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A hug in a book Wonderful 45 starsWell that gardening and swapping plants and stuff didn t evoke any excitement in swapping plants and stuff t evoke any excitement in But apart from that this story around Tilly and Ivy Lane s nice ittle community is really Garfield Swallows His Pride (Garfield, lovely After a tragedy Tilly needs a fresh start and finds it in Kingsfield Over the course of one year you can not only witness her patch of the allotment blossom but also herself and her friendship with her fellow gardeners I have to admit the author totally got meovestory wise In a good way Most of the time I feared a certain outcome that I couldn t imagine to possibly turn out in I feared a certain outcome that I couldn t imagine to possibly turn out in satisfactory way Every appearance of the respective guy was either clumsily written or creepy That dampened my mood a Prohibido nacer little while reading this book Fortunately my fears didn t come true Instead I m uite satisfied with the ending So the story earned itself the glorious additional half a star Cathy Bramley has wrote an amazing chickit once again I really enjoyed the story and felt myself connecting to Tilly instantly I found her background story really interesting and was itching to know about what had happened to James However once I did find out I kinda wish I never did It was a sad one Ivy Lane follows Tilly Parker s move to new neighbourhood Kingsfield where she joins an allotment to get some peace and uiet However she soon realises this is the ast thing she is going to get by going there Soon she makes tons of friends and is starting to feel alive again after her husbands car crashWhat I really enjoyed with Ivy Lane and Appleby Farm which is another of Cathy Bramley s books is that they interlinked Ivy Lane is set before Appleby Farm although they are about completely different characters some other characters slide in and out of the books It was ike a ight bulb it up inside my head when I was reading Ivy Lane and all of a sudden Freya popped up that s when I realised that Gemma Tilly s new best friend is also is Appleby Farm The What She Saw (Conard County linking of the stories and the characters is beautifully done and not confusing in the slightestThe character of Charlie freaked me out aittle same as he did in Appleby Farm I was never a huge fan I know he was meant to come across as obsessive and over the top about Tilly but I still did find him a Rivals Break (Sharpe Donovan little strange Ioved Gemma and her relationship with Tilly and it actually made me want to get involved in some sort of communityOverall a fab book and an easy read I couldn t put it down I enjoyed it so much Can t wait to read Cathy Bramley books She is fast becoming one of my favourite authors Sweet happy ending book This book started really good with an interesting story and a Namen-Und Sach-Register Zum Jahresbericht �ber Die Fortschritte in Der Lehre Von Den Pathogenen Mikroorganismen Umfassend Bacterien, Pilze Und Protozo�n lovely setting but it went down hill pretty uickly for me It was too clich and predictable The main character Tilly was just too nice sweet and unrealistic I couldn t understand how she could make such a drama of being single for two years come on youost someone dear to you it takes time for your heart to heal I can t understand how the writer could make such a big deal out of it Soft Focus like being single is terrible and Tilly s only way forward inife was to find a man who could complete her I didn t Alien Chastity Belt like the guy she ended up with nor her views on him as her savior She could had been an amazing strong women but in the second half of the story she was becoming weak and man desperate Theast two chapters made me throw this book and yell at her I cant remember Faker last time I have been so angry with a book I wish I could get my money back for this one Lane centres on Tilly Parker who is making a fresh start in a uiet market town in Derbyshire All she wants is some peace and uiet and she thinks theocal Ivy Lane allotments will provide the perfect opportunity as she can focus on the growth of the food on her Lawbreakers Suspense Stories little patch of earth rather than on the terrible things that made her flea from her formerifeWhat Tilly hasn t taken into consideration was the daily hustle and bustle of the community at the allotments Instead of getting to work uietly and with her head down her fellow gardeners soon befriend Tilly and rope her in for an array of activities organised by the allotment committee Against all odds she enjoys herself and while it wasn t the peace she went out to seek in a different way it also provides a perfect distraction from her former HIPPO IN THE GARDEN life But ignoring her past will Tilly ever be able to truly move on and find happinessInitially released in four individual digital parts the whole novel has now been published and I whizzed through it at rapid speed as I fell inove with mai. Tilly Parker needs a fresh start fresh air and a fresh attitude if she is ever to Spinal Trauma leave the past behind and move on with herife As she seeks out peace and uiet in a new town taking on. ,

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N character Tilly and her new friends at the Ivy Lane allotments I have never been a big fan of gardening myself but Cathy has sold it to me with her beautiful descriptions of Tilly s rewarding work on her own ittle space not to mention the fact that you can meet gorgeous men while gardening who knewAnd Tilly wasn t the only one I fell in ove with The aforementioned gorgeous men aside I absolutely adored Alf An Elderly Gentlemen Who D Been Taking elderly gentlemen who d been taking of his plot by himself after his wife of many years passed away and beautician Gemma who was not only a very funny character to read about but also became a only a very funny character to read about but also became a and close friend to Tilly Ivy Lane tells a heart warming sweet and uplifting tale of friendship romance and getting your hands dirty Filled to the brim with oveable characters a compelling story and a tearjerker or two Cathy Bramley has one again shown what a fantastic writer she is This is one of my favourite snuggle up cosy read of the year and I am already The Gathering (Darkness Rising, looking forward to Cathy s next book which is the enticingly titled Appleby Farm As of right now I m still trying to process my thoughts on Tilly Parker s story because it was just so bloody brilliant so if I begin to ramble and make no sense at all then that s my excuse In Ivy Lane we re introduced to Tilly Parker Cathy begins to reveal to the reader that there is something that hased Tilly to her new destination although the exact reason isn t revealed until a MongoDB later point within the story It s fair to say that I was intrigued instantly and my mind was whirring with all of the possible reasons as to why Tilly was there She was beginning a new job in theocal primary school she was Chastity looking for peace and Ivy Lane is about Tilly Parker who had a horrible time theast 18 months She needs to get a new perspective in Experiential Learning life so she accepts a job as a primary school teacher in a small town called Kingsfield and takes on a plot in the Ivy Lane allotments near her house Soon Tilly starts to make friends with the other Ivy Lane gardeners and is being drawn and into theirovely worldI adored the Ivy Lane people and their stories They were all very cute At first I wasn t really sure if all this gardening stuff would be for me but as it turned out it was Maybe that s because it was not that much gardening in the end But still I kind of want to own an allotment myself and grow fruits or whatever The atmosphere of the book was so cozy and nice all the time I Die Neurobiologie des Glücks loved it What I alsooved was that Tilly s story is split into four parts or four seasons ike so we accompany her throughout one whole year So we have one year to unravel Tilly s past and find a new meaning for her future ifeI am uite sad that the book is over now because I don t really want to say goodbye to Ivy Lane allotments Oh and the girl from Appleby Farm appears towards the end of the book so I already got to know her a tiny bit which was nice because Appleby Farm will be one of my next reads For me everything about Ivy Lane is just perfect the characters setting pace intrigue humour and romance all are served up in just the right uantities I A New Philosophy of History loved every page and waxedyrical about it at every opportunityThe story is about a character Tilly Parker and the people she meets and becomes friends with when she takes on a new hobby as an allotment owner Tilly had moved to the area Abortion, Choice, and Contemporary Fiction looking for a fresh start from what we re not told but it does involve a man called James She takes on an allotment as a way of seeking the outdoors and some solitude a way to regain her euilibrium Peace and solitude I could have told her finding that would be difficult my husband had an allotment for several years and his allotment friends as I called them were all different characters and ages from all walks ofife privacy and solitude don t go together when you become part of an allotment community Cathy had clearly done her research as he characterisations were so accurate Our that s the royal our allotment was in the same condition as Tilly s when we took it over and all the surrounding allotment owners came and gave their advice pitched in with tools and gossiped the day away With each person Tilly met I could draw on my memories of allotment ife and say oh shehe is just ike or do you remember that day when Tilly Parker kept her cards close to her chest as to her reasons for turning up in Ivy Lane but as the book progresses we see her opening up a FRITZI auf Sylt - ÖLMALEREI - Kunst in Fotobrillant-Druck little and seriously having her head turned romantically not by one but two suitors Ioved the way her whole demeanour altered wh. A plot at Ivy Lane allotments seems ike the perfect solutionBut the friendly Ivy Lane community has other ideas and gradually draw Tilly in to their cosy comforting world of planting. Ivy LaneEn she arrived at the allotment totally relaxing and osing herself in the job at hand her beautiful nature shining through time and time again when she gives time to others putting their needs and feelings to the forefront of everything she doesA highly amusing part of the book saw the allotment owners the forefront of everything she doesA highly amusing part of the book saw the allotment owners up for a TV crews arrival They were to film a new television programme set at the allotments It was also time for the annual produce competition Needless to say there was The Man from Beijing lots of primping and pruning done and not just to the allotments Iaughed and smiled so much reading all the antics Creating Lasting Value loving all the characters and theirittle ways both subtle and in your faceIt was great to be a voyeur watching the story unfold there are those that Understanding Markets and Strategy love theimelight and those that Montana Dreams like to blend into the background Secrets jealousies andove share eual space on the page and I OOHED AND AHHED WHILST TILLY FOUND FEELINGS SURFACING oohed and ahhed whilst Tilly found feelings surfacing she d kept battened down for so Immerwelt - Der Pakt long Her relationship with her new friend Gemma is another big favourite of mine she makes meaugh smile and groan in eual measures Throughout the book there are a Modern South Asia lot of sub stories that Cathy throws out reeling the reader in and theneaving them dangling But none so than halfway through the book With Ivy Lane Cathy has developed characters that are highly imaginable and feel to me ike real people Tilly Parker the main character in Ivy Lane develops and blossomed as the book progressed I did think it was a stroke of genius and so very apt of Cathy to centre the progressed I did think it was a stroke of genius and so very apt of Cathy to centre the around an allotment where things grow with ove and care Just Ancestral Voices like Tilly with all theove and support of her new friends on the allotments Tilly very much kept her cards close to her chest as to how and why she has ended up in Ivy Lane but the third uarter of the book sees Tilly s story un ravel but not before we see her character flounder a And Bid Him Sing littleThe TV company comes back to show a preview of the series they filmed a young offenders project begins on the allotments andet me just say that Tilly s confidence takes a bashing jealousies arise advice is given and new beginnings are forgedConfidences are shared and Tilly reveals her past it s clearly a huge relief to her to finally share her secrets and release the weight that she has been carrying around with her This was a slightly serious part with many differing emotions on display There were still plenty of moments that had me Aristotle Detective (Aristotle laughing smiling and groaning outoud though imagining the antics going on in and around the allotments Even when displaying her serious side Tilly still manages to make me smile there is a vulnerability and dippy side that just makes me want to hug her and say bless As I drew close to the end of this book I was sad and eager at the same time wanting to find out the final secrets and yet not wanting to because I knew the book would be over Christmas approached with an hilarious baking competition and a party that finally sees romance blossom for Tilly but is it with Aiden or Charlie You Bones, Clones, and Biomes ll have to read it for yourself and find out I canet you into a Bringing the Empire Home little secret Cathy has a new four part series out so we don t have to say goodbye to Ivy Lane totally as some of the characters cross over into the new series Appleby FarmI urge you all to go out and buy Ivy Lane once you start reading youl be hooked ine and sinker This was perfect enjoyable read that is uplifting and got better and better the I read Cathy has successfully showcased Ivy Lane and it s characters who all had depth and a story to tell There s ots of humour friendship and intrigue and this story is just Building the Cold War like good chocolate satisfying dreamy and delicious buteaves you wanting just a Canadian Art, Volume 1 (A-F) little bit I absolutely adored reading Ivy Lane I was 34 way through reading the novel and I was experiencing that feeling you get when you don t want something to endCathy Bramley is another new author to me and will now be going on my favouritesistThis full Counter-Amores length novel takes you through one year of theife of Tilly Parker starting with Spring and ending at WinterThe story flowed so well and at the end of each chapter I was eager to continue readingCathy Bramley has created such memorable characters in Ivy Lane and I feel uite bereft that the story has finished I do hope the characters will pop up in future stories hint hint I thoroughly enjoyed the setting of the story based around an allotment community and feel encouraged to try my hand at adventurous gardening I hope allotments are here to stay and inspire younger generations. Seedlings organizing bake sales and planning seasonal partiesAs the seasons pass will Tilly Dancing at Armageddon learn to stop hiding amongst the sweetpeas andet people back into her Double Jeopardy life – and her hear.

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