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Protagonists in front of our eyes thus showing us the human dimension of this war This gives us an insight into their motivations the reasons for these decisions their doubts and the thoughts about their loved ones Thus having on one hand the exact description of the historical events and the big and small battles and on the other hand the vivid description of the sentiments of the protagonists the reader has a very intense and comprehensive experience for this historical period So in the end I "Can Only Say That "only say that is a very high uality historical novel 1863 Dislike A complete is a very high uality historical novel 1863 Dislike A complete total dislike The description was good The characters were good The story line was fine Just Don t Like ItThat s all I have to say For those who may not know Jeff Shaara is the son of Michael Shaara who wrote The Killer Angels Without that great book there would be no Gods and Generals or the many other books Jeff has written since this first one Let me first talk about The Killer Angels Winner of the Pulitzer Prize in 1975 it did not receive the public recognition it deserved until after Michael Shaara s death at age 50 That s sad to me because it is such a good book The recognition finally came when the movie Gettysburg based on the book was released in 1993 Shaara didn t get to realize this but based on the book was released in 1993 Shaara didn t get to realize this but son did I had ust assumed it was Jeff s idea to continue his dad s work creating the two books that would sandwich his dad s novel In actuality the idea for those two books came from the publishers Jeff had never even attempted writing This would be his first book Well I think writing is in the family genes I have read that he doesn t uite write with the prose that his dad did It s been too long since reading The Killer Angels for me to Eros Unbound (Great Loves, judge Iust know that the story he created here in Gods and Generals is very good Gods and Generals is a personalized historical novel Like The Killer Angels it is a character driven story wholly based on the detailed facts of our country s Civil War What s so good about these books is the getting to know the soldiers Each man struggled with fear and hoped for the life on the other side of this war knowing this certain day of battle may be their last If you ve ever watched Ken Burns The Civil War documentary then you ll know what I m saying It s like seeing men and women from the past Chamberlain was a school teacher who volunteered for war because believed in his country Hancock was a brave leader hampered by the generals above his status Jackson was a brilliant strategist and devout Christian with a soft heart that I didn t know about Lee never wanted the war did not believe in slavery but like each man brought to war he would defend the state he called homeSo I didn t love it like I did The Killer Angels but I liked it very much I liked going back to this pivotal period of time and our country s fate All wars suck This war was so devastating to so many It can t be forgotte. G how each compensated for shortcomings and failures when put to the test The perspectives of the four men particularly concerning the battles at Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville make vivid the realities of

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Gods and GeneralsFocus is on a few officers from both sides before Gettysburg This book could be considered the preuel to THE KILLER ANGELS reviewed separately written by Mr Shaara s father This book takes a uniue perspective leading up to the Civil War introducing us to the notable historical figures in that confrontation Mr Shaara shares with the reader through excellent characterization and dialogue why the Civil war was so important to these men The author manages to bring to life the years leading up to the Civil War Seemingly historically accurate this book answered many of my uestions about why this battle even happened Obviously the dialogue and innermost thoughts expressed by the characters in this book are speculation but the book did serve it s purpose for me It did answer any uestions in my mind in a colorful non textbook wayAlthough as mentioned I generally shy away from war books I do enjoy historical fiction and in my opinion this was historical fiction at its best I m my opinion this was historical fiction at its best I m to uote the words of Jason Mraz and say I won t give up on us God knows I m tough enough We ve got a lot to learn God knows we re worth itWell it turns out I m not tough enough and this book wasn t worth it Oh and I m totally giving up on us Rating 275 stars This book is the story of 4 generals or maybe I seriously don t know and what they went through during the Civil warSeems exciting enough The problem is I don t read historical fiction but this book was so cheap I ust couldn t help myselfThis book was like a map and I m horrible with directions Also I m not American so I didn t know half of the places the author was talking about Why 275 starsThe goodThe writing was pretty greatI liked some of the characters and understood their decisions regarding which side they supported North or SouthThe character s stories background and difference in faith was enjoyable to read aboutThe badDescription description and did I mention the descriptionI liked the characters but I didn t LIKE the charactersWar startegies and politics So hard to understandSlow PACEIf you like politics and historical fiction you will really like this bookMaybe when I m wiser and older I will finish reading it and like it Probably not about being wiser and finishing the book A Civil War Book Fictionalizing Several Different Sectors Of Society Set War book fictionalizing several different sectors of society Set in the time it seemed possible the South would actually win the warNot bad but I m not entirely convinced of the historiosity I love how Jeff Shaara writes It takes some getting used to yes but once you get used to itBrilliant Outstanding I especially love how he focuses on the army barely touche I like historical fiction and picked up this book for that reason However it seems less like fiction and like military history This book seemed to me to be endless descriptions of what every general on both sides was doing during the Civil War and not the whole Civil War but ust until 1863 This is the fi. In a preuel of sorts to his father Michael Shaara's 1974 epic novel The Killer Angels Jeff Shaara explores the lives of Generals Lee Hancock Jackson and Chamberlain as the pivotal Battle of Gettysburg approaches. Rst book by either of the Shaaras that I have read and I won t read another Obviously I didn t know what I was getting into because I know he is very well regarded by many people The first in the epic fatherson Civil War trilogy the next one is The Killer Angels by Jeff s father Michael Shaara followed by Jeff s seuel The Last Full Measure This was Jeff s first book and it must have been intimidating writing a preuel to his father s book which had won the Pulitzer prize and been made into the astonishingly good film GettysburgBut Jeff rose to the challenge admirably and delivered a book similar in tone to his father s and carefully maintaining the air of tragedy that his father achieved in The Killer Angels For those who are new Gods and Generals starts at the beginning of the American Civil War and follows four of the major commanders through the first three years of the war What makes this trilogy so uniue is its even handedness to both sides of the battle which makes the war itself something tragic Highly recommended seriesThis was made into a film of the same name which deviated uite differently from the book If they d stuck to the book it would have been an Amazing Film Instead It film instead it a fascinating but flawed look at the American Civil War Read the book instead Seeking uality historical novels about the American Civil War I came to this trilogy which I see is particularly popular From the beginning however I was troubled by the order in which I should read them if I should read them in chronological order in the order they were written or based on their uality Because I also read a historical Book On The American Civil War I Chose The Chronological on the American Civil War I chose the chronological and I think it was the best choiceIn the first chronological book of the series we are transported to the last few years before the start of the war and we continue until the spring of 1863 having followed closely all the fighting in the main theater of operations in Virginia Expectantly the issue that dominates are these war conflicts and I can say that the author does really amazing work in this area The way he describes the battles is very exciting and manages to put the reader in their hearts making the reader to be next to the participants knowing all the emotions caused by the intensity of the battle while at the same time the author gives the very important historical details for them making us understand them better Reading about these battles at the same time I understand that this description is very accurate which of course I highly appreciateHowever in fact all of this is not particularly difficult for a writer and there are certainly many books describing battles from each period of history in a satisfactory way But what makes this book stand out is this deepening in the feelings of the protagonists some of them having the greatest weight in deciding for what has been done It is amazing how the writer animates these. Shaara captures the disillusionment of both Lee and Hancock early in their careers Lee's conflict with loyalty Jackson's overwhelming Christian ethic and Chamberlain's total lack of experience while illustratin.