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Rescue her beloved home Stenbrooke who her late husband gambled away in a

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of cardsCan successfully get what their hearts desire but then what IS their heart s desireWell written with a wealth of historical detail and a healthy dash of romance of course A great whimsical and light read that you can really lose yourself in Her Cinderella SeasonClearly a follow up in a series I find the title misleading it indicates a particular story line or fairy tale setting which it doesn t live up toTall dark and disreputableGood characters but a strange story. D looks filled her girlish Dreams Dreams That Were Cruelly Shattered When Mateo Rejected Her dreams that were cruelly shattered when Mateo rejected her in marriage Now her home has been gambled away and Portia has no choice but to trust this man who once betrayed her.

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Two brilliant historical Mills and Boons novels wrapped up in one lovely bookIn the first Her Cinderella season Lily Beecham is bored with her life under the critical rule of her religious mother and yearns to break out and see a bit of societyThis does not seem possible as she soon learns of her mother s plans to marry her off but then a chance meeting with a stranger in the
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changes verything LilyCan the mysterious Mr Alden save her from a life shackled to a man she doesn t loveIn the second Tall dark and disreputable Portia Tofton who has alw. Her Cinderella Season A chance meeting with wildly handsome Mr Her Cinderella Season A chance meeting with wildly handsome Mr Alden changes Miss Lily Beecham's life forever Freed from dowdy gowns and worthy *reading lily charms society and begins to break *Lily charms Society and begins to break Jack's Ays since a young girl been in love with the dashing Mateo Cardea finds hersef in an impossible situationAfter having her hopes dashed by Mateo who chose a life on the sea she now finds herself bound to him when she is through a uirk of fate given the whole of his shipping nterprise frustrations mount as the two fight a growing passion for ach other now they are adults and
are in the 
in the position of being beholden to one another for help to ach get what they want Mateo his shipping business back under his guiding hand and Portia needs his help to. Ool demeanour But unless wicked Mr Alden can save her at the nd of the Season Lily must return to BLEAK NORMALITY TALL DARK AND DISREPUTABLE normality Tall Dark and Disreputable Tofton has always yearned for brooding Mateo Cardea His dark goo. ,

Cinderella in the Regency Ballroom