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Knowledge there has been *no Correlative Increase correlative increase in At it may ven appear as though *correlative increase in wisdom At times it may Gone (Gone, even appear as though rapid growth of scientific knowledge has been bought at thexpense of much of the wisdom which our less well instructed forefathers could draw upon So interesting Here is a look to a tradition where Wisdom was actively sought after There is maybe something to learn in it Threads Of The Shroud even without subscribing to Buddhism I remember trying to read a volume of sutras which were the official translations from the Pali It was so disappointing Repetitive and abstruce utterly unreadable in fact I will admit that this was in part my fault I didn t know the literature as well then My knowledge is still virtually schematic but I ve come across a few good bibliographies in Armstrong andlsewhere that have led me to the present volume It is a thoughtful semi coherent translation of two sutras from the Sanskrit The Diamond Sutra and The Heart Sutra The commentary is on target Except for the 10 pages or so of the Diamond Sutra when Conze offers no commentary. Tone texts of Mahayana Buddhism and The Heart Sutra perhaps the most important of all Buddhist texts in a single authoritative volume With its appearance in

CHARACTERS Buddhist Wisdom The Diamond Sutra and The Heart Sutra

I had to stop *At Page 41 The Book *page 41 The book way overdue I thought the book would have the diamond heart sutras Which it kinda did But it was a commentary about these sutras Ok but not what I wanted to read Does that make me a bad Buddhist The translation of the sutras was good no complaints But the All Seated on the Ground explanations left a lot to be desired He comments on the first half of the Diamond sutra in a very dense and critical form which is often just as confusing as the text Then the second half he claims that scholars believe them to be random teachings and literally doesn t comment at all Very interesting book Good for days of thoughtfulness And some interesting insights into Buddhism I really appreciated this comment from the introduction No one who uses a dictionary for other than orthographic reasons can havescaped the shock of discovering how very far ahead of us our words often are How subtly they record distinctions towards which our minds are still groping and from the preface although our age far surpasses all previous ages in. A landmark publication when it first appeared in 1958 "Buddhist Wisdom Offered Western Readers " Wisdom offered Western readers uniue combination of both The Diamond Sutra one of the corners. Buddhist Wisdom The Diamond Sutra and The Heart SutraAt all so impenetrable *Is The Original Text *the original text is just one way in which CONZE SEEMS CAREFUL TO AVOID DISCURSIVE REDOUBTS WHERE THERE seems careful to avoid discursive redoubts where there be needless wheel spinning In other words the book is well dited My only word of caution would be to prepare yourself for the full out use of paradox For a Westerner paradox can be frustrating The text does ultimately make sense but you may need to undergo multiple patient readings before it yields fully its charms The process of reading such books I have found is like osmosis One must immerse oneself in the text and slowly the understanding of no understanding comes about But this book is mostly understanding of no understanding comes about But this book is mostly how classical Buddhism was taught for many hundreds of years For direct access to the core of a streamlined form of American Buddhism that I have found transformative I strongly recommend Pema Ch dr n s books specially Start Where You Are A Guide to Compassionate Living The Places that Scare You A Guide to Fearlessness in Difficult Times and When Things Fall Apart Heart Advice for Difficult Times. He Vintage Spiritual Classic series this definitive translation by the Western scholar of Buddhism Edward Conze is now available to a new generation of reader. .