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Death in Mumbai eSubjects though it would be hard not to be considering their commitment to justice and peace Norman isspecially sympathetic not being uite so much the puritan and torn between old loyalties to his mentor Woodrow Wilson who ran on an anti war campaign and then locked up people like Evan for protesting when he joined in and new xpressions of old values Conscience is thus a fascinating look into the souls of two young men during one of the west s moments This book is look into the souls of two men during one of the west s darkest moments This book is conscientious objection and the anti war movement in America and tangentially in the UK during World War I It s also about the socialist movement in America during that ra If you are interested in these topics as I am you might find the book worth reading The presentation of President Wilson s leveraging of jingoism racism and xenophobia and his suppression of speech in order to silence opposition to the war is O Colégio de Todos os Segredos eye opening and shockingHowever the format is biographical the subject is Norman Thomas a pacifist and socialist who was apparently well known in mid century America and in this respect it isn tffective for me The author focuses on details of the subject s life that I don t find terribly interesting and she passes uickly over subjects that I would be interested to read about For March Violets (Bernie Gunther, example she indicates that Thomas advocated racial justice however it is not until she mentions almost in passing and at thend of the book a moving Zoete tranen endorsement of Thomas by Martin Luther King Jr that one realizes the fullxtent of Thomas s commitment to that work And I still don t know in what fully that work consisted The author also takes what I find to be an unnecessarily harsh attitude toward the thoughts Water Music expressed in the correspondence that forms the foundation of the narrative she persistently highlights what she views as specious reasoning indications of character flaws in her subjects andven poor writing style This is arguably good scholarship but here becomes for me distracting and irritating inasmuch as her criticisms often aren t central to her own argument or to the story line She approaches the correspondence of Norman Thomas and his brother Evan Thomas also a conscientious objector somewhat critically but writes with tremendous admiration of their brother Ralph who becomes a soldier and goes to fight in the war She also writes in much greater depth about Evan and Norman if Ralph is treated admiringly as a naturally cheerful man of tremendous good humor he is nevertheless a second string player But I can t help but feel that her true sympathies are with Ralph and that he gets a free pass for Revived expressing blood thirsty sentiments which though perhaps understandable for a very young man in the middle of a war feel appalling at this removeCentral to the narrative is the fact that the brothers in the family wereach called by conscience to a different response to the war As she points out at the book s close conscience can be used to justify any action Student Research Projects in Calculus even heinous ones a group of right wing Germans that prefigured the Nazi party titled its newsletter Gewissen conscience But the book never grapplesxplicitly with the uestion of which brother did make the morally correct choice I don t think the book needs to or can answer the uestion conclusively but by rigorously avoiding judgment on any of the brothers it feels wishy washy and ultimately lacking in the conscience and bravery that are its subject matter I came across this title while reading another book on pacifists in England during WW I Having been a conscientious objector to another book on pacifists in England during WW I Having been a conscientious objector to Vietnam War myself I was interested in reading Thomas book as well I think the title is a bit of a misnomer It refers to two pacifists and two soldiers But the two Thomas brothers who were soldiers in the War are not given anywhere near ual treatment The youngest Arthur is barely mentioned at all in factThat issue aside the author Louisa Thomas does a very credible job at culling out info mainly via family letters but also through some of Norman Thomas writings of the way in which Norman and his brother Evan volved into their opposition to the War What some reviewers found a tediousboring recitation of vents I found to be a thorough and careful alb. Didate Conscience does pay due attention to her forebear but it also traces the parallel stories of his three brothers Two of them answered President Woodrow Wilson's call to war by becoming soldiers; Norman and his brother Evan both became co. Louisa Thomas tells the story of the Thomas family focusing primarily on the oldest of four brothers Norman her great grandfather I njoyed the book for several reasons First it was interesting to learn about the four brothers and the choices they made The two younger ones joined was interesting to learn about the four brothers and the choices they made The two younger ones joined military in World War the four brothers and the choices they made The two younger ones joined military in World War one spent much of the war in prison for his refusal to join the military and the other while not liable for the draft worked hard for the rights of conscience objectors In spite of the differences the brothers remained close mostly I m guessing because of the A Heart of Stone efforts of their mother Second Thomas does a nice job of portraying the politics of the time The progressives who felt they could shape life if only they hadnough government control the arrogance of the political lite such as President Wilson who were sure they knew what was best for all Americans the intolerance of dissent once the US ntered the war and the fear of communism and radicalism after the war The last reason I Language and Linguistics enjoyed the book was the story of Norman Thomas and his relationship with the church Fed up with the inability or unwillingness of the church to take a stand against the war Thomas becomes disillusioned with the church The author does a nice job of contrasting Thomas s understanding of Christianity with that of Billy Sunday and others who uickly became the cheerleaders for the US warffort Thomas s frustration with the church continued to grow till he resigns as a pastor joins the Socialist party and becomes involved in politics all though I wonder if his heart was really in it Norman Thomas asked important and sometimes troubling uestions about the church politics government the role of society and individual faith Thomas sought to live life in a way which reflected his faith Unfortunately the church did little to support him in his Divertimento efforts Interesting in a lot of ways but very dry I would ve loved to have seen life on the page and less uoting from letters Perhaps it should ve focused solely on Norman s biography and saved just a chapter for his brothers and WW1 instead of the other way around How does a pious young Presbyterian minister become a six time candidate for the Socialist party Such is the story of Conscience the story of Norman Thomas and his younger brother Evan who would go to seminary as conventional Presbyterians andmerge radicals whose faith found truer Love Is a Fairy Tale expression in political idealism than Christian worship The promised tension between brothers is wholly overstated as Conscience concerns Norman and Evan s struggle to find a way to live as authentic Christians in a world of violence and poverty Unable to accept religious claims on their face and deeply unhappy with the response of Christians in general to the problems of the world around them platitudes and minor alms for the poornthusiastic support for the horror of the Great War both grew further from Christianity and politically radical as the years wore on Although both Promise at Dawn eventually become ardent pacifists to the discomfort of their family and institutions which bore them inach political activism takes different forms Young Evan s zeal took hold arly his high strident ideals are so resolute he can make no concessions anywhere and develops something of a martyrdom complex as a conscientious objector Norman s own radicalism was slower to ripen as pastor of a church with a growing family he sought to ffect change through the political system *rather than his brother s active protestsThe piuancy of Conscience is how the brothers came *than his brother s active protestsThe piuancy of Conscience is how the brothers came their respective positions considering their very conventional background their family was stolidly middle class and the boys were Bangkok Wakes to Rain elevated into thelite Princeton University and its social clubs through their own scholarship This was an The Right Sort of Man (Sparks Bainbridge Mystery era of tremendous social and political upheaval a time in which comfortable politics as usual was giving way to demands for action by the populists and progressives Louisa Thomas well delivers a sense of the changing spirit of the times itsnergy impacting the lives of all who are involved She draws largely on letters within the family a feat made Darkmere easy by merit of her being Norman Thomas s great granddaughter She is thus tender to her. It is not surprising that the World War Ixperiences of Norman Thomas 1884 1968 form a major part of Louisa Thomas' new book This long lived peace advocate was after all the author's great grandfather and a six time Socialist presidential can. Eit somewhat dryacademic at times analysis The author was skilled at putting Norman s Et si la maladie n'tait pas un hasard ? evolution to anti militarism and Socialism in the context of his family upbringing his religious training and beliefsand hisfforts to live and work according to the *Social Gospel She also drew some thoughtful distinctions between Norman s anti militarist beliefs and those of *Gospel She also drew some thoughtful distinctions between Norman s anti militarist beliefs and those of brother Evan The book also gave me a very good sense of the Den of Shadows (Gamblers Den extent to which President Wilson and his cohorts struggled to stimulate public support for a war which the vast majority of Americans did not want to fight I came away seeing how much harder if notven dangerous it was for Norman Evan and other anti militaristspacifists to be true to their principles than it was for me and my generation in the late 1960 s I also learned about other anti militarists and organizations like the ACLU I wish the author had included on the two soldier brothers and the mother s Scraps Of The Untainted Sky efforts to support her sons respect their different life choices andncourage family cohesion in such difficult times I would rate it as a 45 I see she has written another book on the wife of John uincy Adams I like this one well The Eric Carle Gift Set enough to want to read that one as well great account of a couple of heroes i didn t know that much about Louisa Thomas writes of her Great Grandfather and periennal Socialist Party candidate for President Norman Thomas and his three brothers resp I was intrigued by the idea of four brothers all raised within the same home who chose such different paths when their country went to war I wanted to know by what process of decision making did they arrive at their own decision toither fight or object Both positions reuired courage in WWI America And though the book provided copious detail regarding their actions and some uotes from letters the brothers had written to family members I still did not come away from the book feeling that I absolutely understood what Huguenot Prophecy and Clandestine Worship in the Eighteenth Century experiences and reflection had broughtach brother to his final position This was certainly not for lack of trying on the part of the author and it was that meticulous attention to xtensive detail that ultimately stalled my interest in this book It was simply Too Much And The much and the became increasingly tedious I would recommend this book only to serious scholars of WWI history specially history of the home front or to descendants of the Thomas family as is the author Good book ironic how closely it compares to the national landscape today Very interesting on how alot of the national movements happened during this period of unrest during WWI and beyond Fascinating history on the origins of the draft in America A rare nonfiction read for me outside of work The premise intrigued me a family in which two brothers are pacifists and two join up to fight in WWI On that score I found it a bit of a disappointment There s not really much family drama here though it is heartening to see that the sharply divided family Aeralis (The Frost Chronicles, even the two pacifists were sharply divided on many issues managed to maintain their affection and respect forach other Primarily though the book is about the most famous of the brothers Norman the perennial Socialist candidate for president of the US from the 1920s through the 1940s and the author s great grandfather with what amount to Alternatives Chapter 2 (The Chronos Files; The Shattered Saga extended sidebars about his brothers It s not about Norman s socialism though but about the intellectual religious social and political foundations of his pacifism during WWI And on that score the book is a success We also get a pretty good picture of the largerlite antiwar movement because Norman was such a joiner The author treats her subject with great respect though not uncritically She treats Ethan the other radical pacifist brother with great affection but great respect though not uncritically She treats Ethan the other radical pacifist brother with great affection but respect for his views and actions All in all it s a book that is both inspiring for the subjects moral courage and disheartening for how little impact they had Unfortunately the book is marred with way too many typos Interesting coincidence I finished this book on Veterans Day 2014 and at about 11 o clock in the morning I read the following sentence At the Cincinnati and Other Plays eleventh hour of theleventh day of the Speak Out! eleventh month of the year peace was declared 23. Nscientious objectors This thoughtful group biography reveals how four members of one remarkable family coped with the moral complexities of responsibilities and beliefs Anxtraordinary microhistory of a conscientious period in American histo. .

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