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Never Tell

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Captivating edgy wholly satisfyingLISA GARDNER has done it again with her latest installment to the Detective DD Warren series with Book 10 This is one author I can always count ON THAT NEVER DISAPPOINTS AND ALWAYS that never disappoints and always such fantastic thrillers that are gripping action packed and packed full of nail biting suspense I am a huge fan and have ead all of her novels to dateNEVER TELL by LISA GARDNER Detective DD Warren 10 is a dark suspenseful emotional and intense thriller with absolutely wonderful and captivating characters The story is told between the alternating perspectives from three fascinating and exceptionally well developed characters LISA GARDNER creates such compelling fabulous and dynamic characters that you can t help but love and be fully invested in I absolutely love DD Warren and Flora Dane There was another character that popped in to help DD with her investigation and I was pleasantly surprised and loved the appearance The storyline s are always intense but I thought this one was a little complex than her previous novels which slowed down the pacing a tiny bit for me Even though I had to pay a little attention to the details while I was eading it all those carefully hidden clues still stumped me until closer to the endNorma s StatsCover Hauntingly beautiful and fitting epresentation to storyline Paperback version which eleases on August 6 2019Title A fabulous epresentation that definitely depicts the storyline perfectly with all of its secrets and lies it withholds until that explosive and perfectly timed endingWritingProse Compulsively eadable notable strong impressive well written entertaining engrossing and prolific Plot Suspenseful aw complex iveting fast paced dark thrilling captivating taut twisty and entertainingEnding An action packed surprising thrilling and explosive endingOverall Another stellar ead from the ueen of Thrillers that had me immediately hooked and completely iveted in this tangled crime thriller Would highly ecommend Thank you "So Much To NetGalley "much to NetGalley and Lisa Gardner for the opportunity to ead an advance digital copy of this bookReview can also be found on Two Sisters Lost in a Coulee Reading Another incredible outing by Gardner another interesting case for D D Warren Plus the very scarred Flora is back now looking for answers from her time held captive Two deaths sixteen years apart the common denominator a young pregnant woman All three will connect in a very unusual waySuch a good series and some terrific characters added to keep the series fresh This is a tangled #weave of a case one that proves dangerous for a few of #of a case one that proves dangerous for a few of characters Suspenseful I couldn t figure out where it was going but avidly followed along I love the brief looks into D D Warren s personal life her young son and young puppy Adds an element of humorARC from Dutton I love DD Warren she s such a good cop and it s great to see her happily married to Alex with a delightful little boy DD is now the Supervisor of a team of detectives but old habits die hard and she still can t help getting out in the field to see things for herself Especially in her latest case where the woman accused of murdering her husband wa Lisa Gardner confirms her position as the ueen of Thrillers with this latest stellar addition to the Sergeant DD Warren of Boston PD series featuring the eturn of Flora Dane Flora is a surviv. A man is dead shot three times in his home office But his computer has been shot twelve times and when the cops arrive his pregnant wife is holding the gun DD Warren arrives on the scene and ecognizes the woman Evie Carter from a case many years back Evie's father was killed in a shooting. Or a vigilante but suffering DD Warren is back with Flora Dane in another nail biting installment that had me on the edge of my seat "TURNING THE PAGES AS FAST AS "the pages as fast as could I love DD 435 Stars ounded downAn Emotional Heart Pounding ThrillerThree women who are tied together in ways they never imagined DD Warren and her current murder suspect Evie Carter They met once before when Evie was accused of murdering her father sixteen years ago and whose his death was uled an accident Now she is accused of murdering her husband Conrad Coincidence DD Warren and Flora Dane her confidential informant DD calls Flora in to help her investigate the murder of Conrad Carter Flora Dane and Evie Carter Turns out Flora met Conrad Carter Evie s husband a few years ago when her captor Jacob Ness took her to a bar the night he tried to get id of her Now that she s been arrested for murder again DD can t help but wonder if Evie actually got away with murder sixteen years ago Evie sure appears to be keeping secrets As DD and Flora start investigating they ealize that this case goes beyond what happened
to evie and 
Evie and and eaches back to Flora s past She is the ultimate survivor up until now Flora has been extremely tight lipped This time however she ealizes that she needs to start talking if she wants to save others from the same fate Never Tell by Lisa Gardner is a taut tension filled thriller It was an emotional oller coaster ide that I wanted to stay on Lisa Gardner knows how to keep eaders invested To say that I love the character of Flora Dane doesn t begin to describe my feelings That girl is tough yet she has a vulnerability that guts me DD and Flora I m in it for the long haul This was a buddy ead with Kaceey which we were waiting anxiously to get our hands on Kaceey kindly gifted me a copy Thank you so much Kaceey I loved reading this one with you Published on Goodreads Twitter and Instagram on 22619 45 stars Three protagonists Sergeant DD this one with you Published on Goodreads Twitter and Instagram on 22619 45 stars Three protagonists Sergeant DD of the Boston Police Department her Confidential Informant Flora Dane and pregnant mum to be Evie Carter Evie is discovered by the cops holding a shotgun in her husband s home office her husband lies dead his life ended by three shots but what s even bizarre his computer has been shot 12 timesThis isn t the first time that Evie has been found in a very similar situation 16 years earlier as a teenager she was found holding a shotgun in front of her father he too was dead however it was deemed to be accidental but was it Has history epeated itself or is the truth of it even puzzlingFast paced and action packed the characters are so fully fleshed that it s impossible not to believe in them and with numerous twists in the plot that are not only convincing but in some cases well disguised and surprising too Never Tell is a dark and tangled tale of all consuming lies and deeply hidden truths Intense and complex it will euire your full attention but boy is it worth the investmentThank you to Netgalley and Random House UK Cornerstone for my ARC for which I have given an honest unbiased eview in exchange Five cannot put it down is glued to my hand and possessed my mind starsI m embarrassed to admit that is my second book on these series and I didn t enjoy much the previous book But this one is absolutely fantastic twisted perfectly developed book about three protagonists One of them is brillian. That was uled an accident But for DD two coincidental murders is too many Flora Dane sees the murder of Conrad Carter on the TV news and immediately knows his face She emembers a night when she was still a victim a hostage and her captor knew this man Overcome with guilt that she never.
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T smart badass police officer DD Warren who tries to lock the other one Eviemodest Introverted Antisocial Math Teacher But antisocial math teacher but genius person of interest to kill her husband but she only tried to kill his computer And the last one who is my favorite Flora survivor tormented but not broken tough vulnerable but fighter informant of DDI loved these characters and I think on the next books we ll see of them The story needs eal focus and concentration because there are too many details that you should not miss it It s definitely worth it You have an amazing breathtaking ide And I also liked supporting characters especially I m curious about Keith he s coming from wealthy family but what s his motive to choose a career as true crime blog writer As a summary I m not big fan of classic action crime books But this is than an ordinary crime book You e gonna love these three amazing women and I m sure of that you e gonna enjoy this book Fabulous One of those great books which is unputdownable And if you do have to put it down you cannot wait to pick it up againI must admit when Flora Dane was first introduced in this series I did not like her much but she has certainly grown on me I eally enjoyed the tough but damaged person she brought to the plot and I was pleased that she "met someone who may be important to her in the futureDDWarren is in a good place and I loved the "someone who may be important to her in the futureDDWarren is in a good place and I loved the with her boy and his dog She brought lots of strong police work to the story along with her team The FBI was added to the plot in a convincing manner and Warren and uincey sparked off each other in an entertaining wayI thought this was a eally excellent ead and am very happy that the next book is already out Favorite uotesDD gave the childless detective a look If pregnancy hormones led to homicide there wouldn t be a husband left alive You know anyone will hang with the lit department but tell someone you teach math or science and it s like you e personally eminding them of every test they ever failedIn movies everyone loves the kickass heroine I m less convinced the average man wants one in eal lifeI do not shoot my exes Frankly I couldn t afford that many bulletsMy father was brilliant my mother was melodramatic my husband was a hero and a liar my family was complicatedMy ReviewNever Tell was a cleverly crafted maddeningly paced complicated and slowly developing tale with multiple POVs and complex storylines full of secrets lies and manipulations Other than the ecurring police offices none of the other characters were storylines full of secrets lies and manipulations Other than the ecurring police offices none of the other characters were they were initially presented I couldn t decide where several fell on the spectrum of good vs evil I spun wild theories that spiraled flamed and flip flopped every other chapter Sigh this deviously talented author bested me I couldn t get a firm handle on a number of her compelling and intricately fabricated characters they were so annoyingly slippery The plot evolved at a fiendishly slow pace while each new hard won yet oddly intriguing evelation just seemed to add several additional layers of complexity and confusion and led nowhere but a new itchy and brain teasing abbit hole I was fully vexed and taut with tension yet deeply engrossed and totally invested It was exceedingly cunning and while I should be ashamed to admit that I was so very wrong I m actually not Lisa Gardner has mad skills although she must be a bit scary to kno. Tracked him down Flora is now determined to learn the truth of Conrad's murder But DD and Flora are about to discover that in this case the truth is a devilishly elusive thing As layer by layer they peel away the half truths and outright lies they wonder How many secrets can one family hav. .

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