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I knew this book was oing to be a collection of short stories but I thought as the title suggests that they would be from those who knew her best Unfortunately many of the storie This was a compilation of memories from people that had something they wanted to share about the late Princess of Wales Larry King put the book together which I must admit made me wary of the people who would be involved with the book I am a huge Princess Diana fan so I was Inventing the Future going to read it anyway Plus it was aift from one of my daughters The Understanding Women good thing is that most of the writers knew the princess and kept their thoughts brief The disappointment to me was that very few shared anything of real substance that would let us know the princess better The ones that did were well worth reading I enjoyed the personal insights from people who actually knew the princess and even the reflections of people who had never met herMy favorites were the two who spoke to her just hours before her death And some of the comments were so much in line with my own thoughtsThis is a book that I would like too back and re read some day Every time that I think that I have read all the books about Diana that I found interesting another pops up I enjoyed reading of how people met her and their thoughts on her Some were very honest on their feelings and I was surprised a ood readjust a few pages from each personwith their fondest memory of The People s Princess A beautiful soul who is still missed to this day Although I m too young to remember Princess Diana s magnificent wedding to Prince Charles I can clearly remember the day she died I didn t know a lot about her and found this book very interesting Different than other biographies this was a collection of memories from many people that knew the Princess from Barbara Bush to her hairdresser Many of the writer s included very endearing stories about the Princess Some of them however wrote about themselves This book left me wanting to learn about the late Princess Diana She was an amazing woman who dedicated her life to others The symbol they used with the elegant font on the beginning sections was so pretty I couldn t believe Larry King wrote this It was a surprise that he knew her especially well enough to write a book about her I didn t even pay attention to the name when I saw it on the library catalog Ingrid Seward said she was uick witted insecure but never took herself seriously and that she had the ift of friendship with ordinary people I was surprised though when she said she compartmentalized her life and kept things separate that s why people had such different views on her I wasn t expecting any differing views from what I d already heard about her this year I liked her nickname Shy Di I liked the memory of Dickie Arbiter He was a royal reporter and worked for her when she was 26 He did the advising and managed media relations for Charles and Diana He worked for them together and individually whenever they traveled alone He spent a lot of time with her and they even swam together early in the morning or late at night He said she was intoxicating and every man that met her fell immediately in love with her including him I thought it was so interesting to learn about someone so close to her I was shocked that she treated people she met in public better than the ones that worked for her and he said she treated some appallingly I Verdammt verliebt guess it s aood thing he didn t The Way Between the Worlds (The View from the Mirror, go into detail cuz I didn t want to change my opinion of her He also said she blew hot and cold and you were either in or out At times they didn t speak to each other She froze people out especially if theyot too close to her He pointed out a lot of people crawled out of the wood works after her death claiming to know her and be her friend but that she had her death claiming to know her and be her friend but that she had few friends friend but that she had few friends could be counted on one hand I liked that he shared that she was Inverloch Volume 4 generous and lovediving people presents and wanted them to open them in front of her I was surprised he said that she wasn t beautiful but had the looks and charisma and The Good and Beautiful God glamour that turned heads He was at the Palace after her death and saw firsthand the flowers that were placed out and when the ueen and Duke of Edinburgh came out he was worried about their reception but the crowd actually applauded and said comforting words in sympathy Lord Jeffrey Archer said that they don t make them like that very often and I really like that line because it shows how special people thought she was It was nice that he had a signed picture a pair of cuff links and letters from her I was so surprised that Tyra Banks wrote something in here I was floored that she knew Princess Dianaonly to read little than half a page which just had her thoughts that Diana was someone to relate to and aspire to and she her struggles were those of the everyday womanand I flipped the page and that was it She didn t know her at all just cried after hearing about her death I didn t see why that was included in here at all My mom stayed up watching the news too and she was sad because she liked Diana does that mean sheets to write in the book too If on the cover it promises cherished memories of Diana Princess of Wales from those who knew her best then it should be just that cherished memories of her from those who knew her best not people who didn t know her at all If that s the case everyone would write in here because we all had thoughts and feelingsHarry Benson definitely represented the photographer side of the story in that he didn t think they were to blame and that even President Clinton said not to jump to conclusions but to wait until they found out the cause of her death He said you ve ot to understand the photographers weren t waiting at the hotel that night because they wanted to be there it s because every magazine and newspaper wanted a pic of the mother of the future king of England with her boyfriend And the cause was drunk driving Princess Diana should be the poster child for Mothers Against Drunk Driving Seemed kind of crass and insensitive and also neglectful not to put any wrong on the paparazzi In my opinion we could have done without the arrogant eulogy iven by her brother and the recycled song sung by Elton John which would have been at home in a rock concert Wow how nice of him I can t believe he said that how outspoken and rude of him It was such a warm memory Christopher Biggins shared of always meeting up with Liza Minnelli when she came to town and her asking him if he could look after a friend of hers While he s waiting in her dressing room Diana bursts in and says she s oing to be his date He said she always put people at ease had no airs or races and that she was so charming and friendly Her ift was to be completely approachable and to put people at least with an off the cuff comment. In the ten years since Princess Diana's shocking and tragic death in 1997 her hold on the world's imagination has only increased For The People's Princess Larry King asked many people who knew Diana some officially and some personally for their favorite memories Sir Richard Branson recalls Diana sitting in the cockpit of one of his private planes with baby Prince William on her lap; as they flew past Windsor Castle she announced On our right you have Grandma's house Heather Mills who like Diana has been a tireless campaigner for charitable. The People's Princess Cherished Memories of Diana Princess of Wales From Those Who Knew Her BestLiam had lunch with them saying Piers is younger than most editors and it would be ood if they ot to know each other He replied sternly I m sorry but that would be terribly inconvenient Diana blushed and stuttered and be busts out laughing saying Yes ma am I think I can stretch to allowing the future king to join us for lunch What a cute moment He said they talked about Will Carling Oliver Hoare and James Hewitt and the scandals I uess she had an affair with all of them James had sold stories to the press something about 2 women maybe being involved with the press I didn t know what they were talking about The designer Bruce Oldfield and Diana were at a charity event and she Every Boys Dream gave him a pack of cigarettes and told him after the meal Do your worst and smoke your head off which was considered rude to do before the toast but for some reason they chose not to have the toast And during the speeches Diana kept pinching his butt to hurry it along to the dancing I think some people used this opportunity to say things that shouldn t have been said Robert Powell an actor said he thought she photographed prettier than she was in person He wasn t smitten like most men seemed to be and that Diana couldn t have been taken that much by surprise by the Royal Family because her father had freuented royal life and that he thinks she had an idea of what she was in for If that was the case the popular vision of Diana as victim does look a little less realistic He suspects that naively Diana had ambitions of her own and that one of them was to be a happy princess After her death he was saddened but From the moment the event was hijacked on the Sunday morning by Tony Blair s people s princess speech which incidentally I turned off after thirty seconds I was so appalled to the deeply unfortunate speech made by her brother at the funeral what should have been a time for personalrieving turned into a maelstrom of hysteria I was too young to know what was oing on at the time but bringing it all back now I don t think was a ood idea It s about remembering Diana and I think only A Succession of Bad Days good things should be said about someone after their death unless they re a bad person Alberto Repossi the designer of rings for Diana and Dodi was really confusing I had no idea what he was talking about and this seemed a personal memory than something that was readable to the public because it seemed to only be known by him what he was talking about Something about defending discretion and pleading professional ethics showing evidence to people who wanted to discredit her and conjecturesThe musician Sir Cliff Richard was at the same hotel as Diana one time and she asked him to play for her sons He played his songs and William and Henry were bored until Harry asked if he knew Great Ball of Fire Ingrid Seward editor and writer I thought wasoing to be nice since she wrote in the beginning but that wasn t the case She had written an article about Diana and Diana s private secretary told her Diana wanted to see her because she was amused and irritated at what she had written Ingrid couldn t remember what she wrote but it was basically that The Multi-Orgasmic Man guests hid under a rug in the back of a car into her apartment through a door that couldn t be seen by security cameras but it could be seen from Princess Margaret s apartment She says it was typical of her because she knew there wasn t a better way ofetting her point across than to confront antagonists and make them her friend She learned later Diana was scared that she knew about her secret affair with Hasnat Kahn Poor Diana explained to her about her marriage that Charles and Diana still had deep affection for each other and came to an understand because of it She hated the opinion that she d entered a loveless marriage said that Charles did love her and it s upsetting to the boys to hear their dad didn t love her People would know that if they read his letters from the beginning and seen them the day of the separation they both cried It s so sad that she wanted another kid and Harry wanted her to have one so he wouldn t be the youngest she pointed out to him she needed to be married first Diana also felt insecure when people wrote false things about her and that it was hard to meet people and wonder if they d read about her Diana sent her daughter letters and the irl told her dad Ingrid s husband to please not say anything unkind about her because Diana was her friend Guess her husband was as judgmental as her I was surprised that she saw a cartoon depiction of a pile of horse crap that said Has anyone seen James Hewitt in Kensington Palace which sum1 had said she had an affair with An author and journalist Taki met her at a wedding and he was drunk Diana thought he had a stuttering problem so she s slowly telling him to take his time That was funny But he wrote a column about her and said she was bonkers Wtf He also wrote her popularity would bring down the monarchy Diana once again confronted her haters I thought bravely by having someone tell Taki she wanted to talk to him He was drunk again and missed the chair falling under the table Diana laughed and lifted the tablecloth asking if he really thought she was mad I felt so sorry for her He says all he knew was he was mad about her Leave it to a writer to write something mean and then not own up to it How cowardly It ave me chills when Chris Tarrant broadcaster said if you ask any taxi driver in Paris even today this was in 2007 they ll say whatever happened in the tunnel that night was never an accident I wish there had been pictures There weren t nearly enough I was disappointed with most of the memories in here I felt like some people shouldn t have even written anything because they barely had anything to say just eneral feelings about her and not a anything to say just eneral feelings about her and not a memory of her Some I definitely felt were only writing to The Beast House / After Midnight get their 10 mins of fame Clearly they were cashing in on her and using her for a profit and they shouldn t be allowed to do that esp the journalists and ones that made a living writing mean things about people s lives only to chance their opinion when they saw for themselves that she was aood person Those people I didn t care so much to hear from In this book a number of famous people share stories on their memories of the Princess I found it interesting to see and understand the ways in which people Off Leash (Freelance Familiars Book 1) got to know her I enjoyed the story It was a uick read The book was interviews of people close to her Would have been nice if a few people lives she touched were civillians That makes it heartfelt This book was just ok I think my mood ruined the book I was on a Diana roll wanting to read books about her but I kind ofot out of the mood Some stories I did enjoy one day I was really into reading it all I did enjoy one day I was really into reading it all uickly flipped through the sto. Smile from the young prince And her chief bodyguard recalls how happy and at peace she seemed on the day he agreed to her simple reuest to be allowed to walk truly alone for once along a beautiful deserted beach Some of these recollections are warm and intimate celebrating Diana for her ability to make a human connection with everyone she met others are perceptive and revealing even about Diana's human failings and frailties Together they coalesce into a multifaceted portrait of a woman that the world has long desired to know a little bette.

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A joke or a comment about her life She seemed like such an extraordinary person It was so sad to hear though someone else had already mentioned it in here that Diana often ate TV dinners alone in Kensington Palace in front of the TV And he was candid in saying her biggest mistake was falling in love with her husband because it would have been easier to deal with if she didn t care for him so much He didn t think anyone ever took her aside and told her he had a mistress and that the ueen didn t realize how big an impact Diana made on the world that she was the one to put the monarchy on the map Sarah Bradford who writes biographies had a different light to shed that since her childhood Diana had the feeling she was destined for something special Her stepdad called her Duch which was short for Duchess because of her imperious ways She had the I Walk in Dread genes of the strong willful and difficult women of the Spencer familyJoan Collins an actress saw Diana again at a charity dinner and she was cold outside and asked for the waiter to bring her fur It was a white mink and when Diana saw it she shook her finger and said Naughty naughty You musn t wear fur mustn t wear fur so she asks for it to be taken back and freezes the rest of the dinner 2 days later she had the flu and asked if she died because Princess Diana wouldn t let her wear her fur That was a cute story and one that showed Diana cared about animals which I liked Paul Costelloe a designer was asked too to Kensington Palace and as he s carrying his The Life You Save garments up the steps he falls and Diana helps him carry the clothes inside She actually tried them on in front of him and he thought she was attractive It was so sweet that during his visits she would ask the taxi driver to come inside and he det tea and biscuits in the kitchen which was really uncommon for anyone to do He said she had no class discrimination It was his skirt she was wearing in front of the Taj Mahal that was see through that she received so much trouble from the press about I d heard about it on TV last month during a show about her His fav pic of her was when she was wearing his design too and she was suntanned wearing a jacket and suit and was soaked from the rain had Tempting Meredith (Lovers and Friends, gone up to Pavarotti after a performance He recommended seeing it and it made me want to run out and look it up It s in his studio from this time 10 years after her death and when he looks at it he stillets a lump in his throat It was funny that Tessa Dahl the British novelist Roald Dahl knew her as a child and later when they met after having their children Tessa asked wasn t it fun she loves having babies and Diana said I m afraid I find it rather disgusting which I would agree with I couldn t believe Prince Charles didn t like that Harry was a redhead She went on to talk about herself and not so much Diana so it took away from the storywhich was supposed to be about DianaNora Dunn from SNL said Of course her behavior was embarrassing Of course her desperation made me cringe How terrible to say of someone who died I was too young to know about her so I don t know what she s referring to but even if she did do things like this it seems insensitive to say it now I did like that she said Diana outplayed her in laws and their confusion about why so many ppl reacted so strongly to her death basically proving that she was wronged was nice It was moving that Meredith Etherington Smith wanted Diana to wear no makeup and just casual clothes during the photo shoot bcuz she told Diana she wanted the real her and not the Princess Diana saw them and said she d been set freeNigel Havers an actor did PR for Dunhill a watch company and they knew Diana was Inside MacPaint going to be at a charity he wasoing to and they asked him to Othello (Shakespeare for Everyone Else, give her a watch from them knowing it would beood for business He was seated next to Diana and he said he knew it was her bday here s a present without ever mentioning that it was from Dunhill I thought her bday here s a present without ever mentioning that it was from Dunhill I thought was wrong of him to pretend he had a present for her when really it was just a PR stunt he was asked to do He knew she thought he d bought it for her and thanks him and I couldn t believe he took credit for it He said she was all over him in thanks he was all over him in thanks He definitely the most candid with his feelings really put it out there when he said he fancied her and would ve jumped into bed with her Fit For The Chase; Cars And The Movies given half a chance But if he had he wouldn t have told anyone It was funny tho that his dad thought they were together so he went around telling everyone his son was having an affair with Diana What I couldn t believe was that he was married when they met another time When we arrived there was Princess Diana who was all over me like a cheap suit and completely ignored Caro I could see that this was doing nothing to dispel Dad s idea that we were having an affair and then to cap it all Diana turned to me coyly and I remember her words very well said What does one do when this is all over Meaning the tennis Go home and watch a blue movie I could see Dad s eyebrows twitching and I replied weakly I suppose one does Apparently Diana s way of flirting was to say really shocking outrageous things When he was divorced from that woman and married another Diana said she was happy he had someone else While his wife was in country Diana would come over and visit and he d tell her howuilty he was about falling in love with someone else and leaving his wife and daughter And then he says he d fantasize about oing upstairs and then coming down and finding her naked Very candid Richard Kay who was a royal correspondent had been called by Diana from Paris 6 hours before her accident It was tragic the way she had planned to withdraw from public life and live like a normal person but wondered what s the point because it s not ood enough for some people She wanted to open up hospices all over the world even talked of seeing her kids the next day He definitely dispelled the criticism that she was manipulative because she herself had hated being called that and said they didn t even know her For the last 3 years she wanted to move to another country to have some peace She also didn t understand why people were so obsessed with her and said other women were the lucky ones Larry King met her a party in LA and it was cute how she said Oh you re Larry from the telly He even blushed when she mentioned interviews he d done because he didn t know she d seen him on TVIt was nice to hear from Twiggy and her personal butler who said she sometimes made crude jokes and would laugh at the shock on his face It was so cool that Piers Morgan was so nervous to meet her that he accepted the lass of wine offered by her butler to calm down He said Diana was running late and would be So Mad That Piers mad that Piers there first When she ets there she asks him if he would mind if Wil. Causes recalls Diana's work to eradicate the scourge of land mines as well as the time she was photographed shaking hands with an AIDS patient in a London hospital doing so much to counteract the stigma associated with the disease at the time British radio and television personality Chris Tarrant recalls how clearly nervous he was upon meeting Diana for the first time and how she put him at ease with an incredibly rude joke about Kermit the Frog Photographer Tim Graham remembers Diana lying on the floor with baby William in order to coax