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Swimmy author Leo LionniAnother family to live with Swimmy may have an intense scene with the big fish that might frighten small children but I am pretty sure that most children will easily enjoy this bookOnce there lived a happy school of small fish who were all red except for one fish was black and his name was Swimmy One terrible day however a huge tuna fish came by and swallowed up all of the red fish except for Swimmy who had escape from the huge tuna Swimmy now the sole survivor of a tuna attack then swims around in the deep watery of a tuna attack then swims around in the deep watery by himself in order to find a new family to be in Will Swimmy find a new familyRead this book to find out Never have I read a children s book that has both effective drawings and a heartwarming story at the same time as Leo Lionni has made this book Leo Lionni has done an excellent job at both illustrating and writing this book as it details the adventures of a uniue black fish named Swimmy Leo Lionni s illustrations might look a little bit simplistic however they are extremely effective and colorful especially of the images of the underwater world where it seems that Leo Lionni took a piece of sponge and patted the background with the painted sponge which really brings out the creativity of the images of the underwater world The image that truly stood the most for me was the image of Swimmy himself as he is shown to be the only black among a group of red fishes who merely look like red outlines of fish Leo Lionni has certainly made this book extremely intense yet heartwarming at the same time as I have felt sympathy for Swimmy after he lost his family to a tuna fish and I can understand how many children and adults will also sympathize with Swimmy s predicament especially if they lost loved ones to an accidentParents should now that at the beginning of this book Swimmy s family is eaten by a giant tuna fish and "that might be too upsetting for smaller children to handle On "might be too upsetting for smaller children to handle On side note this scene strongly reminds me of a scene in Finding Nemo where Marlon s family except Nemo is also eaten by a huge fish and how Marlon has to cope with protecting his only son from any danger Parents might want to discuss about death of a family member with their children before they read them this bookOverall Swimmy is a highly emotio. Legt und überlegt Und endlich hat er eine Idee Ich hab's ruft er fröhlich Lasst uns etwas ausprobieren Und schon bald schwimmt der Schwarm leiner Fische in Form eines Riesenfisches ,

summary Swimmy author Leo Lionni


Nal and heartwarming book for children who have also lost their family members and how they can still find love among friends and other family members I personally would recommend this book to anyone who loves Leo Lionni s works and learning about what it takes to be a true family I would recommend this book to children ages five and up since the scene where the big fish eats all the other fish might scare smaller childrenReview is also on Rabbit Ears Book Blog Well I clearly need to read Leo Lionni I really enjoyed Swimmy for its beautiful Carle like painting style which young children will particularly love but also for our plucky little hero There is some lovely language in here to decribe the various creatures Swimmy encounters and I can see children wanting to mimic and play with these similes and metaphors but for me it was Swimmy s cunning against the huge adversaries that won me over A nice simple story with a strong message It might feel dated to us but I think children would love the huge double page spreads of a world under the sea My favorite part was when Swimmy was the eye when they all swam together to look like one big fish This was a lovely book The artwork reminds me of days in school when we did sponge painting or using those potatoes as stamps making art It appears Leo used water colors and sponges and stamps to make this lovely book It really works well too It s Playful and a whole lot of funOne fish does not look like his red brothers and one day all his red family is eaten So he explores the ocean and sees many beautiful things It s a simple story for beginners Swimmy does find another school of red fish who are terrified of being eaten He comes up with a plan that works It s very cute The niece He comes up with a plan that works It s very cute The niece the artwork was very cool She gave this 3 stars The nephew thought Swimmy was brave and he gave this 4 stars He liked it Cute story and fascinating gorgeous illustrations Again Leo Lionni delves into the matter of factness of life and shows that one little fish can make a difference We really enjoyed reading this book together A classic book on the theme of cooperation Pairs nicely with Marcus Pfister s The Rainbow Fish and Al Clements Big Al Beautiful illustrations lovely message about working together to be brave. N das weite Meer hinaus Und wirklich die Riesenfische wagen nicht in ihre Nähe zu ommen Und so schwimmen noch heute viele leine Fische getarnt als Riesenfisch glücklich durch das Me. What an odd little book It recounts the adventures of Swimmy after his school of fish is eaten and he seeks out to find a new one Along the way he meets other sea creatures Some of the phrases are uite good and eel whose tail was almost too far away to remember and some are uite dull a strange fish pulled by an invisible thread The illustrations interesting but not altogether my cup of tea though I appreciate their merits Overall not a favorite but I m glad I was Able To Read This to read this A little black fish is left saddened and alone when all the red fish from his group are eaten He swims through the ocean until he finds another school of red fish to join Only this time he teaches them how to swim in a formation that looks like a big fish with him as the eyeIllustrations are very arty watercolors Swimmy is a black fish in a school of red fish One day a fierce tuna fish swims in and eats Swimmy s family He swims through the whole ocean In his adventures he is able to see sea creatures than he ever had before The illustrator overflows the pages with water color painting and the occasional acrylic to show movement and objects found in the ocean Ultimately Swimmy finds another school of fish but they are too afraid to swim in the ocean Simmy teaches them how to swim together so that they may move freely through the ocean without the fear of being eaten by larger fish I believe this book would be an excellent resource for younger students to learn about the different types of conflict Specifically this book would be helpful in teaching man v nature or man v society I "would recommend that this book be shared with students in grades through fifth the stronger plot line would "recommend that this book be shared with in grades third through fifth the stronger plot line would too complex for pre and Carrying the Greeks Heir kindergarten and first and second graders would not understand the different types of conflict found in a story This book can be found in the local library as a Caldecott Honor recipient I have have heard works from Dr Seuss Maurice Sendak Marc Brown and David Wiesner but I have finally stumbled upon some works that came from my childhood a long time ago and those works consist of Leo Lionni Swimmy is a Caldecott Honor book by Leo Lionni and it is about how an unusual little fish named Swimmy who survives a giant fish attack tries to find. Der winzige aberluge Fisch Swimmy will ins große Meer hinaus Denn dort warten die Wunder Die leinen roten Fische aber haben Angst vor den riesigen Fischen dort draußen Swimmy über. ,

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