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Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard kIs book everything is as it should be and I found that really refreshingAll in all I really liked this one It was fun entertaining and captivating and I enjoyed every minuteWell doneArc provided by Librarything and Ami Blackwelder This story started out really good Very interesting As they started their travels I felt like they just going in and out of the place they were trying to leave They always found a reason to go back Did not make a lot of sense to me Ended good but I don tnow if I will go on to book 2 Article first published as Book ReviewThe Mers by Ami Blackwelder on BlogcriticsKnowing who you are and believing in yourself are what most believe create that inner feeling of completeness and possibly even happiness For those who do not The Matriarchs (The Family know of their familial background a uest for information almost always begins In The Mers by Ami Blackwelder the author takes us into such a situation one our heroine Mira can only guess at Living among the Mers a people that have evolved after the Great Deluge she understands she is not like them They have gills and webbed appendages while she is not comfortable in the water and is not euipped with the standard gills or webs Her hair is another stand out it is bright cherry red and is not like that of any of her friends Nonetheless shenows she is loved and she loves her friends and family with abandon She just feels a little like an outcast because she is not like anyone else she Notes for the Everlost knows She thinks she may be like the humans but they are Disclosure I received a free copy of this ebook via the LibraryThing Members Giveaway in exchange for an honest reviewSynopsis The Mers What lies beneath the surfaceOne hundred years from now the world has changed and brought with it new forms of life Who are the Mers Who is MiraMira alwaysnew she was "different Growing up with Mers she never uite fit in When Mira breaks The Rules And Takes "Growing up with Mers she never uite fit in When Mira breaks The Rules And Takes and takes with her across the border dividing Elise Island and New Jersey the border dividing two vastly different worlds she thought the journey to find out who she really is would be an easy one But as the world in Jersey proves to be a convoluted mix of humans who Hate The Mers And Pirates the Mers and pirates want to sell themfinding her true identity will be a challenge especially when her best friend Niren is a Mer willing to fight to the deathA series twist on the Mermaid tale My Thoughts After The Invasion of 2020 I wasn t expecting much However while the idea of a young girl deciding to go wander around in the city of her people s deadly enemies just to see if she can find her family is a little far fetched this is a much better book overall However Blackwelder does a much better job developing the characters and creating an easily followed plot I actually found myself uite engrossed in the story wondering what would happen next I liked the genetic progression from human to mer and although I m not certain how realistic the pace of the mutation was I felt the mutation itself was fairly realistic based upon the adaptability of DNA I m not sure of the additional progression that takes place but this is a fantasy novel so I ll let that slide it made sense in the context of the story and that is what matters Folks who enjoy dystopian YA fantasy especially regarding merfolk should find this book eminently readable. Sey proves to be a convoluted mix of Aristocrats who hate the Mers Pirates who want to sell them and Magi who want to use themfinding her true identity will be a challenge especially when her best friend Niren is a Mer willing to fight to the dea. There are few things in life that genuinely intrigue me What happened to the Jonas Brothers Did they die in a plane crash Why is ther This was an interesting story for a young adult type of book The story revolves around a young girl Mira who is a human that is raised by a hybrid race of people called Mers It might just be me but when she described the Mers it instantly brought to mind the image of a Zora from Zelda It s not completely accurate but I couldn t stop myself Mira is on the hunt to find out where she comes from and what her people the humans are like The story takes place after a giant flood of the entire globe a lot like Waterworld The story is interesting but again I ll state this is in a YA format so don

t get over 
get over about details and progression I enjoyed it it was short and sweet I Would Definitely Recommend It To Any Young Adult Readers That definitely recommend it to any young adult readers that some good fiction Have you ever started reading a book and thought to yourself this book is terrible but convinced yourself just a few pages and maybe it will get interesting suddenly despite the poor writing and thin plot you re very curious to When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) know what happens to these people This is that book The writing is poor the characters are barely developed the plot is thin the tropes are eye roll worthy and Ms Blackwelder can t decide if she wants her writing to be accessible or if she should toss in big words to make herself feel smart The last few chapters are the most unbelievable and there are virtually no surprises While I did manage to satisfy my curiosity I wholeheartedly regret forcing myself to read this book Fortunately I downloaded it to my Kindle for free and so wasn t forced to waste any money on this heap of trash One hundred years ago humans began to reap what they had sewn The Earth fought back with vengeance Water saturated the planet in what had been dubbed the Great Deluge Much of the land on Earth vanished underneath the seas Many humans died but those who survived became divided Mira alwaysnew she was different Being raised by Mers while not actually looking like a mermaid seem to always make her wonder who she is Until the age of seventeen she is just aware of the fact she is not like anyone else surrounding her on Liberty Shore Though she is forbidden to wonder beyond the border of her homeland she is haunted by the desire to seek for her real family and find out about the reasons why they ve abandoned her Who is she She hardly No Biggy! knows A human A Mer An Aristo Something else Something Oh mythis was truly an interesting read for me It s my first mermaid dystopian and I really enjoyed every single page of this book I always found mermaids very fascinating especially because of their captivating beauty and enchanting singing I even remember been read a lot of mermaid stories when I was young and I always envied these beautiful creatures for their freedom to govern the seas So besides being a great fantasy and young adult read this book reminded me of the good old childhood days and I thank Ami for this The story is centered around Mira and her journey to self discovery While trying to find herind she is about to reveal the truths hidden deep in her heart It was really very easy to like her the author developed it s character so well you could almost see this young cherry red A Mermaid DystopiaWhat lies beneath the surface One hundred years from now the world has changed and brought with it new forms of life Who are the Mers Who is Mira Mira always new she was different Growing up with Mers she never uite fit in When.

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Aired girl wondering through new lands curiously discovering new worldsI restrain myself from giving away from the plot because I really don t want to spoil your enjoyment while reading this book But I will just say I loved the message behind it watch for itFinally I would like to thank the author for generously giving me a copy of this lovely book Thank you Ami I really enjoyed it The writing is so vivid and colorful for a dystopia that truly feels awful The lead felt real and easy to empathize The romance between the leads is actually uite sweet Book Title The MersAuthor Ami BlackwelderPublished By Elouent Enraptures PublishingGenre RomanceSupernaturalRecommended Age 15Reviewed By Emily Tuley AngelsCryHavocBlog Reviewed For Great Minds Think Aloud Literary CommunityRating 4 RavensThis was definitely what I have spent a lot of time looking for Today a lot of the same stories are made to all sound the same way Lately we have all had vampires werewolves and other supernatural type of beings that we have lost out on the other monster and gods of old Ami has done an amazing job of thinking up not only new ways to bring about a new Hero and Heroine but also getting a story that will draw you in As with all stories there are the ups and the downs also the flaws but thankfully this story is not the last in it s series and so things will come out smoother I m sure in the end However with it s imperfections and perfections I have to say that I m glad the end However with it s imperfections and perfections I have to say that I m glad say that this book did not let it pull me away but ept me turning the pages to delve deeper into this worldThe story is of Mira a young woman growing up in a world where she never truly feels she fits in In love with a mer as they are called on the area where she grew up She is hungry to learn why the humans hate the mer s so much and if she s a human and not a mer why she was given away forgotten and abandoned on the beach that she was Together her and Nerin the young man mer she is in love with adventures from the small patch of land that they have all been banished to it s from here that her world becomes something she never thought She grows and finds not only her long lost father mother but a brother and things take a turn for the extreme There is adventure danger love and family in this book elements that all pull together to help eep you on the roller coaster ride and leave you awaiting for 35 starsThe Mers is a really uniue and intriguing take on mermaid lore This wasn t in traditional form and I like how Ami Blackwelder made it her own I also really liked the world building It was very vivid and rich with imaginationThis has just about everything I liked In My Reads Excitement Adventure my reads Excitement adventure a very sweet budding romance between two life long friends No love triangles here folks which will please many readers I m sure I also liked that it wasn t very predictable Mira new that she wasn t a Mer but she wasn t sure if she was human either Discovering that her parents found her Mira goes to seek her real parents on the shores only what she discovers is something no one saw coming even the reader But what I liked best about this book is that it ended the way I wanted it to I wasn t sure at first since books these days seem to go the same way with evil cliffies and wrong choices and frustrating characters But in th. Mira breaks the rules and takes Niren across the border that divides Ellis Island and New Jersey a border that divides two vastly different worlds she thought the journey to find out who she really is would be an easy one But as the world in Jer.
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Mers by Ami Blackwelder