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The Ugly Duckling Debutante The House of Renwick #1Her awful parents I also respected our reformed rake Nicholas I loved that he was regretful of his past and made a very conscience ffort to live a better moral life I thought Sara and Nicholas had good chemistry together and that together they could help heal Aristotle Detective (Aristotle each other s past So a fun story about two people meeting falling forach other a few misunderstandings along the way and Bones, Clones, and Biomes eventually a HEA not really a spoiler since this type story almost alwaysnds up with a HEA There were just a couple things that really kept me from loving the story The story Switches Points Of View Between points of view between two It felt like half of Nicholas s time was spent desiring Sara and the other half not thinking he is worthy Bringing the Empire Home enough for her okay maybe like 90% was spent desiring her and 10% doubting himself Sara wasn t uite as bad but still suffered from desiring Nicholas a lot as well I guess it felt a little over the top and lust at times than actual love After awhile it seemed a little repeditiveThe other minor complaint I had was that I felt a little disappointed in not seeing Sara s transformation The beginning she is the uiet ugly duckling and then almost overnight she is this confident lady who makes men grovel at her feet Where did she get all this confidence And wouldn t she be shy around guys It s not like Nicholas made anffort to compliment her in fact he tried not to I wanted to xperience of her London season I guess just being away from her awful family was nough to unleash her true personality Content Clean They do marry and consummate things but nothing too detailed This is a DNF First this is a Christian romance While there is a market for that I m not a member I like my romances gritty and to have some sex in it Otherwise what is the point of reading Anyway I am really upset that this was not marketed as having a Christian slant because I don t think that historical dukes really gave a rat s ass about their immortal souls in that particularly Calvinistic way we have today I also don t mind heroes looking for redemptionspirituality but I m pretty sure the Anglican church at the time wasn t about saving people as we are today In short the book is preachy and if I wanted to hear a sermon I d actually go to church Main Character Sara has always been told by her demeaning parents and sisters that she is ugly She has come to accept that she will be a spinster who would marry her Her parents have already made it well known of her worthlessness and haven t Building the Cold War even settled a dowry on herThen her sisterslope with twin brothers of no means to Gretna Greene It is then left up to Sara to go to London for her first and only season and land a husband She is the only hope for her lousy family Her Aunt Lady Fenton spirits her off to do what she can to get Sara married to a titled gentleman Upon reaching London she is to go to her first Ball She runs into Nicholas Devons a reformed former rake in a hallway attempting to catch a respite from her first galaNicholas Devons the retired rake Yum Has given up beautiful women and carnal I love that word pleasures CarnalCarnivalThey can both be fun Conseuently he becomes bored with life He meets up with a good friend at the fete and nds up meets up with a good friend at the fete and nds up a bet That he will abstain from woman and rendezvous In return for winning the bet he will win the coveted feather among the ton After said bet he bumps into Sara who he immediately is attracted to They share a searing kiss and Sara appologizes for her uncomely behaviour and leaves the ball wit. Tant aunt decides it's in her best interest to sponsor Sara for the season and help her snag a husband by any means possibleNicholas Devons Earl of Renwick is a retired rake and conseuently bored with life He's given up beautiful women and carnal pleasures Desperation makes him decide to give his massive.

SUMMARY The Ugly Duckling Debutante The House of Renwick #1

With Christmas readily approaching we now turn to the fun or not so fun task of having to be around family for the holidays fun task of having to be around family for the holidays some of us love our families some are less than thrilled at this prospect hoping to be able to glide through without a snide remark uttered or awkward silence Counter-Amores encountered It is with this spirit that we turn to The Ugly Duckling Debutante by Rachel Van Dyken Sara our heroine has one of the latter previously mentioned families To say that her sisters demean her is an understatement So with parallels to Cinderella already forming in my head after reading the plot points on the back cover I dove into this book unsure of how Van Dyken played with the famous Cinderella Story theme Let s find outSara hasn t had theasiest of childhoods Constantly berated by her parents and older sisters she grows up accustomed to being called ugly On the A rake reformed by finding god and a beautiful debutant who has been raised to think she s ugly but doesn t have any complexes I don t think a longer book who have saved this I found myself going WHAT And then WTF I read this paperback I knowand bought it online This is one of my very favorite regent books maybe because he is the regent Dancing at Armageddon euivalent of my bad boys I love in leather and seal gear This is a must read you will forget the time and crave the story sexy funny and I did cry The best There are spin offs This looked interesting Then I started to read and I just kept getting pissed offThe double standard is alive and well in this bookIt was why he never talked to women naturally they never really had anything intelligent to sayIf hever did marry he would want her to be innocent Double Jeopardy enough not to push him past his physical limitations and sweetnough to be a good mother WTFI didn t make it very far but this seemed To Be Of A be of a Christian romanceMost of the ton looked at Christianity as a cult not realizing it was the one true way to Salvation Of note5 users shelved this as Composition and Literature erotica Granted I didn t make it very far but based on the above uotes I really would like to know what their definition ofrotica is 3 as clean romance2 as Christian I couldn t in good conscience give this that 2 stars due to content I wouldn t call it a clean book by any stretch of the imagination But it wasn t a harleuin ithersara has been wasn t a Harleuin itherSara has been her whole life she is ugly and strange When in actuality she is beautiful The whole book is Sara thinking she is ugly and supposedly this innocent girl but turned into a bit of a skank to me Nicholas is a reformed rake And when I say rake he didn t care if they were married or not he bedded them with no problem Using the scriptures he has decided to never be with a women Dark Voices ever again I thought it was a mockery to the scriptures toven have them in this book The author could have used them if she didn t throw them out the window Contested Reproduction every time Sara and Nicholas got alone One scene they are making out in the garden she is straddling him and he is starting to get into the front of her low cut dress I had to skip uite a few pages Too much content for me tonjoy the story and I knew that though the writing was good and had potential I would never read it again Moral Note Not clean romance lot of talk of desires and rakes Children out of wedlock I don t remember any language Overall I thought this was a fun regency story I liked our main characters Sara and Nicholas I was sucked in from the beginning and really felt bad for poor Sara and the horrible childhood she had to Divided by Color (American Politics and Political Economy Series) endure with. Since childhood Sara has lived with the reality of being ugly Something her awful family never ceased to remind her After her sisters run off to Gretna Green she's left with one choice go to London and take their place for a Season It's up to her to marry well and save her family from financial ruinA dis. H her aunt Leaving Devons still in lustThe next morning Sara is informed that Lady Fenton s cousin will be tutoring her in the ways of the tonThe next morning Nicholas regrets making a promise to his cousin to tutor a young lady for her first Season in London He gets dressed and leaves for his appointment hoping that at least it will prove to be amusingI do adore my historical romances after all I like so many others am in love with Mr Darcy I thought this was a really good book I would most likely have loved this book had I read it when I was inlementary school The Ugly Duckling Debutante is super simple in very way that it is possible to be so The characters are not bright in Neither Description Or Intellectthey Are Not Well description or intellectthey are not well or volved The plot has been done so much better so many times before It s unclear but I think that this book was attempting to be a religious romance but the only indication of it was the lack of sex the characters sometimes mentioning God s disapproval and the three times they read the scripturesI can t remember if I paid for this if I did I hope it wasn t than99 cents Especially since I wasn t forewarned that God was somehow involved I wrote a review but my mom borrowed my computer and closed the browser before I saved it My fault for not saving it I wasn t that happy with the review so here s my second chanceI Blacklands enjoyed this book a lot and it almost got five stars but things sort of fell apart around the climax I don t like manufactured drama and the blowup near thend felt like that to me While I agree that keeping secrets from people and being dishonest is wrong it was clear that the situation that makes Renwick blow up at Sara could have Evolutionary Patterns easily been resolved with a long discussion That s why my rating went down to four starsOtherwise this is a feel good Regency romance that makes me remember how much I love reading historical romance Renwick is actually a Rake hero that I felt sorry and sympathetic for He actually did all the rakish things that hurt his reputation and what he did was pretty bad But he suffered for it was repentant about it and turned over a new leaf Layingyes on Sara was testing his resolve in the worst way Sara was raised to believe she was as ugly as sin and when people said she wasn t normal she winced The truth was she was ridiculously gorgeous That reminded me of Lord Dain from Lord of Scoundrels who believes he s ugly but is merely gorgeous in an unconventional way Sara s lack of self steem is understandable but I like that she is feisty too She doesn t let Renwick walk all over her although she is definitely susceptible to his allure and who could blame herI liked the humor a lot and the chemistry between Renwick and Sara is dazzling They can t seem to keep their hands off ach lot and the chemistry between Renwick and Sara is dazzling They can t seem to keep their hands off Forging Gay Identities each This is a fade to black kind of romance and I did miss love scenes I don t always have to have them but in this case the missing love scenes were a bit of a let down I really rooted for their happynding together and that s part of why the Big Miss was so annoying to me Fortunately the story finds its feet and the nding is so lovely with an awesome pilogueI would recommend this series to Kindleebook readers looking for good romance that you might an awesome pilogueI would recommend this series to Kindleebook readers looking for good romance that you might find in the print section of your bookstore and library Renwick is scrumptious and not to be missed by those readers who have a weakness for rakes of the reformed or soon to be reformed variety Sara is the kind of historical heroine you can t help but lov. Fortune away and marry the first country girl he seesLucky for Sara she's that girl Unlucky for Nicholas he's to be her new tutor in the ways of the ton Two waltzes one masuerade a violent carriage ride and two duckless ponds later and all that's left is a fun twist on one of the oldest stories ver tol.