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Live a Little Love a Lot

Read ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ë Alexa Darin

I ead the blurb and though Yeah this seems like my kind of thing who doesn t love a hot Cowboy Unfortunately that is where my optimism for this ends I didn t like either of the main characters didn t like the ending I didn t like either of the main characters didn t like the ending the or anything about it I wouldn t ecommend THIS BOOK THIS IS THE STORY OF TAYLOR AND book This is the story of Taylor and Taylor is a work obsessed attorney who gets broken up with on the back of a Starbucks napkin and escapes to an island paradise to see her sister and mend her heart The last thing she expects to find the day she gets there is another man who has the power to break her heartCole is a etired bull ider who moved to the islands to start a new life He wants Taylor from the day they meet and works to make her hisCan Taylor give up her life in Seattle for life on the island and when a secret comes out can Cole forgive Taylor or is their elationship doomedI had high hope for this book from the synopsis but I was eally disappointed I felt like it started in the middle of the story and I found myself asking why on a lot of plot points This story is told entirely from Taylor s POV so you never eally know much about Cole or why he is the way that he isMy thoughtsCharacter development 25Level of Romance between characters 3PassionHeat level 25You don t get much scenes go from a kiss without much to description to suddenly they are tangled in the sheets and then next sentence doneAngstHeartbreak 3 there is some stuff going on but I was invested in the characters so it didn t affect. When the going gets tough the tough go to the Caribbean to soak up the sun It's all sun sand and surfuntil sharks storms and sexy men get in the waySeattle attorney Taylor Grant needs a little down timesomewhere far far away from life as she knows it A coffee shop on every corner isn't helping her get over the man who left her with a painful good bye via a few scribbled words on the back of a Starbucks napkin The Caribbean island of St John seems the perfect place Bu. Me eallyCliffhanger No there is the assumption of a HEA in the endOverall honestly if I hadn t been eading this for eview it would have been a DNF AT THE HALFWAY MARK FOR at the halfway mark for It had a lot of potential and with character development could have been a great book I eceived an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest eview #Now I m not a huge omance eader but I did get a change to ead this new book by #I m not a huge omance eader but I did get a change to ead this new book by Darin Live A Little Love A Lot and I found it to be a eal fun story This was the first book I have ead in first person present tense before but I found it to be a eal nice change I enjoyed living the story as it happened thru the main character Taylor Grant s eyes It was a much intimate perspective than I was expecting The book was also super easy ead now I m not the uickest of eaders but it was the first book I started on a Thursday night and ended on Sunday morning eason being I had a hard time putting it down It had some humor which I caught myself laughing out loud with some drama a little twist and of course some omance that takes place in a tropical setting what could you ask for Heck it s been awhile since I ve taken a vacation and this book was a nice escape I can t put my finger on it but this book has something special about it it s definitely ecommended Read Live A Little Love A Lot and I m sure you will enjoy it as much as I did or I liked this book I enjoyed the first two books and
the first an easy light Kisses Don t Lie followed by the second Good. T Taylor didn't count on meeting etired bull ider Cole McKenzieResisting temptation would be the smart thing to do But Cole is no average cowboy With his sueeze me biceps and easy smile it's not long before he has Taylor feeling like a gidiot girl idiotLust uickly turns into much and Taylor is surprised at how deep her feelings un for Cole But all is not sunshine and blue skies in paradise Taylor learns of a secret that could turn Cole's world upside down and she.
Au bagne The Kaya-Girl
With His Hands which was in depth and a longer ead live a little love a longer ead Live a little Love a combined the best of the two with the ight amount of steam infused to make the story sizzle I m not sure about the eview that *found tedium in the descriptions of the settings since those are the details I find so important in *tedium in the descriptions of the settings since those are the details I find so important in book because they help you build the mental image the visual movie in your mind as you e eading Similarly I find Alexa s writing style is efreshing and easy to ead putting in the minimum of attributions so you can ead the book much like observing a conversation with the story flowing and developing without awkward attributions like he said she gasped etcThis book is a fun ead for anyone and it left me anxiously awaiting the next book We all need to lighten up and live a little And love a lot ARC provided in exchange for an honest eviewThis is a 25 star ead for me I had a couple of issues with this story First Live a Little Love A Lot was categorized on NetGalley as a NA omance I think it should have been listed as contemporary omance The pace of the plot dragged in places for me I would have like to see a bit less description on the setting The sexual scenes were a bit awkward they ead like the author was uncomfortable with writing them Even though I had the above issues with the book I would definitely give Alexa Darin another try Her style is fun and the above issues with the book I would definitely give Alexa Darin another try Her style is fun and the most part flows well Her characters are fun uirky and witty I would ecommend this to anyone that enjoys beach omances. Agonizes over whether or not she should tell Ultimately it could mean the end of their island omance What she needs is a miracle to make it all go away What she gets is an unexpected visit from her exand he wants to fix all her problems Plus he's eady to get down on one knee if she'll have himDoes Taylor still care enough for her ex that she's willing to leave Cole behind or will she come to the ealization that the one who got away wasn't so ight for her after al. ,

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