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Belzhar by Meg WolitzerIf you re already skeptical about a erson someone being in deep dark mourning lasting a year over someone they knew for only a few weeks then this is definitely not going to be a book for you Although normally that would ut me off I really really wanted this book to work Considering Wolitzer is well established in adult literary fiction I suppose I figured she was likely to have a shot at creating a truly wrenching story of lost love even if that love was so brief There were a couple of clear ways this scenario could work and I was curious to see if Wolitzer would Husband In Training pull it off She didn t Everything about this story is surface level only There is no depth of emotion no character development limited growth stuntedacing and one hell of an obnoxious ending that had me going Seriously Full review at The Midnight Garden Forced Live Wire (Elite Ops, predictableatronizing trite Just no I have never been so disappointed in an author I kept reading hoping she would redeem herself Nope It is astonishing how mediocre and immature this book is Wolitzer is supposedly a writer of some critical acclaim so how could she write something so Words of Radiance, Part 1 (The Stormlight Archive poor Thelot itself is ok I guess a bunch of students with various Lauras Summer Ballet (Laura, psychologicalroblems are learning to deal with them by experiencing their issues in a sort of hypnotic world of Belzhar really But EVERYTHING about this story is superficial exploration of grief and guilt ortrayal of first loveobsession and mental illness even teaching and critical reading of Plath is extremely simplisticBarely managed to skim through this 45 I was sent this book by Penguinteen in exchange for an honest reviewYou know those books where you just go into them expecting ehhh but come out of them like holy heck this was amazing and changed my mind set yeah well this was one of those books for me I found out this novel is greatly inspired by Sylvia Plath s book Bell Jar which I have not read but now really really want to We follow Jam a young girl whose first love died She s struggling with her situation and is ut in a boarding school for fragile highly intelligent teens In her english class they re given journals to write in and when they begin to write in them they re transported to Belzhar an idyllic world At first I was not liking the main character because it seemed like she was one of the many YA main characters who feel like they re nothing without a boy but there s actual reasoning behind why she feels this wayI enjoyed all the side characters and their stories The author did such an amazing job with showing the many different types of losesI loved the setting of the english class and how close all the students got through writing and sharing their experiences Belzhar was truly magical It s definitely a book that I ll be thinking about for sometimeCANT WAIT TO MEET MEG WOLITZER FRIDAY It took me months to get through this one I kept forgetting I was even reading it so let s just say it I kept forgetting I was even reading it so let s just say it t a memorable read for me It is uniue don t get me wrong but I just didn t really care about any of these characters Then when the magical element got introduced it made the book even less interesting not as I had hopedOk so let s start with this remise After her boyfriend dies Jam gets sent to boarding school for troubled teens and in one of her classes she s given a journal that to her surprise sends her to a magical lace whenever she writes in it This Film on the Left place is free ofain and heartache it s a world where the tragedy that brought them to this school has not happened Although this might sound cheesy I thought it was a really creative Public Policy Making premise with tons ofotential I expected a lot of depth and soul searching but instead I found myself getting bored while we did nothing but skim the surface emotionally The characters themselves were not bad but they weren t especially interesting either This deep bond that apparently connected them was brought up so much it only made it feel forced So in turn I uickly grew frustrated with it allThis might just be my being used to extreme emotional situations in the books I read but I couldn t stop from rolling my eyes at a few aspect in this story Look at this class of The Artists Way Morning Pages Journal people for instance a handful of teens selected from aool of damaged kids because the teacher thought they needed special help to get through this difficult time One is there because she was in an accident and got aralyzed another is

There Because She S 
because she s herself for her brother s disappearance and then we have this guy who s there because he found out his father cheated Oh and also because he s now getting Cs instead of As Umm ok That sucks and everything but that hardly makes you a tragedy Another instance that made me roll my eyes until they hurt I unfortunately can t talk about It s the big reveal of what really happened during the last day of Jam s boyfriend s life And oh my freaking word you are not freaking kidding me Kudos for being unpredictable at leastThen there were added details and sub lots in the book that were not really necessary and only distracted from the main storyline The a cappella thing the whole deal with her brother s snarkychanged behaviour a freaking doe giving birth Why I get that it can help to develop characters and give them a realistic life with family dynamics and such but it just fel. If life were fair Jam Gallahue would still be at home in New Jersey with her sweet British boyfriend Reeve Maxfield She’d be watching old comedy sketches with him She’d be kissing him in the library stacks  She certainly wouldn’t be at The Wooden Barn a therapeutic boa. T like ointless Utopia plot additions in this case All in all Belzhar is an intriguing read one that uses anticipation and curiosity in a way that makes you want to keep reading to find out the truth With that said despite myroblems with it I do think it deserves 3 stars It simply falls short emotionally and failed to live up to my expectations at the end An advance copy was O Jogo do Acaso provided by theublisher for reviewFor of my reviews visit my blog at Xpresso Reads 35 stars Reading this so soon after having read Sylvia Plath s The Bell Jar for the first time was an interesting experience If you can t tell from the title Wolitzer The Wedding Day pulls heavily from Plath s novel but I wouldn t say this story is necessarily a remake or rip off of the originalIn Belzhar we follow Jam Gallahue a sixteen year old girl who is sent to a school for students with issues whether they suffer from emotionalhysical or sychological trauma On her first day at The Wooden Barn the school Jam finds out she s in a class called Special Topics in English a class that is only taught when the rofessor Mrs feels like teaching it and only for a select group of students Jam along with four other students at the school is selected to articipate and read Plath s novel and oetry over the course of one semesterThroughout the course of the novel and the students semester we come to learn about each character to see them deal with their trauma and grow close to one another Alongside that is a lot surrounding something called Belzhar which I won t disclose in this review But it s a uniue and satisfying remise that relies enough on Plath s original work to introduce the themes but does most of the heavy lifting itself to develop each character their growth and ultimately their conclusionsI found Jam s situation to be the least compelling from the outside compared to the other students in her class but because we see everything through her eyes I came to really enjoy her narrative It could ve easily become something off Stumble Into Love putting but Wolitzer manages to create a vivid character that you can root forIt s not the most mind blowing book ever but if you re a fan of Plath or at least have read The Bell Jar before I can definitely recommend this one It s got a great diverse cast of characters without feeling like it s checking off boxes and they each have an important story to tellerhaps you ll find one that you can relate to This story makes a mockery of love emotional integrity and mental illness and it s glamoured by unmagical magical realism a sophisticated literary style and a twist upon which everything else hinges I despise feeling manipulated much as many of the characters in this book would if they had any sense especially when the lot and writing are not articularly remarkable and when the characters and relationships are so not Dictionary of Literary Biography, Volume 285 particularly remarkable and when the characters and relationships are so shallow and meaningless There s an attempt to interject aoint to the story in the end I suppose but it s only a footnote to this elaborate heartless exercise in writing techniue An advance copy was Fifty Key British Films provided by theublisher PS our own Kim wrote a thorough real review with spoilers detailing why the twist is so very Twentieth-Century Music and Politics problematic here also very much like karen s balanced and very kind review Incredible I inhaled this It is like a dream It is LITERALLY like a dream and like a dream you cannotut it down Sad fascinating funny Gender Inequality in Our Changing World profound real See reviews at YA Midnight ReadsI originally rated this 25 stars but screw it it s been almost 2 months since I read this and I m still majorlyissed off Lowered to 2 stars Belzhar is a very difficult book for me to review I ve been sitting here in front of my laptop for than half an hour just fuming and raging inside because of this book Because I cannot talk about the cons just yet let me just tell you guys what this book is aboutThis book is about Jam Jam s full name is Jamaica and yep her Can Government Think? parents named her after thelace where she was conceived As amusing as that is Belzhar is not an amusing book It is a dark and Fostering Change in Institutions, Environments, and People profound for one of the first things we find out about our main character is that she was in love with Reeve Maxfield and he died Jam soon becomes inconsolable and herarents end up sending her to The Wooden Barn which is a school for teens who are emotionally fragile highly intelligent At The Wooden Barn Jam finds out she s been chosen to be art of Mrs uenell s Special Topics in English class This is an selective and arguably elite course where only a handful of students around 5 are selected to artake each year Jam s roommate DJ tells her that all the students who took Mrs uenell s course in the revious years came out claiming that their lives had been changed forever but no one outside the class really knows how and those who were in the class never seemed to divulge much So on the first day of her class Jam is skeptical Soon she and the other students in her small class are handed a red leather notebook and what they don t know is how much that notebook will change their livesLet s talk about the rose because it was one of the things I loved most here Meg Wolitzer s writing skills are clearly not lacking While I didn t have the best experience with this novel of her s I am definitely going to check out her revious books Her writing though rather simpl. Rding school in rural Vermont living with a weird roommate and signed up for an exclusive mysterious class called Special Topics in English But life isn’t fair and Reeve Maxfield is dead Until a journal writing assignment leads Jam to Belzhar where the untainted ast is rest. Istic was coated in honesty and bleakness and some of these moments in this novel hit really close to home for me And I also know that ain can seem like an endless ribbon You Wool-Gathering or How I Ended Analysis pull it and youull it You keep gathering it toward you and as it collects you really can t believe that there s something else at the end of it Something that isn t just Epistemologies of the South painOne of my two issues I had this book was the superficiality of the characters and their relationships I didn t manage to gain any emotional bond with any of the characters Sure I felt incredibly sorry for them and I was thoroughly intrigued by theirasts and what led them to end up at The Wooden Barn but if they died randomly I wouldn t have blinked any eye What was of a Security Management problem for me were the relationships romantic andlatonic I totally didn t get why Jam and Griffin ended up smooching during this book I mean it was completely unnecessary and only took up ages when it shouldn t have Jam was trying to deal with the repercussions of her boyfriend s death for god s sake This is just another classic example in YA books where someone meets someone else to help them move on As for Jam and Sierra s friendship it felt incredibly abrupt One minute Sierra is completely closed off the next minute they re BFFs Please just noIf I hadn t read the ending of this novel I would give this book around 3 stars While I had issues with the characters and relationships I loved the writing and the lot line especially the Belzhar otherworld aspect Unfortunately the ending to Belzhar exists and I read it And now I fully regret it I m hiding this following Making Sense of the Secular part in spoiler tags to discuss why I hated the ending so much view spoilerI have two things to say about this ending 1 I am so so angry with the ending I feel cheated and manipulated into trying to feeling sorry for a girl who got obsessed with a guy who was so obviously not into her And 2 It s rather evident that Jam is delusional No I don t mean it in the joking way I m saying that Jam had a Delusional Disorder Yes that is a thing I actually didn t know myself about this until I searched it up on the web and it s a mental illness with many different subcategories I am really annoyed that the author didn t bother to fully address Jam s circumstances Her delusion NEEDED to be taken note of because it s something that happens to realeople as well and brushing it off like that has kept me uite Secrecy in Us Foreign Policy pissed off for theast few hours If you re going to deal with mental illness in a book do it the right way hide spoiler i had a very medium response to this book i m conflicted about a number of its different elements annoyedperplexed by others but also Music, Movies, Meanings, and Markets pretty impressed by the big reveal s ability to genuinely surprise me however that initialleasantly surprised feeling morphed into additionally conflicted feelings once i rocessed the turn so it s all a jumble of contradictory and confusing feelingswhich means i am in the same emotional state as all the characters in this book so let s call it a 35 for thatthis book has several components that are real karen grabbers smart troubled kids at boarding school secret history ish situation magical elements creeping into the everyday this is ordinarily the way to my heart and since after reading how to be a heroine i d How To Be a Heroine i d to give The Bell Jar another chance to win me over it seemed timely to read this since the title of this book is meant to be ronounced like bell jar it led to a couple of confusing conversations oh you re reading The Bell Jar no i m reading bellzzjjjhhar that s what i said oh the hilarity of miscommunicationhere s another fun conversation i had about this book this one with greg upon looking closely at the coverso this is about sad kidsDING DING DING greg wins the summarize a book by its cover gameand i liked it a lot at the beginning jam short for jamaica Is A Sixteen Year a sixteen year girl whose boyfriend the british exchange student reeve maxfield sooo not in love with the names of characters in this book died forty one days after they met where roughly only half of those days constituted the span of their relationship a year has Angel (Volume 5) passed and jam is in no way over her grief she fetishizes this tiny jar of jam get it he gave her she mopes around the house staying in bed for days wearing the same clothes avoiding her friends skipping school and making gloomyronouncements like this one in a conversation with her twelve year old brother It ll suck without you in the houseYou d better get used to it I said to him Our childhood together is retty much overThat s mean he saidBut it s true And then eventually I went on one of us will die And the other one will have to go to the funeral And give a speechdude bleakthe reason she s moving out of the house is that she is being sent to vermont to attend the wooden barn a therapeutic boarding school for emotionally fragile highly intelligent students where they can recover from the lingering effects of trauma jam is one of five students chosen to be in a class called special topics in english an extremely selective course taught eriodically by the formidable mrs uenell around which and whom mysterious rumors have always swirled former students have claimed the class was life changing but have always been very secretive about why or how or wha. Ored and Jam can feel Reeve’s arms around her once again But there are hidden truths on Jam’s Overcoming Global Inequalities path to reclaim her loss  From New York Times bestselling author Meg Wolitzer comes a breathtaking and surprising story about first love deep sorrow and the power of acceptance.

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