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El and see and hear and smell You are constantly on the edge of something It is about survival love and redemption Once again as in The Divide Evans has given birth to real characters people who inhabit your brain and who you can t stop thinking about The Loop weaves a story of love redemption life and survival When Helen comes to Hope Montana she is not at first hopeful of anything Her love life is a mess and she is a born cynic She comes to Montana to help protect a wolf pack who have recently been suspected of killing the Rancher S Cattle Life s cattle Life poor Helen though oesn t become any easier when she meets one of the most influential ranchers in Hope a Buck Calder For those of you who haven t read a Nicholas Evans yet you re missing out I can t wait to read his other two but I am going to wait The Brave is coming out later this year and maybe if I can eke the other two I have not read out over the year then I will not have to wait so long for his new book This was the second novel by this author that I ve read and I ve already added another of his to my TBR pile If anyone tried to explain to me another of his to my TBR pile If anyone tried to explain to me this was about I probably would have thought Ah Not my thing Then I would have moved on to the next one But I ended up liking this one a lot It was well written and had a nice flow I liked the characters They seemed rooted to reality and they were true to themselves I always like when the things we have been asked to believe about the characters are supported by the etails of the story This was a solid 4 stars for me How o you write the review of such a nice book Perhaps by not saying too much about it and just letting all its sacred moments regurgitate in your mind This one is what I would call a perfect book to follow up on if the only one of Evans you ve read is the Horse Whisperer The typical strong start that has been inherent in Nicholas Evans writings since Horse Whisperer and we all hope he oesn "t change that i love the way he " change that I love the way he is present in The Loop too The book never loses its focus and has been kept on a pretty tight leash never wavering from the intensity that Evans generates initially In fact take my word for it it only gets complicated and intense the human relationships and man s animal instincts becoming intertwined and keeping you moving from page to page Do NOT miss any chance to read it This has been recommended to me by several friends here on GR and while I trust their judgmentI still idn t expect to fall in love with this story as uickly as I Loveknot (Welcome to Tyler, did Before the plot gets going Evans introduces you to a cast of rich and varied characters that are alone worth reading the book for I was so caught up in their lives that before I knew it I was surrounded by a plot of wolves and intrigue The story was so realistic there was uite a bit ofetail of how the wolves live how the various Wildlife crew members and biologists studied them and also weaved through the story were stories about how they had been hunted and trapped for over 100 years in Hope the city in which the story takes placeI recommend this very highlyit was at times gut wrenching beautiful terrible and heroic This was my first Evans but it won t be my last Excellent read very creativeinteresting and an enjoyable storyline that was well research in animal up bringinga nice book for animal lovers also paperbac. T à cette mission sabotent le travail The Perfect Blend d'Helen et n'hésitent pas à abattre les loups Helen trouvera en Luke Calder le filse Buck un précieux allié mais elle evra affronter la haine 'une communauté prête à tout pour chasser les loups e ses terr. ,

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The LoopThis is a very emotional book It gives you the ups and owns of wolves being reintroduced after almost becoming extinct Evans oes such a great job of giving both sides of the issue that you can easily see why it is such a controversy His escriptions put you both sides of the issue that you can easily see why it is such a controversy His Whispers Of The Heart descriptions put you in the middle of the story very wellone My mother suggested this book to me at a young age She loved Evan s other book The Horse Whisperer and since she knew I love wolves she had to get me this book It was one of the best things my mother ever gave me I still own a copy of it and anytime I on t have a good book to read I ll fall back on that one the story back on that one The story is solid the grammar mechanics and plot all have sound bases but that s not why you love a story that s just what makes you able to love it I connected with this story very strongly as a young country boy who had acres of woods as his playground I always loved nature and had a strong connection with animals We bred ogs throughout my childhood and the wolf was the creature that connected my love for Unmasking the Marquess (Hold Your Breath, dogs to my love for the wild and for nature While reading The Loop I was carried away into the setting I understood the main character s tainted perspective and unwillingness to trustue to my own troubl This book walks the line in an unusual way the stretches of formulaic Let Go drama almost ruined my interest but the tense action scenes and hints of moral introspection were just enough to keep me turning the pages The story unfolds in the town of Hope Montana In the nearby wilderness a pack of reintroduced wolves part of a government effort to restore wolf populations after they had been hunted to near extinction are on the hunt The trouble is Hope is a community of cattle ranchers and any threat to their livestock and livelihood is takenead seriously Into this fiercely self sufficient little town comes Helen Ross a wildlife biologist on a mission to track and protect the wolves and to keep the locals growing anger at bay A few facts about Helen 1 She is enchantingly attractive and exerts a magnetic pull on every man she meets 2 She is wholly unaware of point 1 3 Her sense of self worth hinges on her romantic relationships SighAmong the locals that Helen meets and inevitably charms are the powerful charismatic ruthless rancher Buck Calder and his sensitive son Luke who suffers from a speech impediment To the chagrin of his father Luke cares Chatsfields Ultimate Acquisition deeply about nature including wolves He sees in wild animals a reflection of himself creatures struggling to cope with the way that humans run the world and unable to speak up for themselves Luke is probably the character that I found most interesting Most of the characters are introduced with several pages of backstory that tend to consist ofifficult Major Westhavens Unwilling Ward (Hh disappointments andor sticky romantic entanglements I found myself having to take in large tracts of information about characters that Iidn t particular care about yet I would rather have had my interest sparked and then Major Westhavens Unwilling Ward discover about these people bit by bit And perhaps some blanks are just better left unfilled A bigger problem is that the use of so many big externalisasters in their histories eath isease betrayal made it seem that these were the only things the characters were shaped by Certainly those big events can sculpt people s lives but so can less obvious things and Hope petite ville How to Disappear du Montana est en ébullition Un loup aévoré un chien celui Act Like You Know de la fillee Buck Calder une A Guide to Americas Sex Laws des personnalités les plus en vuee la localité La vieille uerelle ui oppose les éleveurs ui se sentent menacés et les Agewise défenseurses lo. Was left feeling that most people in the book were little underdeveloped espite all the time spent showing the hardships they the book were a little underdeveloped espite all time spent showing the hardships they been through The overarching feeling was of channel surfing through soap operas occasionally interspersed with nature A Village with My Name: A Family History of China's Opening to the World documentaries However I can say that when the author wanted to create tension and excitement heid it very well There were a bunch of scenes Anthropology as Cultural Critique during which the pages flew by There were also parts of the bookealing with hunting and trapping that I personally found too Anyone distressing to read carefully which I ended up having to skim through Not really a negative or a positive just a matter of my own sensitivityThe bookid stimulate my interest in the history of human interactions with wolves While reading the escriptions of the early boom in wolf hunting the word that came to mind was simply genocide The fact that some people over the course of generations or sometimes over the course of a single life have come to realize that killing off an entire species is a bad idea and that it s worthwhile trying to o something to remedy it made me feel a little bit optimistic about how humans might interact with other species in the future Indian folklore had it that the spirits of all America s slaughtered wolves lived on Awaiting a time when they might safely walk again upon the earth What sweet joy Nicholas Evans is after putting myself through most of Jean Auel s Earth s Children series I couldn t help but raw comparisons with The Plains of Passage as I read although to be fair Auel and Evans are writing completely ifferent stories for a Battleground Chicago different era Still there s ro Wolves But ratheresultory follow up of the excellent Horse WhispererIt s the Sixth Sense and Donnie Darko effect here something great by mistake I Albert Camus don t know but Evans after his first novel spent rest of his career trying to measure up or outdo hisebut novel Boy am I glad I allowed myself to be persuaded to read this book Although persuade is a rather light Bitter Choices description of the methods used to induce me to read The Loop I forgive them thoughThanks goes to Jeane Atishay and Kathy who for many a longay campaigned for me to read this book and I can t blame them It was fantastic Nicholas Evans is one of those gold ust authors who book and I can t blame them It was fantastic Nicholas Evans is one of those gold ust authors who some magical ability to capture thoughts feelings actions movements everything in words without even trying to seemingly The Loop grabs you by the throat and takes you on the most beautiful suspenseful and exhilarating journey a book can give you I was really worried all the way throughout Evans held my heart at ransom I think asking me want to finish this book even though part of me was scared to and part of me Blood, Milk, Ink, Gold didn t ever want to leave the bookIt was aifficult read I love wolves perhaps that is what put me off reading this book for a long time I remember looking at it in the shop years ago especially when I was about 14 wondering about it I think at the time I wasn t ready or mature enough for such a book but perhaps the reason why I Mikhail Bakhtin did look at it in the shop a couple of times it always seemed to be on sale in train stations funnily enough I remember was because I kneweep Carnival down it was a book I read in the future And now I have thanks to some gentle coercion The Loop is a book you immerse yourself in When you open the book you Citizens and Paupers do not read you just fe. Ups est à son paroxysme C'est à ce moment u'arrive Helen Ross jeune zoologistee 29 ans chargée par le service Bargaining for Brooklyn de protectiones loups Come In and Hear the Truth de capturer les animaux pour les munire colliers émetteurs Les éleveurs avec à leur tête Buck Calder s'opposen.