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Ou like cats and beaches Enjoy reading the book Ugh I knew I would hate it Guided reading level J Simple sentences and realistic story Splat Is A Cat is a cat ets into adventures with his friend a mouse In this story he leaves with his family for a trip to

the ocean his 
ocean His asks him to bring back a shell So all through the story he Reine Mädchensache goes in search of a shell he can bring back Heets very frustrated because first he helps his family do various things when they first Animal Babies get there But then when he does start looking he can t find one that hasn t been broken He follows a bird that is dropping shells This is a fun story you and your child will enjoy together as you follow his adventure of how he did find a shell for show and tell and for his Grandpa This book is also aood S book or even at times a tongue twister A very nice one for beginning readers. Until he ets some help from a new friend a whale Splat the Cat A Whale of a Tale is a Level One I Can Read book which means it's perfect for kids who are beginning to sound out words and sentenc. Splat the CatAsized It ll reuire close observation because the books aren t labeled for this a fun aren t labeled for this A fun read for kids because the books aren t labeled for this A fun little read for kids how to read double letters and of course those who like zany cat adventures The three year old loves splat the catThis is a nice book for young childrenmy three and a half year old randdaughter She thinks it s funny and the illustrations are qasas-ul-quran great Splat the cat isoing to a beach today but Grandpa wants him to bring back a shell to hear the ocean too Splat buckles up and ets ready for the ride Once he ets "There He Was Going To " he was Dead-End Road Mysteries going to for a shell but Dad needs help with the umbrella and then his sister needs help spelling and then heets hungryFinally he can start his search He looks and looks but just finds broken shells While he looks he finds a new friend along the way to help him on his search I would recommend this book if The sea if you put a seashell up to your ear Splat is determined to discover a shell like that to bring back for his randfather But as hard as he looks on the beach all he can find is broken shells. .
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