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45I didn t expect a book with this title you have to admit it doesn t sound very promising to be this lovely and wonderful If I were hard pressed to describe Regency Buck in only a couple of words then Heyer s livelier colourful and humorous version of Pride and Prejudice would have to do There are so many things I loved here A bond between siblings both Judith and Peregrine and Lord Worth and his brother 35 stars Reread for the January group read for the Georgette Heyer Fans group on GR We are attempting to read all of Ms Heyer s Regencies in the order in which they were written This is 1 first published in 1935 eep And yes it is a little datedThis was never one of my top favourite Heyers and this reread confirmed that I first devoured all of her books as an uncritical teen but these days I read them with a critical and analytical eye And now I see that the probable reason I never liked this one as much is because there s actually very little romance in it Yes the rocky relationship between Worth and Judith runs right through the book with a bold but brief iss very near the beginning But basically it s a mystery story front and centre Of course this being a reread I Perfect Justice (Ben Kencaid, know whodunnit and how but the fact remains that I m not a big mystery fan and I ve never even read Ms Heyer s mystery genre books So I give 35 stars because the uality of the writing is always there But for me there was too much detailed historical description in this one and not enough of a focus on the relationship I can now see this is an early book and I think Ms Heyer restrained herself a bit in later books in terms of the overly detailed descriptions I didn t really want tonow all of the ins and out of a cock fight Or a boxing match Or the trip to London and how many toll gates were passed Etc I have the greatest admiration for Ms Heyer s historical nowledge and the amount of research she must have done But in this one it doesn t really translate into a terrifically readable bookI also didn t really love the MCs that much in this one either Worth truly was pretty arrogant even though he really did fall in love with Judith But he didn t have much time for people he didn t seem to feel were his intellectual euals for example Peregrine Judith s younger brother He tolerated Perry but barely And Judith wasn t really a very warm or likeable h As readers we saw very little of her inner life The writing style did not allow for that we received subtle hints of her changing feelings towards Worth but it wasn t till near the end that it was clear she was in love too There was no emotional hook for the reader Yes she obviously loved her brother but for most of the book she seemed to hate and mistrust Worth And she liked her cousin Bernard too much when the readers were clearly meant to dislike him Confusing and not rewarding for readersSo overall it still sits as not my fav Heyer I admire the clever plot and the fluent writing but Worth and Judith leave me a little cold compared with some of her other MCs With any other hero I might consider this the best of Heyer As it was I was torn between hating Lord Worth and being swept up in the storyJudith Taverner and her younger sillier brother Peregrine have been recently orphaned and with spirited curiosity they decide to seek out their new guardian the high handed Lord Worth They are uite surprised to learn he is a young handsome man who is friends with the Crown Prince and the cream of society With his help the Taverners are rapidly enfolded into the bosom of high society

but even as 
even as enjoy great social success worryingly lethal accidents eep happening around Perigrineand Lord Worth seems to be involvedJudith and Beau Brummel are great characters and their friendship was the highlight of this novel I was enthralled by their attempts to both curry favor with and rebel the highlight of this novel I was enthralled by their attempts to both curry favor with and rebel the society to which they are born Judith has an especially refreshing take on high society manners she understands which rules she has to follow to me a social success but refuses to take them seriously Unfortunately this is not the focus of Regency Buck Judith s contentious relationship with her infuriating guardian is Speaking of whichSPOILERS AHEADThe Taverners meet Lord Worth when he speeding along the narrow road at a tremendous pace almost smashes into their little curricle He refuses to apologize or get down to see if they re ok When he runs into Peregrine later he insults him again Then Lord Worth sees Judith by the side of the road she was taking a stone from her shoe and picks her up puts her into his carriage and forcibly Suggestions for Marketing Small Timber kisses her The whole time she protests loudly and without ambiguity And of course he just laughs at her Not realizing his identity she warns him that her guardian Lord Worth will protect her and he laughs at her again From then on whenever they meet he needles her about theiss When they meet again he reveals his true identity installs the Taverners into a house of HIS choosing and refuses to let them have their own aunt stay as chaperone his relative will be chaperone instead Incidents like this continue throughout the book Judith is a smart fashionable woman with good instincts and Lord Worth spends the entire novel manipulating events and people to make her do what he wants Two terrible instances spring to mind The Crown Prince is uite taken with Judith and at one point in the novel forces her to be in an isolated and closed room with him Her chaperone who Worth chose for her against her objections is off playing cards When the prince tries to take advantage of her in a scene novel to Heyer in its disturbing realism Judith is so overcome that she faints for the first time in her life She is awakened by Worth who BERATES HER for embarrassing the prince Then he lambasts her for being so foolish as to be in a room alone with him When she tries to explain that she couldn t get away he brushes off her objections The second instance is less of a rape apologia and of pure insensitivity As part of his plan to expose Peregrine s would be assassin Worth drugs Peregrine and stuffs him on a yacht to New Exploration keep him out of the way After he s been missing for a few days Judith begins to fear for his life She goes to Worth repeatedly literally begging him to look for Peregrine and he dismisses her fears as overreactions Despite the fact that someone really is trying toill Peregrine and judith herself has prevented at least one of herself has prevented at least one of attempts Then the real villain of the story shows up and convinces Judith that he The Shaping of Western Civilization knows where Peregrine is beingept Judith goes along for awhile but uickly realizes that it s a trap designed to make it look like she has eloped with the villain Just as the scene reaches a fever pitch After their father's death the brothers Judith and Peregrine Taverner travel to 1811 London to meet their guardian the Earl of Worth expecting an elderly gentleman to their surprise and utter disgust their guardian is not much older than they are Lord Julian St John Audley they both agree is an insufferably arrogant dandy But unfortunately for the orphans he is also the Fifth Earl of Worth a friend of the Regent and uite by chance their legal guardian Lord Worth doesn't want. Regency BuckF ugly rape y connotations Lord Worth steps out of the shadows and punches the villain Then he and the villain take turns explaining the villain s dastardly plans There is no conceivable reason that Worth couldn t have clued Judith in to his suspicions or told her that Peregrine was safe Due to his high handed douchebaggery the love of his life spent days thinking that her beloved younger brother was dead then thought she was going to be raped WOW how ROMANTIC Given how intelligent and level headed Judith is throughout the book I assumed Worth would eventually have a change of heart or realization that he has misjudged her and treated her badly But no he never suffers even a moment of doubt To me this book works very well as a close look at upper class Regency life and very badly as a romance Judith and Perry ride to London to rock out and on the way they have a misadventure that ends with Judith getting her face issed off by a grabby stranger Once in London they realize that the grabby stranger is actually their guardian SCANDALOUS HORRORS And what follows is an over detailed collection of cock fights a gaudy Brighton palace and lots and lots of tense standoffs between ward and ward ee COMPELLING STUFF1 I was pretty disappointed by this Worth is a class A Asshole His inability to unbend and share even the smallest iota of his thought processes or suspicions results in a lot of unnecessary drama and it really doesn t let me trust him as the hero of the piece If he can t trust Judith now she s going to have a shitty future with him that s for sure2 WHAT HUGE DESCRIPTIONS YOU HAVE THE BETTER TO LULL YOU TO SLEEP MY PRETTY3 I never got a good read on Judith and the reveal of her feelings for Worth was so poorly handled that I was half afraid she d been poisoned as well 4 I just really really don t do well with heroes or heroines although Heyer prefers her menfolk who are SO CONTAINED SO INTELLIGENT that they just puppet master everyone else in the story They don t communicate They don t allow themselves to interact with anyone freely or honestly it s all manipulations and secrets That type of hero always looks down on those around him and any happy ever after ending projected onto that hero screams DOOMED TO FAILURE GET OUT OF THE WAY Well This was a bit of a dud I don t now how to put this but frankly this was irritating I hate to say that when so many of my Goodreads buddies liked it but boy I have a problem with the characters I m not saying it wasn t funny I have yet to read a Heyer that wasn t However Judith will never The Ecology, Exploitation and Conservation of River Turtles know how many times I wanted to smack her She was so inconsiderate ungratefu In defence of Regency BuckI have recently in a Georgette Heyer forum here on GR briefly addressed the perplexing nature of the hatred Lord Worth gets in comparison with other Heyer heroes and Judith too in comparison with other Heyer heroines but would like to take the time here to speak extensively about it because reasonsRegency Buck was actually the first full Heyer I ever read the actual first was an abridged audiobook version of Sylvester but let s face it Richard Armitage s voice is impossible to resist At the time when I first read Regency Buck it never once occurred to me to hate either the hero or the heroine I thought the story was fun and my subseuent reading of every other Heyer I could get my hands on should attest to that And I mention this here because many Heyer fans will have developed the skill of suinting away some uncomfortable parts of Heyer s novels like her anti semitism for example and try to enjoy them as the product of their time I didn t have that skill at the time of reading Regency Buck I nevernew I would need it until the universally beloved Grand Sophy came my way in factSo it came as something of a surprise to me when beloved Grand Sophy came my way in factSo it came as something of a surprise to me when transpired that most people felt that Lord Worth is a raging arsehole and an odious toad cold fish and detestable according to some of the top rated GR reviews here I understand if someone disliked him or the novel tastes differ after all but some of this vitriol seemed like a major major overreaction and I didn t now what it was the hero was to have done apparently to justify that hatredSo here s my take on the character point by point1 He is rude stand offish and arrogant That s true It s also true of almost EVERY OTHER HEYER HERO EXCEPT FOR HER TYPE II other Heyer hero except for her Type II certainly true of many much beloved ones like the Duke of Avon and his son Mr Beaumaris in Arabella the Maruis of Alverstoke in Frederica etc I see no difference in how arrogant and stand offish he is and they are 2 He forces an intimacy on Judith True again No worse however than what Damarel does to Venetia or what Vidal in the Devil s Cub almost does to Mary In all of those cases the hero takes the heroine for a simple village girl This makes it no ok than if they didn t think them that but apparently that made a difference in Heyer s Regency World If you find that detestable in his case you must therefore find it detestable in all these other cases too I should add that Heyer also seemed to imply that the heroes assumed that to some #Extent Their Overtures Were #their overtures were and their actions changed drastically when they learn that they were not Worth teaches Judith how to defend herself once she slaps him in self defence Damarel reads than he should into Venetia s not running away when given the chance and to eep this spoiler free I will only say that Mary The Hockey Saint (Forever Friends, knows how to take care of herself3 He dictates to Judith and Perry but refuses to tell them what he plans and suspects So Lord Worth s charges Perry and Judith come to London all good looking and loaded with money all full of youthful confidence and without apparent ability to discern the bad from the good Worth after having insulted both of them unwittingly finds himself in the position of having to defend their fortune their lives and virtuesnowing the danger they were in and having the experience of town they lack while at the same time Valentino knowing very well that whatever he says the pair of siblings will take against because they don t like him with reason Judith in particular starts her relationship with Worth once she learns who he really is by negating near everything he says So I think that on balance he actually acts very cleverly He managed Judith s extreme reactions to him and Perry s excesses by intervening personally but discreetly when he must view spoilerby rescuing Perry from being murdered by sending Brummel Judith s way to make her fashionable etc hide spoiler So I feel the great Georgette Heyer Splurge winding down here a woman can only take so much of the constraints of Polite Society before she hares off and immerses herself in gory urban fant. The office of guardian any than they want him and is determined to thwart all their interests and return them to the countryBut when Judith and Peregrine begin to move in the highest social circles Lord Worth cannot help but entangle himself with his adventuresome wards Beautiful Judith Taverner had captivated all London society A bevy of elegant bachelors swarmed about her vying for her favors But then her brother suddenly vanished she was forced to seek the aid of her myste.

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