexico that badly injures both of them At the same time Tate s mom and Cara s chef the inside mole for the scumbucket are threatening and poisoning Cara Younger daughter Sophy has a vision and save s Mom. King six months straight on a hideous kidnapping case all Summer Mulcahey wants is a serious dose of sun surf and sangria Instead she gets her craziest assignment yet going undercover as a is a serious dose of sun surf and sangria Instead she gets her craziest assignment yet going undercover as a for. .
Sort of a weird side story and everyone but mom in law and chef survive the ordeal Eventually Gabe and Summer work out their issues and get together and all else works out Fun fast ead some sex The super SEALS are back this time with Gabe as an undercover gardener asked by his best friend to protect an assistant DA This particular friend is a Senator and the DA Is His Fiancee It Seems The DA Has Been Receiving his fiancee It seems the DA has been eceiving letters and Senator Tate wants to make sure that his new family is safe Meanwhile the DA has contacted the FBI and they send in Summer as a eplacement nanny for the DAs two in Summer as a eplacement nanny for the DAs two Summer and Gabe soon ealize they are on the same team and #That They Have To Protect The Girls # they have to protect the girls their mom from someone who is after the DA because of a secret abortion which took place in the long and she thought forgotten past The two will have to travel from California to Mexico to Wyoming to protect this fledgling family and perhaps fall in love along the wayThis book got three or four smiles out of me I eally loved Skye s Draycotte Abbey series but this one is adeuate as wel. The family of San Francisco's female DA who's poised for a splashy high society wedding to the country's most popular senator Code Name Nanny is classic Christina Skye sexy iveting and unforgettab. ,

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