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Maelstrom Destroyermen #3Onal warp or will there be concessions with regard to for wont of a better term The World in Winter interracial relationships For those who have read the first two novelst s even nteresting to see minor supporting characters start to grow as well as grow on you But for those who supporting characters start to grow as well as grow on you But for those who think a third book would become too formulaic and sentimental be aware that death and destruction are constant companions Maelstrom s after all about war and Taylor Anderson doesn t mince words about the costly sacrifices and heroic though sometimes seemingly empty acts of those who transcend themselves by protecting othersAnd Maelstrom Trick (Foolish Kingdoms, isndeed like a storm with high winds and dangerous waves Just when one thinks the danger has been diminished The Road He Travelled in one hot spot a new threat arisesn another Just when The Sea Garden it seems like a character for whom one has empathy has breathed herhis last gasp a surprising twist offers newf sometimes transitory hope And Introducing the Ancient Greeks it sometime works the other way Just when one thinks the back of the foes broken some unforeseen event or The Student Cookbook interference means that the protagonists have to become ever creative Maelstroms full of surprises and I won t risk revealing them All I can say Torpedo Run is that this series continues to be worth the effort The writing has really evolvedn this third book Nice Hitchcockian use of suspense holding us on the edges of our seats until we just about can t stand The Driver it It will benteresting to see where we go with the new cultures and developments De glazen troon (De glazen troon, in established ones Yes the technological achievements seem a bit accelerated at times what with the limitations present but thiss science fiction so I m willing to cut some slack n the name of moving things along using the core characters which s far appealing than having to continue with their descendants Also love characters which The Hawthorn Crown (The Changeling, is far appealing than having to continue with their descendants Also love shorter chapters Still plenty long but I can put the book down oncen awhile The author I think The Past is Myself The Road Ahead Omnibus isngeniously lazy In a way The Common Years its brilliant The premise of the Destroyermen series The Valkyrie Song (Jan Fabel, is that a mysterious vortex has pulled a decrepit WWII era destroyer the USS Walkernto an alternative world where evolution has taken a different path The Americans are plopped Inishowen into the midst of an existential conflict between the voracious raptor like carnivorous Grik bad guys and the peaceful mammalian Lemurians Captain Reddy and the crew of the Walker of course side with the furry Lemurians and thanks to their powerful ship they turn the tide of war against the Grik So far so good But whats an author to do If the Walker remains unchallenged the series will wrap up pretty uickly The Grik s wooden hulled ships and primitive weapons crossbows etc can t stand up to the powerful Walker and her explosive shells her machine guns and her crew armed with Browning Automatic Rifles Thomson guns and other fire arms The solution to this

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author s The Other Side of the Coyne is simple have the vortex bringn someone new And there Zombacter is the problem The mysterious vortexs the gift that keeps on giving Every time the author wants to do something or shake up the story line the solution La muñeca asesina is oh yeah the vortex brought this too Casen point the Catalina the Japanese Battlecruiser the American Sub I bet that throughout the series the author continues to use this mechanism to shake up the story I cant wait to discover that another vortex also somehow brought Risking It All in an aircraft carrier I m being overly harsh but this strikes me as being fundamentally lazy The author has free reign to willy nilly pulln whatever he wants The Housekeeper and the Professor in order to strike whatever line he needs to I much prefer books of this vein where the door swings open only once see Harry Turtledove s Videssos series for an example Much better I thinks to build your world admit some new people once and then you are done No transfers Yes I know that technically the PBY the submarine and the Japanese ship came through n that one transfer but the author keeps doling out that nformation Every book I learn that someone else came through Layered on top of this The Monuments Men by Robert Edsel - A 30-minute Chapter-by-Chapter Summary is the extraordinaryndustrialization of the Lemurians They went from basically semi civilized tree people to smelting cannons The Complete Idiots Guide to Buying Foreclosures in what feels like a blink of an eye And some of the Lemurians adapt so uickly to this new world that Ian Grik they now find themselves scrambling to prepare for the attack thats sure to come searching for resources to support their forces even as they look for allies to join their struggleAmagi also trapped Asian Bites in this strange worlds under Grik control. .
Hey or less become Americans Too much Too fast I can t buy Perfect itStill author laziness aside and super fast development aside the books still fun The battles between the Grik and the LemuriansAmericans are fun You just have to wade through a host of eye rolling moments to get to the good stuffTwo and a half stars rounded down to two After reflection I just can t give this three stars But here s the odd things I can see myself reading that fourth book down the road somewhere I kind of want to know what happens next however I have other books to read before I get there This s the 3rd book Avengers in the Destroyermen series by Taylor Anderson I stumbled on to this series last year and I have been surprised that I have enjoyed this so much because the first book was one of those books that was completely outside of my comfy box And now I am ready to read the 4th oneI think this book was my favorite one so far First I love the constant battle between good and evil that the author manages to depict so well I loved the battle scenes They completely drew men I also like the characters and that they are down to earth and normal They have time traveled to this alternate world during WWII and are setting up shop so to speak among the friendly nhabitants which leads them to war against the unfriendly So far I have completely enjoyed this series The author s a great story teller It just keeps getting better It s clear that Taylor Anderson had an epic American Prince in mind when he created this series here he finishes book three yett s clear the story has only begun This story s insanely good Taylor s biography tells that he s a history professor which s probably what makes his story good Taylor s biography tells that he s a history professor which s probably what makes his story rich His description of war seems so authentic both sides trying to achieve an advantage over the other with each advantage seeming at times over whelming yet at others so fleeting With the end of book 3 both sides have suffered but neither s out It s a race between the end of book 3 both sides have suffered but neither The Campaign for Domestic Happiness is out It s a race between Grik and their Japanese allies and the Americans and their Lemurian allies as to who will recover first and press the fight forwardFor now I have to put down Destroyermen and read my book club choice during which I ll be anxious to start Distant Thunders Grik and Japanese attack BaalkpanIn this very entertaining third volumen Taylor Anderson s Destroyerrmen series an Il tesoro di Gengis Khan (Le avventure di Dirk Pitt, incredible number of things occur Other humans appear confirming Captain Reddy s belief that descendants of the crews of the original East Indiamen are establishedn this strange alternate world But are they going to be friends or foes Perhaps rescuing the Empire s shipwrecked princess will helpMeanwhile the Grik and their Japanese allies with the battlecruiser Amagi plan an attack directly against Baalkpan Will th I really enjoy the Destroyermen series but man The Complete Idiots Guide to Crowdsourcing is Taylor Anderson milking this or whatIn book one the USS Walker an obsolete coal burning destroyer dra Maelstrom marks then end of the original Destroyermen Trilogy and what an endt The Complete Idiots Guide to Fondues and Hot Dips is butts also a beginning marking the end of the main plot and the start of a new oneThe behemoth Amagi the Japanese Battle cruiser that chased of Walker and Mahan to begin with has followed them through the suall that brought them here While the American s encountered the Lemurians the Jap s met the Grik and while they nitially were While the American s encountered the Lemurians the Jap s met the Grik and while they nitially were to hold their own against them the Grik saw worthy prey and made the offer to the Japanese commander to join the hunt a decision his crew will forever regret Now working side by side the Grik and Amagi are coming for Walker and the Lemurian s Maelstrom Stealing Venice is non stop action told both from the point of view of the crews on the ships and the troops on the ground during some of the mostntense and bloody battles of the war so far Some of the character progres Here we are back All aboard the Ninky Nonk! in that parallel Earth occupied by cute andntelligent Lemurs who turn out to be uite efficient soldiers and those murderous mindless marauding lizards the Griks Our US sailors are doing a grand job defending the right whilst those nasty Japs have logically allied themselves with the dark side All sarcasm aside this The Lady and the Peacock is a very good read what wasnitial entertainment tinged with a little disbelief has over the. With her fanatical commander approaching madness And soon they will have amassed a force that no amount of firepower and technology will be able to stop“Anderson has brought a fresh new perspective to the tale of crosstime shipwreck” –SM Stirlin.

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I am loving this series Maelstrom the third Another Mothers Love installmentn the Destroyermen series started slower than the others but maintained that ever building sense of dread growing like a slow burn When the real battle finally eruptsoh my God I ve loved the war and battle scenes THE AGE OF ARTHUR: WARFARE IN THE BRITISH DARK AGES, 400 AD - 800 AD: WARHAMMER HISTORICAL. in this wonderful story and thiss the best one yet An archeologist historian and believe t or not a ballistics expert Anderson has threaded the needle between realistic warfare that matches reports from the logs of Lord Admiral Thomas Chocrane and Admiral Banbridge on the between realistic warfare that matches reports from the logs of Lord Admiral Thomas Chocrane and Admiral Banbridge on the Constitution The desperate fight has never been desperate And wrapped up n the fight were the ghosts of Joshua Lawrence on Little Round top The Witchs Kind in Gettysburg Hannibal at Canea and Jim Bouie with Davey Crockett at the battle of the Alamo Over the roars of cannon and the clash of shield spear and sword themages of Midway and Iwo Jima the hammering of cannon and starshells over Fort McHenry Hammering of destruction The Galapagos Affair in London as the brave few pilotsn their spitfires struggle to save the city as the Luffwafe batter Rome Sweet Rome it again and again I m certain that not all Historians and Archeologists have the wonderful talent at storytelling that Taylor Anderson has Its a gift and this s a wonderful story of courage heroism sacrifice death sadness and honor His characters are wonderful warm and even the cats are very Human You ll want His characters are wonderful warm and even the cats are very Human You ll want cheer for them weep for them and pray with them as they battle the mpossible odds of the coming Blood Rites (The Dresden Files, invasion He also manages to workn the Goalie Interference (1Night Stand issues and uestions we all wrestle with today and that have plagued mankind from our earliest days things like racism euality who belongsn our midst and who does not what an enemy The Lights of Manchester is and the danger of judging a person too uickly Thiss wonderful reading and I highly recommend The Reconstructionist it to anyone Thiss surely a series I m going to preserve for my son and daughter when they are old enough to dare venture through the strange storms to lands never before seen and battles nobody had ever forseen And when the smoke clears and the book The Dollmakers Daughters is done you ll have just one uestion What the hells going to happen Il in the next book As you rush to the bookstore I ll also add that I may have heard better narrators but the narrator here does a than passable job and though he s limitedn having different voices for the many characters his Silva voice has grown on me The third The Missing installmentn the Destroyermen series Maelstrom Health Policy Analysis is packed with as much action as the two previous books Captain Matthew Reddy once relegated to command of a four stacker coal burning WWI vintage destroyern the Pacific theater of WWII a ship destined to tow targets or train cadets f t had not been pressed The nexus into service as part of an asymmetrical effort against a superior force has become the Commandern Chief of Allied forces Operatie oranje woensdag in a world that would havempressed Edgar Rice Burroughs A Conan Doyle or Jules Verne The Mouse-Proof Kitchen in terms ofmagination A freak storm causes them to pass through a dimensional portal and nto a world of Brobdingnagian monsters and alternative evolution some humans as Lemurian evolved and some as bi pedal alligators It s a fascinating mix of science fiction and action oriented military adventureWhere the Walker the four stacker Reddy commands was the dominant force n the first novel of the series the second novel The Prodigal Prophet introduces thedea that a powerful warship had entered the portal and recreated the asymmetrical problem the ship had faced during the WWII action So the bulk of this book deals with protecting the Walker s new allies and finding some way to redress the balance Yet the opening seuences Bloody Seoul introduce an unwelcome surprise that threatens to make the situation considerably worse These books are both fascinatingn the mix of tactics from WWII and Migritude innovative approaches to ancient tactics They offer a mix of land battles and naval battles so that none of the action seems entirely predictable There are also human factors to keep one entranced Not onlys there a rivalry between the below decks crew and the deck crew aka snipes and apes but there The Color Purple is whats appropriately to the period called the dame shortage Will Truth and Nothing But it eventually be resolved by discoveries of new stragglersn the dimensi. The final thrilling chapter n the “gripping and riveting” Destroyermen TrilogyLieutenant Commander Matthew Reddy along with the men and women of the USS Walker are once again at war Having sided with the peaceful Lemurians against the savage reptil. ,

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