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DanielDaniel Cooper the second main character

"In This Book Who Also "
this book who also the victim f gang violenceWendell member f Damien Sykes s gang helps beat up DanielDamien Sykes gang leader who helps to assault Daniel and anotherPlot summaryThis story starts ut with the two main characters Daniel and Shawn taking a shortcut home As they walked down the lane behind the mall they notice two men assaulting a third man She Stoops to Conquer on the ground The two men spot Daniel and Shawn as they run away The two boys spend the next couplef days constantly looking Slow Getting Up: A Story of NFL Survival from the Bottom of the Pile over their shoulders Shawn is confronted by Wendell in an awkward manner To add even further to Shawn s problems he lost his student ID the nightf the assault Strengths INCLUDING REVIEWS AND AWARDSAN ORCA OUTSTANDING reviews and awardsAn ORCA Outstanding for Young ReadersDrawbacks Orb orther cautionsThis book tends to have moments that could be too much for the younger reader The violent content also keeps this book reserved for The Dandy and Lady Penelope older studentsTeaching ideasI would begin by having the students do a prewriting activity prior to reading the book We would discuss clich s in high school and what clich s the students categorized themselves as being included in The students would then do a journal entryn what we had discussed From there we would read the book and discuss gang violence ver the course f it I would have the students do some work with the newspaper and Multi-Family Therapy other media sources They would do researchn gang violence and its repercussions Once we had finished the book the students would be instructed to discuss some ideas National Geographic Field Guide to the Birds of North America, 7th Edition on how they could raise awareness about gang violence They would be instructed to brainstorm and plan a community fundraiser to raise money and awareness for the preventionf gang violence English 425 Submitter s name Kelly BoehmBook Bank Book Bank subject Reluctant ReaderReference information Title See No EvilAuthor Diane YoungPublisher Orca Book Publishers Year 2006 f pages 103 Genre FictionReading level 22 Interest level Middle School Potential hot lavaGeneral responsereactionThis book was probably my least favorite that I have read so far I can see though how it is used for people who cannot read well because it is an easy read and the sentences are very short I could not see myself teaching this book to the whole class but I would definitely allow n f my reluctant reader students to read this book r another A History of Prophecy in Israel, Revised and Enlarged orca book insteadSubjects Themes and Big IdeasSingle parent home Growing up to fast Doing the right thing trusting the police friendship puppy loveCharactersShawn The main character in this book He takes caref his little brother a lot and because Think good thoughts about a pussycat of that he is expected to grow up fastEthan Shawn s little brother who is always glued to the TV and sometimes bratty but he is just a kid so he ll growut One, Two, Three Me of being a bratDaniel Shawn s best friend who ends up getting beat up by gang membersDamien Sykes head guyf a gain who Shawn and Daniel witnessed them beating up someoneFather Works a lot and for that he puts a lot f responsibility n Shawn He is a good father though but is just struggling supporting his familyMaya A new girl at school that is cute and likes ShawnPlot summary The plot Sex and Lust in Tijuana: True Sex Stories of the Tjamigos of this book is less in depth then anyf the books I have read this semester Two boys Shawn and Daniel are walking home from school and they go past the mall and in the ally they see graffiti n a wall saying see no evil then as they are walking home they cross three guys that are huddled around another guy who is n the floor bleeding The three gang members look up and see that Daniel and Shawn have witnessed them attacking someone so they chase them but Daniel and Shawn Tea for Ruby outrun them to safety They then go home but this whole situation has them really shook up because they are scared the gang members may come after them They fake sick but then return to school Shawn returns to school first Later though Daniel and Shawn decide to meet up and together call the police and tell them what they have seen Thenly problem is Shawn can t find Daniel where they were supposed to meet at the mall He searches everywhere for him and then he finds him and sees that two The Life of Saint Philip Neri of the gang members are with Daniel Shawn then goes and gets the mall security and it saves Daniels life though he has to be hospitalized In the end they tell the authorities the truth and the two gang members are arrested To Shawn s relief he doesn t have to worry about them for now any Strengths including reviews and awards2008 Sydney Taylor Book Award Winners Notable BooksDrawbacksr ther cautionsTeaching ideasBefore Have the students get into groups and research different gangs and the harms they have caused n societyDuring Have a police fficer from the community come in and talk to the class about gang violenceAfter Each Student should write a paper f a situation they have experienced that best relates to the book even if it is just being bullied ne time See No Evil by Diane Young published 2006 I really liked this book because it is about a mystery and I personally find mysteries interesting and entertaining to read This book is about witnessing an assault in the local mall by a gang member that Shawn and Daniel knew who he was but that do not want to speak up and tell the polic. S gang member When they learn that the kid who was attacked is in critical condition Shawn wants to go to the police but Daniel convinces him that they are in danger if they sp. ,

E because they were threaten by the gang member to death is said a word to the policeShawn wanted to speak up because he is a teen who like to say the truth and wanted to let ut and wanted to feel safe but knowing the circumstances The Whistle Pig of him having to take caref his little brother he could not leave because he was a tater tell and would tell his dad that he had been alone and with the grumpy person he was he would ground Shawn Daniel in the ther hand he did not wanted to say a word because he was scared he would die and he decide to stay uiet to not risk his life After thinking f the worst that can happen Shawn decides to speak up This book is a fiction story to give the message to kids and teens to not be scared to tell the truth and do the right thing no matter what The setting f the book takes place in a city i know because the main setting were the incident happened was in a mall and they lived in apartment Reading level for this book is between 6th and 8th grade Main character in the book is Shawn a teen boy who goes to high school but everyday after school he has to take care f his little brotherleaving him with no time to hangout during weekdays and most Church Planting Is for Wimps: How God Uses Messed-Up People to Plant Ordinary Churches That Do Extraordinary Things of the weekends to due to his dad s bad humorf getting mad and grounding him if he leaves his brother alone leaving Shawn with multiple responsibilities In my A Stepdaughter In Heat opinion his book is really catchy and you will want to keep reading it because every chapter gets interesting One thing i did not like about the book was that at the end i felt like i wanted informationf what happened ther that that the book is great to read and plus it pretty short not long so it is not time consuming This book is about a boyshawn and his friend daniel sees a kid getting beaten up by a locally infamous gang member at the mall but they were too scared to tell anyone like their family r the police because they thought they would get beaten up like the kid at the wall I chose this book because it looked very interesting and because i like these type Rufus of realistic books Diane Young is the authorr see no evil and she is a writer and editor who lives in Toronto CanadaShawn and Daniel witness an assault behind the local mall and recognize ne f the attackers as a locally infamous gang member When Shawn Daniel saw the kid was attacked and when they saw that the kid was in critical condition Shawn wanted to go to the police and Daniel thinks they are in danger if they speak up to the police then Shawn and Daniel soon realize how dangerous secrets can be Shaw I ve just finished reading this book I was very enjoy the story because I like kind f exciting story as this book See No Evil See No Evil is a fiction book by Diane Young2006
"See No Evil Is A "
No Evil is a about A Boy Shawn And His Friend Daniel boy Shawn and his friend Daniel day n the way to their house they unexpectedly see someone get beat up by the gang f three people behind the local mall unlucky the three people saw them and try to chase them They ran home with scare but they were safely getting home They also know that who were them One day ne Women and Social Work: Towards a Woman-Centered Practice of the gang member found Shawn and He intimidate Shawn that if her Daniel tell police they will kill both f them They are so scare and afraid that the gang will find them and beat them up they know that they are in the danger They decided to keep what they see to be secret But when Shawn and Daniel know that the person who were beaded up by the gang is in critical condition So that make Shawn want to tell the truth to the police but Daniel disagreed with him because he said they will be in dangerous much than before and he doesn t feel safe So they want to meet each ther to talk and discuss and the place that they choose is at the mall Then after that when Shawn arrived at mall he try to find his friend but he cannot find but suddenly he saw his friend with the gang This story want to tell us that don t be afraid to tell the truth don t be scared to do the right thing and do your best to help people It tell us about right and wrong things and also can show us about problem in the society It is an exciting story and a little bit about life and also I like it because it is a short book and it is an easy book to read and understand it Who like to read exciting story and the book that easy to read you should try this book See No Evil by Diane Young is a book about a boy who sees someone gets beat up The main character is Shawn This book takes place a city Shawn s main internal struggle is if he should tell the police what he saw His external struggle is that the people who beat up the person he saw are after himDuring my time reading this book I made a text to world connection People The Cowboys often times see something that someone does and don t say anything But the people that are doing the bad thing catch another person watching them and they go after them This is the same thing that happened to Shawn Even though this happened to Shawn he still learned that it s better to tell someone than to keep it to themselvesI would give this book 4 stars I liked the characters I also like the messagef the story The Sins of Treachery only problem I had with this book is that it was too easy for me I would recommend this book to someone who likes to read about people whover come a fear. Eak up The threats they receive from ther members f the gang reinforce the boys' fears When the gang attacks Daniel Shawn has to put his wn safety at risk to help his friend. ,
See No Evil Orca CurrentsSee No Evil was a story that took about an hour to
"Read I Did Not Find "
I did find special about the
to read I did not find anything special about the Basically Boy sees crime Boy gets threatened by criminals Another crime happens Boy finally helps And somewhere in the middle girl likes boy I did not feel that there was anything to make this book different r exciting The main characters f this book are Shawn and Daniel When they went home ne day they saw some gangs beating someone And they ended up letting the gangs see them Yes they did run home safely but now they are afraid to go Whos Next? Guess Who! out and go to school So they both acted to be sick for a while At last they decide to go to the police and so they want to meet up in a place But when Shawn got there he couldn t find Daniel Daniel got beaten up by the gangs At last Daniel got hospitalized At the end the gangs got arrested and they don t need to worry about their safety any I think this book is very advanturous and exciting People who enjoy reading short books like me should read this book Reviewed by Grandma Bev for TeensReadToocomTaking a shortcut home from school Shawn and Daniel are strolling down the service lane behind the mall when they see someone being kicked and beaten by three guys They recognizene f the attackers as a local gang member Terrified that they might be next they make a run for the mall entrance escaping the pursuing boy Shawn wants to go to the police when they learn that the kid who was attacked is in critical condition but Daniel is afraid that the attackers will come after them if they report what they saw Then they are threatened by ther gang members The ID card that Daniel lost when he was running from the gang members is turned in to the Police Department and they uestion Daniel thinking he might have been involved in the beating that they witnessed Then as a severe warning Daniel too is attacked and beaten by those same gang members and Shawn has to put his Papi's Gift own safety at risk to help his friend SEE NO EVIL is an exciting story about right and wrong and the gray areas in between with compelling characters and a plot that is rightut f today s headlines It s a uick easy read in a book size that will appeal to those reluctant readers They will be motivated by the fast paced action scenes f this high interest lower reading level story as presented by Orca Book Publishers and it s guaranteed to keep their attention riveted n the story to the very end SPOILERSYoung D 2006 See no evil Victoria BC Orca Book PublishersCharacters Shawn Morrissey male protagonist narrator Daniel male Shawn s buddy Ethan Shawn s brother Themes Bullying Honesty Coming f AgeGenre assignment tags ETEC 545 Class 6 High School Hi LoSummary After leaving the mall Shawn and his friend Daniel witness two gang members beating down another young man Shawn and Daniel escape back toward the mall but are now met with a tough decision whether グライネリエ 1 [Grainerie 1] or not give up the gang members to the police as they re scaredf retribution Shawn lost his ID card while evading the scene and the police bring him in for uestioning The two stay home from school for awhile waiting for any perceived heat to die down but both are met with intimidation from ther gang members as soon as they return Eventually Shawn and Daniel agree to discuss coming forward with the proper information to the authorities but Shawn discovers that Daniel is taken down by the same gang members Shawn shows up in time brings the police with him and saves Daniel though he needs to be hospitalized Target Audience Hi Lo High School Readers Reading Level 21 Interest Level Grades 10 12Curriculum Ties Story building Chapter book Character Development based n choices also Author languagedescription choices for higher reading level studentsPersonal response This was my first ever Hi Lo read While the story didn t appeal to me as a reader I was very interested in the sort f choices the author made in conveying the story specifically what sort f descriptions and language choices were appropriate in The First Socialist Society: A History of the Soviet Union from Within order to meet a lower reading level but a YA interest level While I d need to do a thorough examinationf the text I think presenting the story to readers at a higher reading level even college level English The Coming Revolution in Youth Ministry or Education students and having them dissect the choices the author made in presenting the material may be an interesting activityther people have done similar things like this now that I do a couple Google searches English 425 Submitter s name Cati HowardBook Bank Book Bank subject Resistant ReaderReference information Title See No EvilAuthor Diane YoungPublisher Orca Book Publishers Year 2006 File Under: Arson of pages 103 Genre suspensedramaReading level 22 Interest level grades 10 Potential hot lava Readers and teachers should be aware that there is a sufficient amountf violence throughout the book Timid readers should proceed with careGeneral responsereactionI enjoyed reading this book The plot was able to keep my attention throughout the entire book I believe that teenagers today could easily relate themselves to the protagonistsSubjects Themes and Big IdeasRight and Wrong Honesty IntimidationCharactersShawn Morrissey the narrator and Wicked Sense onef the main characters in this book witnesses a gang beating with his friend. When Shawn and Daniel witness a gang beating behind the local mall they flee the scene terrified that they've been seen They recognize ne f the attackers as a locally infamou.