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Even when some characters play bit roles The scenes Are Vividly Described And Engaging vividly described and engaging big problem is that every instance and I mean EVERY instance is fraught with Deus Ex Machina I get that there is the hidden hand of something drawing everyone and everything together in a cumulative effort to thwart evil or Begin a New Cycle but it just gets a ittle too convenient in every scene in order to expedite the story P.I. Daddys Personal Mission (The Coltons of Montana, line This is a prettyong novel so sit tight and don t expect too much 45 even better than the first in the series I felt the story had many possibilities the first in the series I felt the story had many possibilities it did not realize It didn t have anywhere near what I expected about Arthur or his knights and had a great deal about an evil sorcerer murderer I found I could not care much about Maybe if I had read the preuel I might have felt differently a bit distracted and violent The second book in a modern day King Arthur series I oved the first book and was pretty excited to find this one It is fun and really "Easy To Read I Think "to read I think only drawback is that it is hard to ive up to the first book The second in a trilogy I wasn t all that impressed There s far too much background telling the story rather than plot showing the story I wanted to see what happened to Arthur Blessing not necessarily relive the Arthurian Rafaellos Mistress legen there s aot that could happen after the future but nothing much happens at all in this pointless retread. City's newest motorcycle club find the 20th century a confusing time but they know their mission fight evil and save the KingIn the final battle Arthur The Boleyn King (The Boleyn Trilogy, learns that having right on your side is not always enough Sometimes there are sacrifices to be made Will the Round Table never rise again Will this Camelotike the ast fade too soon into memo. Ant mocking of the only "CHRISTIAN LANCELOT AND A DUBIOUS EXPLANATION "Lancelot and a dubious explanation proves the existence of the old gods and on top of all that it accomplishes nothing The Broken Swords ends exactly where the Forever King did with the sword hidden waiting for Arthur to grow up If you Another Day of Life loved the Forever King do yourself a favor and pretend the Broken Sword never existed I wish I had P I enjoyed finding a copy of this book on It is the seuel to my favorite Arthur book EVER The Forever King If you have yet to read this series I highly recommend it TKAPublishing Date January 2015ISBN 9781942356004 Genre FantasyRating 345Publisher Description No matter how far Arthur Blessing runs he can t elude destiny As the reincarnation ofegendary King Arthur he is the rightful protector of the most powerful relics in the world the Holy Grail and the sword Excalibur And he is bound to use those tools to keep war and chaos at bay ushering in a new era of justice peace and freedomReview This was a pretty entertaining read The only portions that slowed the movement down was the unnecessary back story on some of the characters For example while Merlin s beginnings through to his What Would You Like? life on Mona is relevant Kate sife as a ove thing for Aubrey is boring and excessive Generally the character development was pretty good due to the copious movement and constant scene shifting The authors do a good job of involving the reader. S Arthur seeks the tools of his great work the Holy Grail and the sword Excalibur The Grail's magic has attracted the attention of a powerful sorcerer who will do anything and kill anyone to claim its power To protect Arthur the attention of a powerful sorcerer who will do anything and kill anyone to claim its power To protect Arthur summons the Knights of the Round Table from their enchanted slumber in the mists of Camelot The Knights now New York.

characters The Broken Sword Forever King #2

I was so surprised to discover that one of my favorite king arthur re tellings the my favorite King Arthur re tellings The King had two books in the series twenty some years Cinderella for a Night (36 Hours, later I had to re read The Forever King because it has been 20 years since I read it but I enjoyed it just as much I also enjoyed this second book also It gave us aittle background on the druids and Taliesin s connection We re also introduced to Beatrice who becomes friends with Arthur and Taliesin I Friend Foe laughed outoud at Hal s journey with the Knights to New York to help Arthur recover and protect the Grail One of the worst books I have ever read I The Longevity Diet loved the first one so much it s one of my favorite Arthur retellings and I hated this one with a passion that can only be described as comical It s a bad mashup of scenes stolen from Camelot and Mists of Avalon combined with truly dreadful ritualistic scenes straight out of bad gothic horror romances It rewrites its own backstory Merlin offered Arthur the cup once ONCE it undoes aot of the mystery that made Forever King so beautiful why is Merlin Merlin Even the druids didn t know Now we know in detail that we never wanted and can t bleach from our we know in detail that we never wanted and can t bleach from our it directly contradicts some of the character building You really have become a Christian Merlin says to Arthur and it s a beautiful moment this co existence of two faiths and this gentle insinuation that faith is real Now what we have instead is const. Camelot in New YorkNot Grassroots Innovation long ago Arthur was an ordinary boy Now he knows that he is theegendary King Arthur returned to ead not just Britain but all mankind into a new era of justice peace and freedom Accompanied by the wizard Merlin; Hal an ex FBI agent who is now Arthur's bodyguard; and a young girl who holds the powers of the ancient Druid. .

The Broken Sword Forever King #2