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The Great Trouble

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This was pretty good It is a great cover for starters This is An Exciting Part Of exciting part of history elated by a mudlark The narrator does a fine job except when the author decides that she should pay attention to the ather feeble story of the character The perso Learned all kinds of new stuff in this one and was surprised at how interesting I found the history of Cholera As far as I could tell it was almost exacting in the historical details even many of the lead characters It seemed just a few ticks away from being narrative NFThis came across as such true and traditional historical fiction partly because it was clear that the story was important than the characters or dialog Aside from the tacked on Fisheye Bill piece everything in the dialog and pacing was to move the timeline and information forward It was super smooth and I have to say that I still enjoyed Au bagne reading it I particularly appreciated all the loose scientific methodeference in the doctor and Eel s conversations with each other I can see that being useful For Some School Project some school project from our patronsOh and you can bet that I have a Indistractable renewed sense of gratitude for the era and land of clean drinking water that I live in 35 stars Deborah Hopkinson knows how to pass on interesting historical facts While I veead her nonfiction books this is the first fiction book of hers that I ve Jacques Prevert read and I m not surprised that I found the story lacking a bit in character development but full of great facts Hopkinson presents an interesting study of how an epidemic spreads throughout a community as a medical professional with the assistant of an orphan studies patterns and causes in an effort to determine the origin of a diseaseEel is an orphan in 1854 London who has gotten a job at the Lion Brewey a lucky break that pulls him away from full time mudlarking a type of scavenging for junk from the Thamesiver to sell to traders Eel has a secret and must make money than the average mudlarker When his stable job is threatened and the townspeople around the Broad Street Water pump get sick with cholera Eel finds himself helping Dr Joh. “A delightful combination of ace against the clock medical mystery and outwit the bad guys adventure” Publishers Weekly Starred   Eel has troubles of his own As an orphan and a “mudlark” he spends his days in the filthy River Thames searching for bits of things to sell He’s being hunted by Fisheye Bill Tyler and a nastier man never walked the streets of Lo. N Snow a man who Believes Previous Theories Of The previous theories of the being air borne as incorrect Eel isn t sure he can help Dr Snow prove his theory but he is willing to help himEel begins the story with a heavy accent while talking to Jake This gets lost later in the story and he sounds educated as the story goes on especially at the end with Dr Snow who is trying to teach him to think like a scientist in egards to the patterns of cholera in the neighborhood I thought that perhaps knowing the source of cholera would take too much tension out of the story but it is about solving where the original source of the contamination occurred and
"the process for "
process for it outThe subplot with Eel and his mysterious money was predictable and didn t interest me as much as the main story It adds to the story as a whole "AND IS NECESSARY BUT I THOUGHT IT WAS TOO "is necessary but I thought it was too and I wasn t vested in those characters as much as the process for figuring out the disease I have always found epidemiology fascinating and the manner in which scientists determine what causes an outbreak and its source is a bit of a mystery This story helps give a glimpse of evidence based decisions in medicine that lead to improved public health Normally I am drawn to a story by the characters ather than the nonfiction elements but that was not the case here Wow Just finished this book in one sitting Historical fiction is not usually my favorite genre nor do I eally ever want to ead anything about diseasesBUTthis story based on a eal cholera epidemic in 1854 is exciting and interesting I love the main character Eel who seems authentic and through whose eyes the eader gets a eal feeling for life on the streets of England for a poor boy In fact I cared about all of the characters big and small and felt the unfairness of the situation for all of them I nearly wanted to shout to them to LISTEN to Dr Snow and stop drinking that water The author has Dr Snow guide Eel through the thought process of testing his hypothesis and solving the mystery of the outbreak to include thinking through the 5W s just the kind of logical easonin. Ndon And he’s got a secret that costs him four precious shillings a week to keep safe But even for Eel things aren’t so bad until that fateful August day in 1854 the day the deadly cholera “blue death” comes to Broad Street   Everyone believes that cholera is spread through poisonous air But one man Dr John Snow has a different theory As the epidemic surges it?. ,

G we try to teach students So bonusFor a book based on a true story where hundreds of people die this was one lively and satisfying story where hundreds of people die this was one lively and satisfying That Will Appeal Directly that will appeal directly middle school students I ll be booktalking this one Monday morningAlso ead this eview This book is great for 4th 7th graders I enjoyed the way the author told the story of the cholera epidemic that swept through a portion of London A perfect example of historical fiction taking liberties with characters to put them in the heart of the action so the audience can be connected to the story Two things first I hated the introduction The first chapter or so will be confusing for younger eaders and I fear will make them put the book down before giving it a chance And second am I wrong or is there a loose end with Fisheye I feel as though I missed something Won t say to avoid spoilers Solidly good and about an interesting event in history that I knew nothing about Very much a middle grade book A very good fictionalized children s account of the Cholera epidemic detailed in the great adult non fiction The Ghost Map The Story of London s Most Terrifying Epidemic and How It Changed Science Cities and the Modern World A good introduction for children of living conditions of Victorian London and the history of medicine Eel and Florrie are very engaging characters I am not sure the side plot with Fisheye Bill was eally necessary but I guess it did add a bit of excitement I was disappointed that the author never gives Eel a eal name even at the end This is exactly what I enjoy in historical fiction great characters in a well written story that transports me to that place in history and teaches me about very interesting things I did not know before I didn t know much about cholera before eading this but now I know much It was very interesting being there as Dr John Snow with the help of our fictional protagonist proves that cholera is contracted view spoilerby drinking contaminated water hide spoiler This is now one of my all time favorite books I loved the mystery and I learned a lot about cholera I would definitely eco. ??s up to Eel and his best friend Florrie to gather evidence to prove Dr Snow’s theory before the entire neighborhood is wiped out   “Hopkinson illuminates a pivotal chapter in the history of public health Accessible and entertaining” School Library Journal Starred   “For eaders who love suspense drama and mystery” TIME for Kids From the Hardcover editi. .

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