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The SisterH to catch my breath before the action really startedGrace Charlie Charlotte and Dan have been friends since primary school The friendship has endured into adulthood and while Grace and Dan set p home together Grace and Charlie still remain inseparable On Grace s 15th birthday the girls had buried a memory box and Charlie put a letter inside and made Grace promise that she won t come back and open the box without Charlie there Around the time the girls reach 18 Charlie just ps and leaves without saying goodbye leaving Grace hurt angry and bewildered Charlie leaves a message saying she s sorry and hopes that Grace can forgive her But forgive her for whatFive years later Charlie turns p Di Balik Selimut unannounced but before Grace can ask her what she meant by those words Charlie collapses and diesGrace is traumatised but after some time she decides to find the father that Charlie never knew thinking it was something that Charlie would have wanted Dan helps her setp an appeal asking for anyone knowing his whereabouts to come forward A young woman called Anna comes forward and claims to be his daughterIt s after this that events take a very nasty turn and that interlude I mentioned at the start was very much appreciatedWow This is one twisty tense nerve shredding novel and can it really be Louise Jensen s DEBUT novel Well honestly we re all in for a treat in the future THE SISTER by Louise Jensen is this author s debut novel and it is a definite winnerand from my favourite publisher This is a dark psychological thriller full of twists and turns and I kept on turning the pages not willing to miss a thing wanting to know I did not want to do anything else but read this fabulous book I can t believe that this is a debut novelGrace Charlie and Dan have been friends since public school Grace and Charlie were best friendsthey were inseparable On Grace s 15th birthday Charlie gave Grace half a gold heart on a chain engraved with BFF Charlie had the other half On this special day the girls buried a memory box and Charlie put a letter a pink envelope inside and made Grace promise that she won t come back and open the box without Charlie there But Charlie would never make it back Charlie died and her last words to Grace were I did something terrible Grace I hope you can forgive me Forgive her for WHATThe Sister is written alternately in the current day and the past The chapters are titled NOW and THEN to differentiate between time frames and this worked well During this time frame we follow Grace and Charlie as children teenagers and Grace as an adult After Charlie s death life was a hard struggle for Grace It affected her relationship with her boyfriend Dan and with Charlie s Mum Lexie Grace is determined to fulfill Charlie s wish to find the father who abandoned her and to find out what exactly Charlie was referring to when she said she had done something terrible and was sorry When Grace starts a campaign to find Charlie s father Anna a girl claiming to be Charlie s sister steps forward For Grace finding Anna is like finding a new family and soon Anna has made herself very comfortable in Grace and boyfriend Dan s home But something isn t right Things disappear Dan s acting strangely and Grace is sure that someone is following her Is it all in Grace s mind Or as she gets closer to discovering the truth about both Charlie and Anna is Grace in terrible danger This was a brilliant debut novel The tension and suspense built p gradually #the story moves along at a pace #story moves along at a balanced pace chapters as little bits of information are revealed in chapters of Then and Now The characters in this novel are easy to follow and very engaging some than others The author allows the reader to reflect on their own childhood memories friendships things that they shared and other things that they kept hidden It is also a testament of the strength of character which allows the traumatised person through acceptance and forgiveness to heal and move on with their life Many thanks to Louise Jensen Bookouture and NetGalley for my ARC in exchange for an honest review I cannot wait for work from this talented author Read this book Here s another one of those cases where I was being a good little girl minding my own business and being all mature not reuesting anything else from NetGalley ntil my ratio stabilizes go ahead and laugh But then all my friends were reading it and if there s anything you can count on its Chelsea not wanting to be left out of the cool reading group Of course the summary drew me in along with the GORGEOUS cover so there went my NetGalley sabbatical and all my dignity with it I m really glad I let go of my pride and humbly begged for this one because it was well worth my timeThe prologue or first chapter really draws The Great Texas Wedding Bargain (4 Tots for 4 Texans, us in It s so vague and mysterious and there are so manyestions Then the whole tempo changes and we are busy setting A Baby In His Stocking up the background and plot which was a little slower paced than your average gimmicky thriller but hang in there because its worth it At about 20 25% in is when we meet Anna and things start to pickp All these mysterious things keep happening to keep The Impatient Virgin us guessing who has it out for Grace and why Things just start rolling alongickly and I ll be darned if it wasn t an entire night of just one chapter Engineering Thermodynamics until I realized I had read the whole book The ending provided full closure but on that later It seems a long time now since we laughed like that Loved like that Grief has pushedsapart like repelling magnets no matter how hard we try to reach each other there sa gulf between s that we just can t bridge Grace and Dan have a tricky relationship Not only have they been friends since elementary school but they

"Were Also Mutual Friends "
also mutual friends Charlie who has now passed since elementary school One of the aspects I truly loved was this novel s flipping between present and past tense giving s an insider look on how these friends grew into who they are now and what they had to endure along the way There was a greater level of depth to the characters than is typical in thrillers these days as it seems the fad now to focus all efforts on the dreaded big twist this was not the case here I was impressed at how this book seemed to break genre barriers and carry along into multiple interest levels I could just as easily see someone who is interested in Women s Fiction loving this story as another reader who is strictly a SuspenseThriller consumer The characters had significant background which I feel was A Wedding at the Italians Demand uite a feat given the sheer amount of people who croppedp along the way Of course this was a thriller as described in the summary but there were also ndercurrents of women s issues such as depression prescription drug abuse body image issues and finding your voice. Th of her best friend Charlie She is haunted by Charlie's last words and in a bid for answers opens an. My reviews can also be seen at StarsThe Sister begins in the present Twenty five year old Grace Matthews is digging p an old time capsule that her and her best friend Charlie buried ten years beforeShe never thought she d be alone opening the box that contained all of their hopes and dreams Things that were important to both of them as well as a bright pink envelope that Charlie slipped in right before they buried it Grace doesn t know what s in the envelope but hopes if it will give her some answers to all the A Perfect Evil (Maggie ODell, uestions she hasestions that Charlie can t answer herself since she passed away four months earlierCharlie s last words go around and around in her headI did something terrible Grace I hope you can forgive meWhen she opens the envelope she realizes just how little she knew about her best friend Since Charlie s death Grace has become even determined to find out what Charlie did that was so terrible These thoughts occupy so much of Grace s time that she feels she won t be able to move on The Wedding in White (The Men of Medicine Ridge, until she knows everything It s even affecting her relationship with her boyfriendWhen Grace met Charlie in middle school she instantly felt like she could trust her The book delves into the friendship between her and Charlie as well as their close friends and the drama surrounding them all There are many references made to Grace s parents and her past We are aware that something tragic has happened and Grace seems to feel very guilty She refers to it as the day she s tried to forgetAm I really to blame Am I always to blameWhen Grace starts an online search for Charlie s father someone else from Charlie s past showsp At first Grace is really happy but it s not long before strange things start happening She begins receiving strange phone calls things start to go missing and she feels like someone might be following her She wonders if she s in danger or if she s making a big deal about nothingWhen things start to take an even darker turn Grace doesn t know who to trust Is this all related to Charlie and the past Grace feels like someone is playing with her life and she s terrified to find out what they ll do nextI thought The Sister was a good psychological thriller It was easy to follow as it alternated between past and present The story line and characters were interesting However there were a few times that Grace REALLY annoyed me She would be overly paranoid about some things but didn t seem to notice things that seemed glaringly obvious A few of the decisions she made really baffled me but it wasn t enough to dissuade me from continuing on I did have a few estions but still felt the book ended pretty strongAlthough I had to suspend belief occasionally I tried to stop analyzing so hard for me sometimes and just enjoy the book Honestly all in all it was a pretty good ride The author did a great job of keeping me in suspense and there were some good twists that I did not see coming It was a very hard book to put downI think this is an very good debut novel and I look forward to from Louise JensenThank you to NetGalley the publisher and Louise Jensen for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for my honest review This one was a little too contrived for my liking I think the author crammed in too many ideas multiple deaths fires bullying cheating stalking and even a psycho for good measure At some point it was overkill Grace has had a hard time coping with the death of her best friend Charlie Her marriage is crumbling and she s racked with guilt Guilt for #things the author only alludes to in the beginning There is some suspense #the author only alludes to in the beginning There is some suspense trying to decipher what her role has been and a creep factor because someone is constantly lurking in the shadows Bits and pieces are revealed as the story flips between then and now but getting to the truth is painful A lot of the story felt forced almost like things were conveniently thrown in just to keep the plot line going I don t know if it s to alleviate some of her guilt but Grace decides she s going to track down Charlie s father She ends p meeting Charlie s half sister Anna instead Turns out Anna has no family and needs a place to stay So sure why not let someone you just met move in with you and your husband That sounds normal There were so many things about this book that didn t work for me The biggest being Grace s naivety There were times I just wanted to shake her and tell her to wake p How could she be so blind Bad things keep happening to her and she has no clue what s really going on I think you would have to be as naive as Grace not to see were this story was headed or who the culprit was Far Fetched Over The fetched over the and just too much I couldn t wait to get to the last page Take this review for what it is my opinion It could just be a case of me not you Especially if you consider I didn t share the opinion of many of the other reviews I ve seen posted ARC kindly provided by Bookouture and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Copy furnished by Net Galley for the price of a reviewGrace has a lot of problems Many months have passed since the death of her best friend and she still isn t back to right She pops pills and guzzles booze to cope She is shrewish and naggy with her longtime boyfriend Whiny brittle and needy with everyone else I was somewhat sympathetic in the beginning but before all was said and done I just wanted her to stifle herself It is a matter of supreme indifference to me as to whether I like the main character of a book or not but there were so many instances of Grace whimpering Grace mewling Grace blaming herself for everything nder the sun that I finally lost patience Enough is enough and too much is just foolish The writing seemed a mite trite and made to fit On the pside I liked the Then and Now chapter headings and the pacing was fine Also liked the Charlie character and enjoyed the author s acknowledgments view spoilerGrace is being bombarded with threatening letters and smeared by nasty postings on the internet Someone has tried to poison her and framed her for a break in at her workplace She is being watched followed stalked Her car is vandalized her cat is dead And yet when she is awakened by a noise in the middle of the night her first thought is that she hopes a burglar isn t in the house Um what hide spoiler So I started out loving this book I wanted to know what was going on Who did what and why Then over half the damn book I wanted to stab everyone in the bookThen toward the end when revelations came about I started liking it again But I m leaving it at 3 stars for my angst So there Mel Thank you to Netgalley and Bookouture for my ARC in exchange for a fair and honest reviewThough there was something of a slow start I somehow sensed that this was just an interlude in whic. ‘I did something terrible Grace I hope you can forgive me’Grace hasn't been the same since the dea. ,



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Standing p for yourself in a hostile relationship Could I have saved her The thought that I might have been able to nestled inside me as if it belonged there as much as my bones my kidneys my lungs My skin would shed cells my scalp would lose hair my liver repair itself My body would refresh and renew in the years to come but the guilt I knew that would stay Forever a part of me Guilt seems to be the heaviest and greatest theme to this book There is such a great web spun from this group of friends who have experienced so much of their lives together and I was fully intrigued by each person s individual guilt along with the guilt each felt over certain incidents together There were The Kings Sister uite a few surprising twists near the end and I found myself still thinking about this book days after turning the final page which is partly why I am just now writing the review Louise Jensen has enormous talent and I am absolutely waiting on pins and needles to read what she produces next Highly recommended to readers of all genres as this one crosses boundaries on so many levels I received my copy via NetGalley from the publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review Many thanks and looking forward to my next Bookouture read Recently I ve been reading a bit mysterysuspense The Sister seemed like it would be a great match for me I love a book that can keep me on the edge of my seat wondering what is going to happen next and making my heart rateickenGrace the heroine is still reeling from the death of her best friend Charlie years later She never really got over the way that Charlie died The Cattlemans Ready-Made Family unexpectedly She s left with manynanswered True Colours (Somerset, uestions as Charlie died before explaining the cryptic note that she left Grace apologizing for somenknown wrongWhen Grace goes to see Charlie s alcoholic mother Lexie she decides to seek out the father that Charlie never met Enlisting the help of her long time boyfriend Dan Grace begins digging into the past What they The Year of the Beast unearth isnexpectedIt seems that Charlie had a half sister that she never knew about Anna Before long Anna has infiltrated Grace s life The two seem to have far in common than Charlie Exactly how much they have in common is something that Grace could not have guessedThe enmeshed Anna becomes in Grace s life the things start to fall apart for Grace Suspicious things start happening It seems that somebody is out to destroy Grace She s being stalked and a string of calamities follow her every move At than one point I The Billionaires Bidding uestioned Grace s sanity while listening to this audiobook The storynfolds in pieces jumping back and forth between the past and present Piece by piece the truth comes to light Sometimes the alternating timeframes don t work so well for me but I think it helped build the suspense in this story and worked wellThat being said I wasn t as shocked by the big reveal as I expected to be Honestly it wasn t surprising at all If anything the culprit was so obvious that I dismissed it as a possibility Even though the person harassing Grace was not surprising the motivations came to light little by little Although they weren t particularly shocking either some were a little nexpected There were a few details that I didn t anticipateOverall I give this one 35 stars It was good but failed to provide the shocking twist that was promised It held my attention and was entertaining but didn t make my heart pound or keep me on the edge of my seat It was good but I expected from this oneCheck out of my
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at wwwbookaddicthavencom I a copy of The Sister by Louise Jensen through NetGalley for an honest review My thanks to Bookouture Sister by Louise Jensen through NetGalley for an honest review My thanks to Bookouture to Louise Jensen for the opportunityAll we needed was the boiled rabbitGrace Matthews and Charlie Fisher were childhood friends who were as thick as thieves From the turning of the first few pages we find out that Charlie has died and Grace is inconsolable Grace returns to the exact spot where the two had buried a memory box when they #Were Fifteen Years Old #fifteen years old digs p the box refusing to deal with its contents Lhéritier des Drakos until later Grace is now twenty five years old working as a pre school teacher and living in aaint cottage with her boyfriend Dan Grace has made attempts to check on Lexie Charlie s wayward mother who battles with vodka bottles on a daily basis Grace cannot cut the ties that bind And her tightly wound relationship with the dead Charlie overshadows everything in her life A letter in that memory box from Charlie insists on finding Charlie s elusive father whom she never met Grace makes this her zealous The Italians Christmas Housekeeper/The Baby The Billionaire Demands/The Innocents Shock Pregnancy/Sheikhs Secret Love-Child (Secret Heirs of Billionaires Book 18) uestNow here is where the lid is lifted on the pot that boilsThe storyline ricochets from Then to Now which is necessary in order to fill in missing chinks in the armor of this story Whilesed cleverly by this author it can be frustrating Just when you ve found a cozy spot on the couch you re forced to get p and find another All actions seem to be justified and labeled as such by the author I did find myself ready to shake Grace out of her naivete state and deflate some of the air out of her head It appears that in some thrillers we wish only to hear the suealing brakes and see snatches of the dark shadows in the night rather than the steps that have gotten you there Although the writing is well done there are holes that do let in a bit of the breeze of discontent I rounded p to a 4 star because Louise Jensen has The Ex Who Hired Her uite the story here The ending is a knotted twister Looking forward to the next one from Ms Jensen The rattling of that lid on the boiling pot beckons you for Grace and Charlie have been best friends since childhood but when Charlie suddenly dies at 24 yrs old Grace s life becomespended She can t eat she doesn t get out of bed and her relationship with her long time boyfriend Dan becomes strained to the point that neither seems to want to make an effort any Then Grace s life starts to slowly get back to normal through therapy She s working again and is trying to maintain her composure Charlie was raised by a single mom and before she passed away she told Grace how much she wanted to find her father even though her mom won t tell her anything about him Grace is now on a mission to find him in hopes that it will bring her closure Who she finds instead is Charlie s long lost sister Anna and let s just say this is where things get complicated Louise Jensen is a wonderful writer and has the incredible ability to lure her readers in You can t help but to fly through the pages This was an enjoyable book overall but not the most original nor one I would go around raving about to everyone I know A Testing the Limits uick easy book to read that would be a great pallet cleanser between heavier darker reads Thank you to Grand Central Publishing for sending me an ARC in exchange for my honest review. Old memory box of Charlie's It soon becomes clear there was a lot she didn't know about her best frie.