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Unknown Author Wendy HigginsUnknown was intense gritty emotional and a book I can t recommend enough It s unlike any other dystopian that I ve read because we actually got to witness the demise of enough It s unlike any other dystopian that I ve read because we actually got to witness the demise of world And I had no clue the depths my heart would ache watching this tale unfold But there was hope in those final ages and it was definitely a heart stopping journey to get there I absolutely loved Unknown and I can t wait to start the next book When it rains #It Pours And Floods #pours And floods washes away adolescent dreams Unknown started with us witnessing an organization Royal Protector planing to wipe the majority of world sopulation off the map But in the next chapter we transitioned and met Amber Tate And we spent the next 25% of the book "GROWING UP WITH HER SHE JUMPED BACK TO WHEN "up with her She jumped back to when was six years old and first met Rylen Fite who was their neighbor and became her older brother s best friend And we watched them grow up together with jumps of time that were seamlessly done Their The Vampires Desire (Vampire, past wasn t always easy and sadness love mortification tender moments heartache and joy filled theages I found myself with tears in my eyes butterflies in my belly and I even curled into a ball at one moment It was all so emotional Besides Rylen and Amber her brother Tate her Unlucky Charm (I Love Genie, parents grandparents and even her best friend Remy were integralarts to this story I knew them all so well and I loved every single one of them I opened my eyes and looked into his solemn eyes A The Seven Basic Plots painful crack split my heart Why did I have to love him so much Would it always hurt like this But one of the many things we discovered watching Amber grow up was how she fell for Rylen Amber loved Rylen with her whole heart and soul And it was heartbreaking that he saw her as not only a best friend but as his little sister And if that wasn t hard enough a huge wrench got thrown in between them when they were older I felt betrayed and broken just like Amber I kept trying to figure out a way around it But make no mistake regardless of what happened I absolutely loved Amber and Rylen Nothing could sway me from being obsessed with the both of them I got so caught up in their lives that before I knew it the whole world came crashing down around them I was notrepared for the horror that unfolded My face fell against his shoulder and I bawled against his neck Oh my God My hands tightened fisting his shirt in my Undercover Virgin palms holding him like a lifeline as my mind threatened to shatter into unfixableieces He never said a word Just ran You know the scariest Environmental Dialogue Gdr part It all felt so real And I could easily see all of this death and destruction happening now The rest of the book was watching in horror as the apocalypse unraveled And eachage I turned there was something else that happened that would give me goosebumps or take my breath away or make me Trouble pause because it was too terrifying And just when I thought we got a break from it I was taken to an entirely different level ofain Especially towards the end My heart broke for Amber So be Hogan prepared for an actionacked heart breaking journey Because this was life Laughter love friendships We had a way of life to Wedding Daze protect We weren terfect by any means but we were good And we sure as hell weren t giving it up without a fight Do you ever read a book and just want everyone you know to Gender and Multiculturalism pick it up Unknown is that book for me So if you re a fan of dystopian check this one out Just keep in mind that the first 25% of the story you re growing up and becoming embedded into their family and lives And if you re a fan of Wendy Higgins Unknown is very gritty compared to her other books And the romance well there isn t any romanceer se but there was a lot of hope for it in the future Maybe Possibly We ll see So join me in my obsession with this series I desperately need lots of eople to talk to about this book We weren t alone As long as we had each other there was hope PS My guess is that Bahntan is view spoilerSenator Navis hide spoiler Just imagine for a moment what it would be like if an intelligent race of beings were able to infiltrate every level of society on Earth undetected And then once embedded they initiated the methodical extermination of humanityThe edge of extinction wasn t a lace childhood friends Amber Tate and Rylen Fite ever thought they d find themselves Growing up in rural Nevada Amber believed the only thing that could destroy her was her unreuited love for Rylen She was wrong Wendy Higgins novel UNKNOWN is an alarming and well written story of a young woman s fight for survival the realism of which will leave you breathless Adult science fiction lovers and romance enthusiasts will fall hopelessly in love with the characters compulsively turning ages until the end I m completel. This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B01JT3Z16In this first installment of NY Times bestselling author Wendy Higgins’s debut New Adult series a frighteningly realistic apocalyptic America is brought to life entwined with searing romantic tension that will leave you eager for Amber Tate believes the worst thing she’ll suffer in life is dealing wit. ,

Summary Unknown Author Wendy Higgins

Y obsessed with this series gut wrenching suspense and romantic tension and can t wait for the second book UNREST Five huge stars 5 stars In the end our ways will be can t wait for the second book UNREST Five huge stars 5 stars In the end our ways will be for them There will finally be euality for all And our eople will finally be free Don t you see The cost is great but the cause is greater Oh gosh I already know that I will not be able to say enough good things about this book and wonderful author It hooked me in right from the beginning and I thought about the novel and its characters day and night until I could get back TO READING IT AGAIN THE STORY FOLLOWS AMBER TATE reading it again The story follows Amber Tate brother Jason Tater his friend and her crush Rylen her bff Remy and the rest of her family as strange and increasingly horrific things begin happening in the US and all over the world Bombs are dropped on our beloved and historic landscapes water sources are contaminated food is stripped away and controlled and whole cities are decimated by an unknown enemy What made this book really terrifying was how ossible all of the devastation seemed None of it seemed sci fi at least to me because the way our modern civilization was efficiently dismantled and uickly descended into madness was believable and outright horrifying The Enemy knew exactly how to cut off our communication Summer Break (Gods at Eighteen 3) phones wifi tv radios all things on which we heavily rely on in order to make the citizens vulnerable scared and desperate which was not always a good thingIt was also nice to follow a Hispanic family read NON WHITE as our MCs for once I actually found myself relating to a lot of aspects in this novel a mixed and giant Hispanic family my brother off in the military while I crushed on one of his brothers in arms nothing as serious as Amber and Ry though growing up in a small dusty town whichrobably added to the overall realistic and creepy vibe Amber and all the others was such an easy character to follow and empathize and really feel for I love how Wendy is able to Gone Cold portray her characters emotions in such a tangible way that I found myself laughing crying longing hurting breaking loving and cringing right along with them the entire way through The secondhand embarrassment for Amber was SO REAL at times it hurt my heartOverall I absolutely recommend starting this series Wendy has not let me down so far and I will be starting UNREST asap inreparation for the release of UNDONEMy Rylen Fite just add in the scruff and chili The Black Shriving (Chronicles of the Black Gate pepper and tribal tattoos There is nothing better than a fantastic heroine and Wendy Higgin s delivers a new favorite for me with Amber Tate Amber s voiceulled me in immediately as she swept me up in memories of her childhood and teenage years falling for her brother s best friend Rylen Fite Within mere ages I was sold on Amber and Rylen wanting their happily ever after hoping for it with every age I turned The world basically begins to implode around them as an invisible enemy attacks the United States As Amber is a aramedic and genuinely driven to help eople we re taken with her right into the center of the chaos Her strength and bravery Mama Ds pasta pizza pushes theacing and I swear I didn t look up from my kindle until well into the night desperate to work out what was happening and to see characters I was falling for make it out alive The The Expected One (Magdalene Line Trilogy, plot is so well written I was uneasy by the authenticity of it I have to say my heart broke numerous times for Amber and her friends And yet the dialogue is so realistic between the friends that their banter despite their dire circumstances brought much needed moments of lightness and balanceEngrossing romantic tension actionacked suspense a kickass heroine and heartfelt emotion Unknown has everything I want in a book and much Five epic stars I absolutely loved this book I loved the fact that it shows the Betty Fedora Issue One pre dystopian events and it isn t set already in aost apocalyptic world I loved what an emotional ride it was and how everything didn t go the way I thought it was going to go The romance is a slow build and would not call it a romance at all but I actually loved the Aubrey Beardsley, The Man And His Work pace of it and hopefully what it will lead up to This was a scarylace and because it is set in our time and how the world is it is a lot to think about Wendy doesn t disappoint and I am aching for book 2 Full review on my blog Let me start with the warnings about this book It may be tagged with romance but you will only find the amount of romance you would expect in the first few Jazz Ukulele pages of the average romance novel By that I mean the attraction the interest the friendship but none the kissing or moving towards a relationship that you normally see As a matter of fact there is a huge event that makes it clear that s not in the cards And it was. H the unreuited love she feels for her brother’s best friend Rylen Fite She also believes war is something unfortunate that happenslaces far far away from her rural Nevada town She’s wrong on both counts When an unknown organization meticulously bombs major cities in the United States and across the globe a trickle down effect spreads to remaining tow. Hard to read for this romantic at heart I understand that changes for book 2 but if you Off 13 prefer you romance to be a bigart of the story then you might want to Amata Means Beloved pass on this oneThis book is tagged New Adult and it is in the sense that the majority of it is set after Amber has turned 21 But the first 25% or so of the book is backstory It s flashes and summary of her and Rylen growing up becoming friends and him leaving for the military He s gone for many years and they write letters to each other All of that time the book has a YA feel to it This book is also tagged apocalyptic and it really is A world that we get to know through those flashbacks is utterly changed in a rapid fire of sadness that I struggled to absorb The struggle is real for these characters and I guess I became attached because I hurt with themNo it s not your normal Wendy Higgins book I m being very honest when I say that I struggled with this book Parts of it drew me in andarts of it had me sad But it was so hard to read I just wanted some happy When I thought about it afterwards it was like reading only the first 14 of a book It s unsettled and I m unsatisfied I suspect many eople will enjoy this type of book and be anxious to read and wait for But there will be some like me that expect something different from this author and I wanted to let them know what they are in for when they ick it up The writing is excellent The characters are full and well defined The story is Juice poignant if not a bitredictable I like Rylen despite the blindside he brought about At first I wanted to throw my iPad but as I figured out why and I did figure out why before we learned I can see it in his character This is who he is I m just not sure he s my kind of book boyfriendThe book is from Amber s POV and I like her She s strong and determined Her efforts to help eople as things fall apart is admirable And she holds up under some retty tough circumstances I hurt for her reallyAs you can tell my emotions were involved But I don t know if I can read on in this series Maybe after a break I could consider it again For now I m undecided My first NA story This will be a series Gudrun probably 4 books It s still in the early stages oflanning All I can tell you is that I m completely in love so farSince I was a teen I ve suffered recurring apocalyptic nightmares stuff like RED DAWN where we re being invaded and I m traveling the US trying to stay alive amid the enemy and chaos And there are always sexy undertones to these frighteningly realistic dreams After all these years I think these frighteningly realistic dreams After all these years I think s time to ut those nightmares to good use Look for book 2 UNREST coming January 2017 Wendy Higgins does not disappoint This book was everything and should be on EVERYONE S TBR list DNF at 40%While reading this book I was either frustrated or bored Moving on OMG This book This is one of the best books I ve read all year It reminds me a lot of another book Life as We Knew It It and this book are the only books I ve read where the shit is happening now not in the future no we are living through it now with these characters and it s so scary I feel the actions in this book could really happen in today s world and that it not a good thing There was many times while reading this book that I found myself nervous if something like this were to happen It would not end well for anyoneAmber is just a normal girl in love with her brother s best friend Though she never told him and thinks that he doesn #T Like Her She #like her She an RN and enjoys helping eople she had a great family that loves her and her life isn t bad at all Then it starts every amusement Stud in the Stacks park and movie studio is bombed all around the worldEveryone is devastated but nothing happens for around two years then all hell breaks loose It s not long before every right is taken away from everyerson and those that break the new rules are shot with no remorse at all Amber is an amazing character and I love her to Choosing to Survive pieces the shit she goes through and yet she never gives up Rylen is also really awesome I love him Honestly I like all the characters and think they are all very well thought out and flushed greatly None feel like they are there just to be there they all feel like they are real and just trying to survive like we wouldThe sexual tension in this book is completely off the charts but it s not the wholeoint of this book It is NA but nothing to is too dirty What I love about this book is that it s "Plot Driven Not Romance Or Sex Driven But Plot And "driven not romance or sex driven but Robin Hood plot and driven and it s freaking fantastic I love thaterfect blend of romance and one kickass Felipa plot So give this one a try and I know you will love it The only bad thing is how long it feels to wait Ns at an alarming speed everything from food and water sources to technology and communications are compromised Without leadership the nation is split betweenaralysis and The Vavasour Macbeth panic but Amber isn’t one to hide or watch helplessly She’s determined tout her nursing skills to use despite the danger even if it means working alongside the man she can never ha. ,

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