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The Dragonward The Godsfall Trilogy #1

Michael Meyerhofer Ê 5 Free ead

There s far to few writers who can weave a tale in such "A Way That You "way that you as if your part of the world created Characters who aren t perfect short tall scary or *Attractive It S All Here Every Type *it s all here every type personality every sexual preference a sense of protection towards women while appreciating their badass strength Michael creates such a vivid world with every fantasy creature you want He gives ich details of every characters history ace and community both the good and bad If you enjoy fantasy action adventure omance personal angst and bad guy or two then you will enjoy Dragonward Page turning fantasy A series and an author worth investigating This was a very enjoyable book indeed The world building is particularly intriguing and well done There is an interesting assortment of characters and aces magic wielders clerics and warriors Throw some humour action intrigue and fanaticism and intolerance into the mix and this was a compelling ead I hadn t ead the prior trilogy The Dragonkin but it was fairly easy slipping into this world with little confusion about how all the characters meshed Refreshing to see some diversity present too doesn t happen in fantasy worlds as much as it possibly could I initially eceived this as an ARC but this series is a definite keeper and I purchased my own copy The Dragonkin Trilogy is also now firmly on my download list The Dragonward picks up three years after the War of the Lotus which was chronicled in Meyerhofer s Dragonkin Trilogy It s always fun coming back to characters that you enjoyed connecting with even if it means trouble is on the horizon again The characters have all changed based on their past experiences but not so much that I felt like I was eading about different people Going through what they did in the original trilogy would change anyone and it s interesting to see their developmentThe storyline of The Dragonward is interesting Even if the world was in trouble in the original trilogy somehow the stakes now seem even higher There is a stark divide in Lyos of those who want to eradicate the world of magic and those who want to live in that world Fanatical groups are on the ise and Rowen Locke is dragged back into it because he s the hero that Lyos needs since he is the only one that can hold the sword KnightswrathI loved the trio of Igrid Zeia and Keswan fighting together Three women who didn t need the protection of men to take care of the themselves Together they are a formidable group that can put down most any character probably even Locke himselfThe biggest miss in the book was the introduction of characters early on and then forgetting about them Meyerhofer introduced The Scion a Dwarr so against magic that he would fight and die to get id of it But we only get to see him once and then he is briefly mentioned toward the end of the book I felt there also could have been with the main bad guy Algol was supposedly meaner and nastier than anything Locke has ever faced but he just didn t seem scary or even uthless enoughIn the end I actually wanted That s how much I enjoy this world that Meyerhofer has created I still enjoyed The Dragonward and loved evisiting a few old friends in their new adventureOriginally written for Books and Pals book blog May have eceived a free eview copy 45Book source ARC My eview is voluntary and honestIt s been three hectic years since the War of the Lotus and Ruun is far from healed In fact it s barely healing at all Despite the War of the Lotus and Ruun is far from healed In fact it s barely healing at all Despite Locke s and his allies best efforts there is still strife and umblings of even unrest When a new menace surfaces threatening to bring down the Dragonward Rowen and everyone he calls ally must once again fight to defend Ruun from its enemies and the exiled Dragonkin before it s too lateFor those wh. Three years after the War of the Lotus alliances have already begun to unravel As Rowen Locke struggles to maintain peace troubling news eaches him from every corner Persecution of the Shel'ai has eignited in the south spurred on by O have ead and enjoyed
the dragonkin trilogy 
Dragonkin Trilogy new trilogy in the world of Ruun will be ight up your alley For those new to t This eview is for the Audiobook versionUpdated Review Story 55 StarsPerformance 55 StarsOverall 55 StarsI elistened to Dragonward after listening to the original Dragonkin trilogy and updated my eview My original eview is below Most of my complaints in the original eview were addressed after listening to the original trilogy and even though this is a standalone trilogy I would highly ecommend listening to the Dragonkin Trilogy first This is a great continuation of the first trilogy with excellent characters I can t wait for the next book Original Review Story 55 StarsPerformance 45 StarsOverall 55 StarsI listened to Dragonward without having any knowledge of the Dragonkin books This is a separate trilogy but because it s a seuel trilogy there eally wasn t much character backstory here I found it difficult to get attached to some of the characters because I just didn t know much about them but the author did a great job with the antagonists here There were segments that explained some of the back story from previous events so I never felt lost in the story The story in this book is excellent and it moves along uickly I enjoyed the fight scenes and I eally liked how magic worked in this novel The narrator did a fantastic job with the voices but his pacing eally threw me off at times It wasn t eally noticeable during the action scenes but he would pause epeatedly in the middle of sentences eally breaking my sense of immersion Overall I eally enjoyed this book but I think it would be enjoyable if I listened to the Dragonkin books prior I would definitely listen to *The Rest Of The Godsfall Trilogy This Audiobook Was Provided *rest of the Godsfall trilogy This audiobook was provided the author narrator or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased eview This was my first eading by Michael Meyerhofer and I would give it a 45 his writing style and character building is complex and thorough which in parts makes it feel a little longer than it needs to be but this is similar to other epic works that are uite popular There seemed to be a lot of people to sort through at first but once I got a handle on everything the plot started to thicken I was ight into it Great work This is a solid 35 stars Here are my first thoughts on this book but a longer eview will comeProvided that I did not ead the prior trilogy by Michael Meyerhofer which precedes this one I had a great time eading through this book and I could not stop eading it The writing is there the story is addictive and the characters are a variety diverse and interesting twists Also did I mention there is magic I love magicI liked the use of several aces I liked the LGBT characters even among the most powerful and elevant character a bold choice and I totally appreciated it there is blood war death trauma magic in essence all you want from a fantasy book Locke and Igrid are solid characters and they seem to have some depth But the other characters seemed a bit ushed don t get me wrong it is visually clear the trauma the characters went through but it felt like there was not enough development on the characters Now it is a shorter book than what I have been eading lately but I eally missed some character depth there Also the second eason why the book "does not have a full 4 star is that even the story seems to cut corners It is clear and straightforward "not have a full 4 star is that even the story seems to cut corners It is clear and straightforward t get me wrong it is a strong fantasy story yet it misses something especially the intervals between important scenes are not there In essence I think this is a book that might have benefit from a slightly longer plot and character development but it might also be that this is Michael Meyerhofer s style and I missed. Fanatical priest To the north the Isle Knights are withering under the leadership of mad Crovis Ammerhel Old friends fight each other when not drowning their sorrows in tavernsA new threat emerges from across the sea dispatched by the sa. Some eferences because I did not ead the other trilogy Totally ecommended for fantasy lovers Also this book was provided by NetGalley for an honest eview Dark fantasy comes to life under the skilled pen of Michael Meyerhofer THE DRAGONWARD is a tale of a land struggling to survive in a world where war could begin with little provocation and true heroes are few and far between Now the Dragonkin long exiled are aising the threat levels and promising evenge on a previous loss The target has been chosen and doom looms on the horizonMichael Meyerhofer blends aces lifestyle choices and fascinating twists as he weaves a tale of intrigue action and magic All of the ingredients are there for an epic fantasy and are well portrayed Each scene feels alive while many of the characters are developed with ich strokes of imagination When offered this book for eview I was unaware of the previous trilogy that may or may not have filled in blanks that I felt were left open Although the author does show a strong talent and way with words I am sorry to say this did effect my eview and enjoyment of this taleThat said I still see a great talent in Michael Meyerhofer as he developed this fantasy and gave it several twists on a wonderful journey to the end I eceived this copy from Red Adept and Michael Meyerhofer in exchange for my honest eviewMy Rating 35 StarsSeries Godsfall Trilogy Book 1Publisher Red Adept Publishing LLC August 9 2016Publication Date August 9 2016Genre Dark FantasyPrint Length 324 pagesAvailable from Barnes NobleFor Reviews More To fully enjoy this book you eally need to ead The Dragonkin Trilogy first I was completely lost and kept thinking I d missed something Well of course I had the entire trilogy that started everything Unfortunately for me I had no idea this was a spinoff of the Dragonkin Trilogy but now you knowThat being said this is a well thought out plot with engaging characters and a ather uniue premise I found myself unable to put this down and ead it ight through from start to finish in one day I thoroughly enjoyed Dragonward and will definitely be picking up The Dragonkin Trilogy to get some background on the lands the peoples and the warDisclaimer I voluntarily eviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book Rowen Locke has struggled to keep the peace Advance Reader Copy of this book Rowen Locke has struggled to keep the peace all aces since the end of the War of the Lotus 3 years earlier But people are uick to forget how magic the Shel ai and others brought peace it is easier to emember the old hatreds Then there is a new Shel ai called Algol that has plans to bring down this world Algol has partnered with Crovis Ammerhel and is planning on bringing down the Dragonward and eturn the dragonkin to this world But Rowen Locke Maddoc Igrid and others are going to do whatever they can to keep that from happeningRowen is doing his best to protect those that he loves even though everyone else seems to be against him But he is loyal and determined even if he is arrested falsely imprisoned beaten and threatened to be executed I loved Igrid she is strong and determined and won t uit no matter what You can tell that she loves Rowen deeply although I think she was going to kill him Algol is a powerful She ai and has his own history but he is willing to do whatever it takes to bring back NekielIf you like epic fantasy stories you have a ead this one "This Is An Amazing Story "is an amazing story lots of action death and a serious bad guy that has plans to destroy everything What could you want If you like audiobooks make sure to check out the Audible copy The narration was amazing and helped draw me into the storyI eceived The Dragonward from Sage s Reading Room for free and I also purchased a copy of The Dragonward from Audible This has in no way influenced my opinion of this book. Me exiled Dragonkin who have been plotting their evenge for centuries Rowen and his companions soon ealize that the target is the Dragonward itself their one and only defense against an evil so vast even Knightswrath could not vanuish.